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02-08-2014, 02:06 AM
Hello all! I have been doing extensive research on Google trying to obtain information on how to get a home made battle system started with out any success.

It is, of course going to be play by post, and tested extensively until fully balanced. My main concern with it though, is that I need a private space to post information that only I, and a select few can access.

I have rough copies written out of the combat, tools, weapons, armor, classes, crafting and so on. I just would like some assistance with this if I did post it up, and balancing the system. I would of course put those who assist me with this process as admins or officers as some like to be called, or be placed in the credits section of the play by post forum.

I have noticed this forum seems to be fairly good with this, but I do not know if this forum will help me with my own hand made battle system. Of course there is a background to it, and races, but it allows for great customization, and open ended role playing.

On a side note, I am terribly sorry for any spelling errors as I am on my phone.

02-08-2014, 09:58 AM
chat with farcaster about your options. :D

04-13-2014, 01:11 PM
I have a very basic battle system to go by. Here it is:

Roll a dice for the monster you're fighting, and one for yourself. The highest number wins! You can then either agree that the highest winning number is the amount of damage done to the player or monster. Or you could have a pre-set chart of enemy damages and if the monster rolls highest, you take whatever damage is on the chart. Its super basic and simple, but I think it may work for some things :3 As for tools and weapons, you could find weapons in chests and say you find a sword. It adds +10 to the damage number during combat. Say you roll a higher combat die and you roll an 8. Your damage goes from 8 to 18 if you were to agree to equip it! And you could use the swords effect to add to the damage number as long as you can keep the sword! Say, it breaks after 5 turns of combat use. This is the combat system I use for my homemade PnP and seems to work great :D But im sure theres better out there, hope this helped!