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01-30-2014, 04:28 PM
LOOKING FOR: Guest Players for an In-Person Dark Heresy campaign in San Francisco

* Need to be cynical, suspicious & fanatically loyal to the Emperor.
* Need to bring: preferably a laptop, but a tablet will work, running either Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.
* Very reliable - but for just a single session!
* Free at least periodically, even if theoretically, on a Sunday once in a while.


I have a good group of Acolytes, but last session the stars of Chaos aligned & only half were able to attend our bi-weekly gathering. It inspired me to assemble a quality list of potential Guest Players. (I'm not looking for "4" Guest Players, but the form needed a number.)

I know there are more than a few good citizens of the Imperium in the Bay Area & that many may not be able to commit to a campaign. This would give them a chance to get their grimdark on with no commitment beyond one session, while giving the campaign the benefit of their heresy-purging company. So as soon as I would hear of the coming absence of an Acolyte "starter", I would start pinging Guest Acolytes to see who could step-up & step-in for that session.

Laptop/tablet you say? It's an In-Person campaign (we gather at my place in SF) but we use Roll20 for a Tactical Battlemat. Laptop is easier to use, because of it's physical keyboard & larger screen...but I have players that make-do with a tablet.

Ping me if you are interested: seanpatrickphelan@gmail.com
Emperor preserve us!