View Full Version : 7th Sea in Phoenix AZ, Courtiers and Criminals

01-27-2014, 09:41 PM
The port is a bustle of commerce. The streets are crowded with people all preoccupied with their own business. Gangs of stevedores bid for off loading jobs. At one point the gangs nearly break out into fights until the leaders of the gangs come to a compromise. In the distance a bosun's whistle high pitch song to announce the arrival of the ship's captain. Navigating the walkways is considered a contact sport, especially if you do not know where you are going. As you are making your way to your destination you feel a sharp pain to the back of your head followed by a bright flash of white in your eyes before your sight fades to dark...

When you awaken you feel a dull throbbing in your skull as the dank cell rolls with movement of the waves.

A 7th Sea game is looking for new players for an ongoing campaign. Currently there are 3 players with the need for 2-3 more players. The group meets every other Saturday night near Baseline and I-10. No previous gaming or 7th Sea experience is required. It is a seafaring campaign with a save the world agenda.