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http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/th_MapofSionEasternHemisphere2.png (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/MapofSionEasternHemisphere2.png.html) http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/th_OverlandMapofKingdomofVulkh_zps06c08861.png (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/OverlandMapofKingdomofVulkh_zps06c08861.png.html)h ttp://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/th_CityofMasaeusDetailedFixed.png (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/CityofMasaeusDetailedFixed.png.html) http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Things/th_LawsofVulkh.jpg (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Things/LawsofVulkh.jpg.html) http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Things/th_PithisDeathList.png (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Things/PithisDeathList.png.html)http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Places/th_TheSandDragonInnLowerFloor-1.jpg (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Places/TheSandDragonInnLowerFloor-1.jpg.html) http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Places/th_TheSandDragonInnUpperFloor.jpg (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Places/TheSandDragonInnUpperFloor.jpg.html)http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Things/th_RuinsofSammuramat.jpg (http://s1345.photobucket.com/user/crowsontheskulls/media/World%20of%20Sion/Things/RuinsofSammuramat.jpg.html)
Where: Continent of Akhenaten - Kingdom of Vulkh - City of Masaeus

When: 500th Year of the 3rd Age - Tuesday Morning - April 10th
__________________________________________________ ____

We are on DDS 124 now on rolz.org... please everyone roll up new Fate Pools​.

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[Approximate time in game = 4 AM]

"Yes, antitoxins are extremely valuable. I also possess magic that will delay its effects, although not cure it outright."

The Elf comes up closer to Olo himself, looking at him curiously after his statement about being in captivity as a slave.

"It is a miracle that you did indeed escape their clutches, and remain in such a shape that their magics haven't twisted you beyond your humanity. I would like to learn more of your captivity, and your method of escape. For if there is a way to escape the Underdark, then that means there is a way into the Underdark without succumbing to the slavers, and a full scale assault on their cities can be launched."

Olo: Smirks at Arminas. "What an interesting remark. I'm a halfling if you haven't noticed, and you're an elf... so why should I be measured by my humanity?" He chuckles. "I think you meant to say how surprising it is that I haven't lost my sanity."

"Those years of darkness... and pain... have changed me I assure you. But if you expect me to risk my life in some foolish quest to annihilate the drow you'd be mistaken. Once you've escaped the spiders web, you don't go back. I rather enjoy my freedom."

Olo then pulls out his portal, lying it flat on the ground, revealing the shadowy darkness of the Drunken Fools cellar. "We should store Cael's body in the cellar, as I suggested to Emiko." Olo says.

Purusartha nods, asking Sauel to help him respectfully slide Cael's corpse through the portal unto the cellar's floor.

Yorick: "Wait! Would it be alright if I borrow this?" He asks, gesturing to Cael's masterwork greatspike axe.

Purusartha: "I think that's a great idea. I believe Cael would have wanted a friend to carry on wielding his axe."

Yorick: "Good, because I'm not done killing those who took him from us so cowardly!" Yorick says hefting the fearsome weapon.

Jiao: Grunts his admiration of Yorick's bloodlust and good taste. "That's a fine looking axe!"

After Cael's body is moved through the portal, Cred and Sauels first aid is highly appreciated by Olo's guards. Jiao however, waves Sauel off with a derisive snort.

Jiao: "Don't touch me! I need none of your healing."

Olo: Steps over to the carriage after he tucks away his portal, removing a wooden case from a hidden compartment beneath the benches. "Everyone take one of each." He says revealing three rows of neatly labelled potions within. Including potions of Darkvision, Delay Poison, and Cure Moderate Wounds.

"I prepared these in advance, knowing how dangerous these lower caves are. This way, we can all move in total darkness. Much easier to hide that way."

After everyone has taken one he replaces the case in its hidden compartment and says.

"Guards! Go now, I shall find you when this mission is over." He says curtly.

01-24-2014, 03:20 AM
Sauel helps with moving Cael. He would have preferred to try and infect him assuming he was still able to be affected by the curse. But as such it wasn't his place to populate friends or enemies with the curse of lycanthrope.

Jaio refusing his offer to patch his wounds could only make Sauel shrug and leave him alone. It wasn't magical healing, so the best thing the patch-up would do is ensure Jaio didn't leave a trail of blood to later be traced. Likely his wounds were already closing and more serious wounds would heal shortly after.

At Olo's orders he takes one bottle of each, putting them in his left pouch. [3 bottles added to inventory]

"How long do these two last?" Sauel asked, if they only lasted maybe ten minutes then he would save them a little longer, if they lasted something like an hour or two then the DarkVision could be helpful right away. If it was dark enough though he might end up having to use it right away anyways.

01-24-2014, 06:31 AM
He places the 3 bottles with his things. not sure what he is going to do with the dark vision and wishing he had instead an additional Cure moderate wounds or slow poison.

After pulling himself out of the daze of the moment and hearing Emiko after the other moment had passed, he moves over to her with his kit and nods.

"here let me look at that"

Pulling out some bandages he carefully wraps her arm, placing some herbs upon the wound to stop the flow of blood after cleansing the wound.

"I am sorry this is the best i can do for you and everyone else at the moment. I am almost out of prayers for the day. Tomorrow I will completely heal your wounds I promise" he says a little remorseful for not having additional prayers to give in supplication for Emiko.

(made DC10 for the heal roll will do a take 10 if allowed to guarantee success and that would make it a DC16 I hit then.)

01-24-2014, 12:54 PM
~True, he is halfling, they are naturally known as escape artists. But something still doesn't feel quite right...~ Arminas quietly thinks to himself as the halfling dismisses the conversation, not wanting to regale on the details. ~It's not like I wanted him to go back, just point out where he escaped from, so others may infiltrate. Curious.~

Arminas follows along with the others, in grabbing a trio of potions, storing them in a side pouch on his backpack. [3 bottles added to inventory]

Looking back to the others, he gives his nod of approval, ready to set out on foot for the remainder of the mission.

01-24-2014, 03:01 PM
Amaya: Amaya listened to what what was said, not sure exactly what to say in reply. But as she listened, tears started to well up in her eyes. Emotions of anger mixed with sadness and the like flowed through her veins. Tears started to run down her face as she heard what Taros said. "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to.... " Amaya couldn't finish what she was saying, putting her glass down on the table she curled up into a ball on the chair. She felt lost, unsure of what to do or say and sorry that she caused Taros and Gael sorrow when all they had done so far was try to help.

Gael: Moves over to hold Amaya's hand. "Don't be upset. It's not your fault. You should rest now, let me show you to your room. You'll feel better in the morning."

01-25-2014, 03:17 AM
He places the 3 bottles with his things. not sure what he is going to do with the dark vision and wishing he had instead an additional Cure moderate wounds or slow poison.

Olo: Gives Crdechzkragar an additional healing potion as he obviously has no need for a potion of darkvision.

01-25-2014, 07:36 PM
He thanks Olo and returns the dark vision and replaces it with the cure moderate wounds. He then returns to patching people up and waits to head out on this journey.

01-25-2014, 10:38 PM
Olo: Speaks up to answer questions about the potions. "The darkvision and delay poison potions will last for two hours. That's more then enough time to reach our meeting spot with Ghost, so go ahead and use them now." He says, drinking a delay poison potion himself.

[Darkvision: The subject gains the ability to see 60 feet even in total darkness. Darkvision (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#darkvision) is black and white only but otherwise like normal sight. Darkvision does not grant one the ability to see in magical darkness. Duration: 2 hours]

[Delay Poison: The subject becomes temporarily immune to poison (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#poison). Any poison (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#poison) in its system or any poison (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#poison) to which it is exposed during the spell’s duration does not affect the subject until the spell’s duration has expired. Delay poison does not cure any damage that poison (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#poison) may have already done. Duration: 2 hours]

Meanwhile Olo's guards place their wounded on the cart, swinging the carriage back around towards the UnderHearth Inn. After a minute, the sound of its wheels and the light from its lanterns fade into the distance leaving you in pitch darkness.

Olo: "There's seven of us, so as long as we are moving through open caverns we'll walk in two columns with me in the lead. But when we start to move through smaller caves we'll need a way to get each others attention without shouting." Pulls out a roll of black thread. "In areas where it makes more sense to move in sigle-file, we'll use this to get my attention without talking. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, tug on the thread. If you think we're threatened, just duck down and stop in your tracks. Either way, everyone else holding the thread should quickly realize something is up. But we'll save this for later..." He says packing the thread away again.

01-26-2014, 12:46 AM
{Emiko listens to Arminas go on about the Drow. She stares off into the darkness ahead of them, trying to ignore the talk of Cael's axe, not wanting to watch as they put Cael's body through the portal.}

~It sounds like the Drow have done many terrible things to the people Arminas cares about... I always thought they seemed like beautiful mysterious creatures. It does make sense, though. The Drow are like spiders in their beauty and mystery, and spiders are usually deadly... The types of Drow he speaks of seem like impossible foes. I wonder how one would fight them...~

{Emiko waits patiently as Cred takes care of her arm. Once Cred is finished Emiko makes Kit comfortable inside her pack, then secures the pack to her back.}

"Thank you Cred, it's fine..." She says to Cred, then gets distracted by Olo's offering.

{Emiko collects her share of the potions Olo presents to the group. She tucks the healing potion away into her pack, and the other two potions she drinks after Olo says to consume them. She puts the empty flasks from the potions she drank in her pack.}

"Sounds like a plan. As for the spoils from the bugbears... I will just take any money that is my share, and three days of rations. I have no use for their other belongings. Unless you have other plans for their belongings Purusartha?" She says to the group after Olo talks about the thread.

~It's so dark... So strange seeing everything this way... Is this how Cred sees everything? If so... maybe he doesn't notice how odd I look compared to other humans...~

(New Fate Pool: 20D20=> 217. Acquired 3 potions: Darkvision, Delay Poison, and Cure Moderate Wounds. Drinks: Darkvision and Delay Poison.)

01-26-2014, 02:55 AM
"Two hours..." Sauel repeats. Decent duration. With a nod he drinks the delay poison and darkvision potions as well, puts the empty vials back in his pouch, perhaps to be recycled later. So far his plan to remain in wolf form most of the time wasn't working out too well, but his senses weren't that dulled as being human; Mostly his speed and physical resistances were changed when he shifted. This meant he would make do until he had to shift again, but if they had to move quickly he would be a bit out of luck from the advantages.

"Lead the way."

01-26-2014, 04:38 AM
Gael: Moves over to hold Amaya's hand. "Don't be upset. It's not your fault. You should rest now, let me show you to your room. You'll feel better in the morning."

Amaya: Amaya stayed on the chair momentarily, not even hearing Gael as she spoke at first. Amaya felt bad that she was intruding on Gael and Taros and then to bring up painful memories. She didn't know what to think about her mother her future or what her next steps would be. Feeling Gael take her hand, Amaya turned to look at her, "Wha.... What was .. " Amaya started before Gael's words finally clicked into her head. "..I...." Amaya didn't know what to say and could barely speak so instead she nodded in agreement before slowly uncurling herself and wiping the beginning of tears from her eyes with her free hand. Amaya stood up and tried to force a smile for Gael before being lead off to her room for the night.

01-27-2014, 02:35 AM
Before you head off, Olo steps up to Jiao and cranes his head up to look up at him, much like a small child would before he points at his hooves. which scrape and echo loudly on the stony cavern floor, as would be expected for something so heavy.

Olo: "Your hooves are too loud."

Jiao: Huffs. "I'm not trying to be sneaky!"

Olo: "Well, WE, are... so you'll need to address that if you plan on coming with us."

Jiao: Snorts. "What do you suggest?"

Olo: "Wrap some cloth around them." He answers.

Jiao grunts and mutters irritably, but manages to fashion crude cloth shoes for his hooves with the Bugbears cloaks.

Olo leads the way at as quick a pace as he can manage with his shorter legs, almost jogging to keep the rest of you at a brisk walking pace. Jiao prefers the rear-guard position, and seems to have no trouble keeping up, making you wonder if he could actually outpace the rest of you without too much trouble?

After a short while, you come to the edge of this cavern, with several smaller caves branching off from it.

[Listen, Spot and/or Scent checks please everyone, DC 14]

01-27-2014, 04:02 AM
(Listen: 26, spot: 17, scent: 18/29?)

01-27-2014, 07:59 AM
(Listen: 23, Spot: 21)

01-27-2014, 10:05 AM
1D20+2 => 17 #listen
1D20+2 => 11 #Spot

01-27-2014, 07:28 PM
(Listen: 1D20+3 => 10. Spot: 1D20+3 => 11.)

01-27-2014, 11:44 PM
[Note: Everyone (except Olo) gets 33 sp, 13 gp, 49 cp, from the Bugbears loot. Purusartha will hold the four ornamental silver rings for now until they can be sold and converted into non-silver currency... cause were's prefer not to use silver currency or jewelry for obvious reasons.]

Jiao: (Listen: = 9)(Spot: = 16)(Scent: = 15)
Olo: (Listen: = 7)(Spot: = 19)
Purusartha: (Listen: = 10)(Spot: = 24)
Yorick: (Listen: = 21)(Spot: = 14)(Scent: = 24)

Sauel's keen nose is the first to detect foul odors in the air... consisting mostly of offal and rotting meet. Most likely coming from some creatures nearby den.

Sauel's ears are also the first to hear hints of strange voices, speaking a language he's unfamiliar with in a high-pitched yapping tone.

Purusartha: Is the first to glimpse movement at the edge of his magical darkvision. A flitting shadow, something large, but as he was unable to focus on it quick enough to make out further details he can't say what it is. "Something's out there!" He says in a low but urgent tone.

Olo: "Everyone quick, move towards the nearest cavern wall and put your backs against it. Prepare to be attacked!" He quickly warns.

01-28-2014, 12:01 AM
~not a dull moment down here, even in total darkness...~ Sauel thought as he took Olo's advice. Meanwhile he let himself shift once more into his wolf form. A gentle prod down his mind-link directing Rabi.

01-28-2014, 06:54 AM
The elf heeds the order from Purusartha, getting up against the wall and crouching down slightly. Deciding that now would likely be the best time for it, as he had not taken the chance to do so as of yet, he reaches for the side pouches on his backpack where he had stored the potions, grabbing the darkvision and delay poison potions, uncorking them and quaffing the contents in a couple of gulps.

01-28-2014, 08:54 AM
Crdechzkgrakar: Speaks in common to the rest of the group. "They are Kolbolds, followers of Untorangon. Let me speak to them and see if we can pass without a fight. But be prepared and watch for traps. My people are known for their cunning."

Stepping forward and away from the group Cred shouts out in Draconic, the language of his people. "MY NAME IS CRDECHZKRAGAR! ALLOW ME TO SPEAK WITH THE ONE WHO LEADS!"

The rest of you quickly form up into a defensive semi-circle up against the nearest cavern wall, watching warily as Crdechzkrakar confronts whatever's hidden in the darkness.

01-28-2014, 09:37 PM
{Emiko moves to brace for an incoming attack with the others.}

~I hope Cred can gain us safe passage from these other kobolds... Otherwise he may be walking towards his doom...~

"Be careful..." She says quietly in Draconic to Cred before he steps away from the group.

01-29-2014, 06:18 PM
[Note: Darkvision is black-and-white only... so although I do mention colors here, it takes quite a bit of experience to discern colors in shades of grey, and you should not take it for granted that you can discern these colors. If you want to make a guess, you'll have to ask me to make a wisdom check.]

A few tense moments pass... before two large lizards emerge from the blackness. Each is about 10ft long with a low, wide stance, weighing in at about a ton, armored with thick blue-scaled hides. Their feet end in sucker-like discs, perhaps allowing them to scale vertical surfaces? Their huge wedge shaped heads are filled with teeth as long as daggers, but for the moment they are controlled by reigns held by their riders.

Each subterranean lizard is affixed with a harness and a saddle, seated upon which are very strange kobolds with grayish-black scaled skin and dark eyes. Their bodies are strangely proportioned for a kobold, with longer limbs, neck and tail. Their long fingers end in wicked claws, and their snouts have much longer fangs as well.

Each mounted Kobold carries a long spear they could use to good effect while mounted, but for the moment they are holding those spears vertically and non-threateningly. They are both dressed in crude but functional hide armor, over which they wear crudely-dyed red tunics.

Then, between the lizards, another kobold steps forward on foot and you get the impression this one is a female. Though it seems this breed of kobold is probably capable of standing taller then most, they jut their long necks out in front of them, giving them more of a reptilian-quality. This one is dressed in blue robes with her hands tucked into her sleeves.

Robed Kobold: "I am the leader of this patrol. My name is Sher'Reek. You are trespassing Crdechzkragar! Explain what brings you into our domain!" She asks in high-pitched draconic with a noticeable hiss as her tongue snakes through her pronounced fangs.

01-30-2014, 07:40 AM
In draconic to the Robed female Kolbold: " Sher'Reek we are fighting the Vul. For they hunt and kill us and others of Dragon birth. There fortification is defended from above not bellow. So it is we take this path. I wish to only pass through and have no intention to intrude. I do not wish to fight others as myself. I desire to spill the blood of the Vul, to hear them scream again as they are run through and killed. I would ask that you and any other who wish to spill the blood of the Vul to join us in this raid. Bathe in there blood and rejoice in there dying screams. If you would not join us, then I ask that we be allowed passage through your territory so we may run our blades into the hearts of the Vul." He asks, his head forward as his Lizard instincts and body language are reflected in his movement.

01-30-2014, 07:21 PM
Sher'Reek tilts her ugly visage quizzically at Cred's words, while the pair of warriors mounted on lizard-back exchange looks and chuckle.

Sher'Reek: "You must be joking?! There is no such weakness in their defenses. If there were, WE would know about it. The foundations above were built very strong by the ugly bearded dwarves!"

Olo steps slowly beside Crdechzkrakar, keeping his hands empty and plainly visible, speaking clearly in Draconic.

Olo: "We have hired The Ghost in the Darkness to lead us past their defenses. We merely seek safe passage to the nearby underground lake to meet with him."

Sher'Reek: Hisses at Olo, replying still in Draconic. "Silence halfling! I did not give you leave to speak!" She narrows her gaze at him. "Ahhh... I see you bear the badge of King Kyser! The filthy rat king! Give me one reason why I shouldn't destroy you all?!"

Olo: Frowns "You might, but it won't be as easy as you think. We already dispatched a band of Bugbears earlier who had the same idea!"

Sher'Reek: Spits upon the ground: "Yes we saw them too. Ugly minions of the dark elvessss..." She says with a hiss.

Olo: Nods. "We will battle any who impede us, but it is not your blood we seek to shed. Crdechzkragar speaks true. We only desire to battle Vul this night. Ghost, shall lead us to them. We have made it worth his while, and we will do the same for you, IF you let us pass..."

01-31-2014, 12:54 AM
Sauel might feel to get involved somehow, but draconic wasn't one of the languages his knew; So the conversation was a big confusing list of mumbo-jumbo to him. For now he could only sit and either get a signal to attack or to stay put. Very nerve wracking.

Unfortunately he probably couldn't add much even if he knew what was going on during the negotiations.

01-31-2014, 06:54 AM
Speeks more to Sher'Reek: He speaks true though a halfling. We will kill any one who stops us, but we would prefer not having to destroy you as we have others above and below in our fight against the Vul. There is a weakness to there fort, like all. The drainage and other routs that rodent and reptiles enter the lower levels through.

His tounge wisps out as he looks at her then he speaks his final words to her.: There are three choices you have my sister of dragon blood. Join us, Allow us to pass, or die. which do you choose?

(If she chooses Death I will immediately upon those words release a fire ball at her and her two lizard riders. I am speaking plain facts and hope she will either join or let us pass. Do I need to roll anything so we can avoid combat?)

01-31-2014, 03:43 PM
Sher'Reek: Scoffs, still speaking Draconic. "I am Sher'Reek, sorceress of the ShadowWyrm tribe! I have lived and killed in these caverns for as long as I have drawn breath! Who are you to give ME orders?! You are merely foolhardy intruders!"

"I serve my chief and the high priestess. If I were to let you pass to avoid risking my neck now, I would be sacrificed for disobedience to duty. SO, I offer you this ultimatum in counter to your own..."

"Allow me to escort you to meet our chief." She turns her black gaze upon Olo. "If this halfling really does have something worthy to offer, he must hope it pleases him. For only the chief can grant you safe passage to the underground lake."

"If you refuse, you must be cowards and cheats!"

02-01-2014, 01:56 AM
~I don't like this! More of our time is going to be wasted, and for something that could be a trap... I have to say something...~

{Emiko steps forward a bit, but stays still behind Cred.}

She says in Draconic to Sher'Reek in an annoyed tone. "We are no cowards, or cheats! We are in a hurry and we don't have time for any tricks or traps you might have for us. Why should we trust that you won't be taking us to your tribe so you have more numbers against us?" Emiko let's her hood fall back revealing her strange appearance and exotic makeup as she speaks. "If we do decide to meet with your chief, how long will that take? Our whole reason for intruding in the first place will be for nothing if our journey continues to be hindered like this..." She hisses to Sher'Reek in a huff.

{Emiko stares at Sher'Reek while her hands start to glow and smolder, just waiting to erupt into flames.}

Emiko smiles darkly at Sher'Reek. "Do you know of another 'quicker' way for our group to be on our way...?"

(All spoken parts in Draconic in this post.)

02-01-2014, 02:16 PM
[Note: All speech is in Draconic unless otherwise noted]

Sher'Reek glares back at Emiko, glancing back and forth between her and Crdechzkragar weighing the situation carefully. After another tense moment, her shoulders seem to slump in accedence.

Sher'Reek: "You are rude indeed to refuse the proper protocol! ...But perhaps your mission truly does require haste... so I will compromise with you just this once! I will consider your offering on behalf of my chief, and if I think it worthy I will personally escort you to the underground lake."

"I shall only warn you once that any hint of deception or threat against us will not be tolerated! So step forward halfling, and show me what makes this 'worth our while'..."

Olo: Does as he is bid, removing a leather pouch from his pack, from which he pulls a remarkable wooden flagon. Apparently crafted from black wood, it is intricately carved with strange fluid patterns and cloaked figures. Though empty, it appears to weigh much heavier in his hands then you'd expect. Olo steps forward slowly, displaying the flagon appreciatively before him.

Sher' Reek: Eyes Olo and his flagon suspiciously. "What is this you offer us? A drinking cup?!"

Olo: "This is no common drinking vessel. They say only eight of these are known to exist, created by a mysterious shadow sorcerer who has long since gone missing. Each one of these has a command word etched into the bottom. Five times per day, it will transform any liquid you place inside it into liquid shadows..."

Sher' Reek: Looks skeptical. "Show me." She says.

Olo: "To properly demonstrate it, we will have to first create some light. May I?"

Sher' Reek: "You may, but no tricks!"

Olo: ​"Emiko, could you crate a bit of light please? A small torch's equivalent will be sufficient." He says over his shoulder.

[Emiko: Do you do as he asks?]

02-01-2014, 08:13 PM
{Emiko smiles as she holds out one of her hands and let's it erupt into blue flames, almost like she is holding a torch. She waits for Olo to do the rest.}

02-01-2014, 09:44 PM
[Still speaking Draconic]

Olo pauses dramatically as Emiko's hand starts to burn, smiling slightly as the kobolds flinch from the sudden flash of light. He kneels down and places the flagon on the ground. Moments pass, yet nothing unusual happens.

Sher' Reek: Frowns. "I am waiting to be impressed..."

Olo: Smirks. "You failed to notice the flagon itself casts no shadow..."

And so it is true, made obvious now by the eerie light of Emiko's blue magic flame. Even the Kobolds on lizard-back crane their necks to the side to get a better look at this point.

Sher' Reek: Narrows her gaze on the flagon. "May I hold it?"

Olo: Nods.

Sher' Reek: Pulls her long clawed hands from the sleeves of her robes and grasps the flagon. Lifting it seems to take greater effort then she anticipated. "It's strangely heavy... even though it looks and feels to be made of wood. And its unusually cool to the touch." She remarks.

Olo: "Indeed. That's part of its magic. Read the command word marked on its base, and fill it with liquid if you wish to witness its real power"

Sher' Reek: Lifts the flagon above eye level to examine its base. Then she places it back on the ground while she removes a waterskin from within her robes. She fills the flagon with it, and mutters the command word under her breath. Instantly the water changes its color to an inky black.

Olo: "You can dispel the shadow at anytime with the same command word. Only one shadow can be formed at any one time, and up to five can be made in one day. The shadow will only remain in the flagon for about a minute if you don't use it."

Sher' Reek: "And how do I use it exactly?"

Olo: "You may either pour it from the flagon to create a globe of darkness which lasts for ten minutes, or you can drink it to improve the strength of your illusionary magic for three hours."

Sher' Reek: Reaches for the cup again, pouring the inky liquid to the ground. Instantly, a magical globe of darkness forms around her to a radius of 20 ft, which she dispels immediately. "Hmm... interesting. I suppose this is worth a trip to the lake. I presume you know the way?"

Olo: "I do. But before we go, I am curious. Do you know of Ghost?"

Sher' Reek: "Yes, most everyone does. He is quite famous in these caverns."

Olo: "What have you heard?"

Sher' Reek: Shrugs. "Just stories everyone circulates. They say the price on his head is greater then all the other smugglers put together. Everyone wants him dead. King Kyser, Baron Zomok, the dark elves, the accursed dwarves... even other tribes of Kobolds."

Olo: "Interesting... do you know anything about him other then what he's done? Can you tell me what he looks like?"

Sher' Reek: Irritably shakes her head. "Descriptions differ. He's obviously familiar with magical disguises."

Olo: "Ok fair enough. Lets get moving." He says stepping back to the group speaking again in common. "Good news. We've arranged for them to escort us to the lake."

02-01-2014, 11:09 PM
Darkness, then light, then darkness again, then light again, and finally darkness... It was getting confusing, however since there was no screams of terror, yelps, smells of blood or cursing or random magic being thrown around Sauel could only assume negotiations were going well, confirmed shortly when Olo spoke in common. Although curious of what the commotion was they spoke over, it wasn't something he was willing to risk his neck for to find out.

Best not to know for now.

Sauel gave a soft slow sigh, he had been in too many battles in one day, yet he expected more. He gives Rabi an affectionate nuzzle to help keep him calm. Sauel was only be too happy to keep moving.

02-02-2014, 12:34 AM
{Emiko follows with Olo back to the group, smiling as she goes along in silent triumph.}

02-02-2014, 04:09 AM
As you file closer together through tighter areas Sher' Reek follows close on Olo's heels ensuring he stays on the promised course and dosen't try and tricks. The other kobolds fall in close behind the rest of you, but not too close... as Jiao seems eager for an excuse to squash any unfortunate kobold who gets within reach.

You guess there are at least another half dozen of them in their group then you originally spotted, as you occasionally glimpse or hear more of them scrabbling through the dark on your trail.

The path Olo takes to reach the lake worms its way dizzily through several other caverns, caves and tunnels, covering a distance of maybe two miles as the crow flies, but more then double that by actual distance traveled.

When you actually emerge at your destination, you are surprised to see that this cavern has a hint of natural luminescence about it from natural light-emitting lichens and algae. You can actually make out some of the breadth and landscape of this cavern, almost as if you were looking at it under an overcast sky by the faintest moonlight. Insects, bats, and other small winged creatures flit about the upper shadows and stalactites while other creepy-crawlies skitter about the stones and stalagmites at ground level.

The lake itself is not as grand as you imagined. It's perhaps barely a half mile across at its furthest distance, with several small pebble beaches along its shore. You even make out a crude cottage beside a dock jutting out a ways into the dark water, both made of masonry, with a small boat lying atop it.

Olo: Asks Sher' Reek in whispered draconic. "I've only glimpsed this place once or twice before, and I never bothered to ask who's boat is that?"

Sher' Reek: Cackles in a whisper. "You really don't know? It belongs to the owner of that cottage, an old decrepit Gnomish hermit by the name of Faereg."

Olo: "A Gnome you say??? How strange to live alone in a place like this. They say this cavern is full of dangers."

Sher' Reek: "Strange indeed. But that Gnome has lived here for as long as anyone remembers... he must be at least three hundred years old. They say he's an alchemist who lost a hand long ago in some failed experiment. He uses that boat to fish for his dinner now and then..."

Olo: "Well, I guess we will be fine from here. Best we part ways before our werebull decides to hurt one of your warriors."

Sher' Reek: Shakes her head. "I'm not going anywhere. I said I'd escort you here, but that means I must also escort you back afterwards... how else can I ensure the safety of my tribe?"

Olo: Shrugs. "Suite yourself, but you may be waiting a long while."

Sher' Reek: "Lets hope its not too long, or else I might assume you are playing some sort of trick!" She says with an angry hiss, stepping away to mingle with the rest of the kobolds on the other side of the large cave you currently find yourselves in, which has a broad view of the cavern with the lake.

Olo turns his back on her and rolls his eyes ushering the rest of you to gather round so he can whisper to you in confidence.

Olo: "Ok this is where Ghost said to meet him. He gave instructions to inform the old hermit in the cottage when we arrive. I suppose that means the Gnome will somehow send for him? But he also warned that the hermit hates visitors, and thus we must respect his privacy and not all try and badger him at once. That means one of us should volunteer to speak to him. I would be happy too, but I had no idea he was a gnome... and I'm sad to say I do not speak his tongue... What of the rest of you?"

02-02-2014, 04:49 AM
Amaya: Amaya stayed on the chair momentarily, not even hearing Gael as she spoke at first. Amaya felt bad that she was intruding on Gael and Taros and then to bring up painful memories. She didn't know what to think about her mother her future or what her next steps would be. Feeling Gael take her hand, Amaya turned to look at her, "Wha.... What was .. " Amaya started before Gael's words finally clicked into her head. "..I...." Amaya didn't know what to say and could barely speak so instead she nodded in agreement before slowly uncurling herself and wiping the beginning of tears from her eyes with her free hand. Amaya stood up and tried to force a smile for Gael before being lead off to her room for the night.

Gael leads you to a comfortable downstairs room, close to the kitchens and the servants quarters. It is rather spacious inside with all the necessary amenities including a full size bathtub in one corner surrounded by curtains, a small sitting table, a side table with a washbasin before a mirror, a chest of drawers, a large curtained bed, a chamber pot, a reinforced chest to lock away your valuables, several candles and two oil lamps. The only thing it obviously lacks is an outside window.

Gael: Hands you a fancy iron key to the door. "This is yours to keep for as long as you stay here. No one will disturb your privacy, but please do not attempt to leave without asking me first. If you need anything, a meal, a bath, fresh clothes... anything at all. Ask myself, or Taros, or one of the servants." Gael reaches for your hand to give it a squeeze and smiles.

Taros: "Goodnight Amaya." He says, wrapping his arm around Gael and leading her from your room, closing the door behind him.

[What do you do?]

02-02-2014, 04:53 AM
Sauel found the light illumination from the natural growth rather refreshing, it reminded him of the forest, of early morning or evenings after the rain had finished. The dampness in the air from the lake helped with that illusion, although likely the water was cold (unless there was a vein of lava somewhere under that heated it a bit).

Sitting on his rear he shook his head, gnomish was a language Sauel would likely pick up but he didn't know it at this moment. There was always common, but what they knew was more top-side common, there is also under-common and aquatic-common and probably several more that Sauel hadn't heard of, it meant the common tongue they used may not work, especially if the gnome had abandoned it in the years.

Sauel glanced at Jaio, and knew instantly and most likely even if the were-bull knew gnomish he would probably be vetoed, as a huge lumbering monster he was would either be too intimidating, or the voice too unnatural to be accepted as human. A quick chuckle went past his muzzle as he thought of an old story of the three little pigs, and how Jaio would be perfect for the part. ~Open up little man, or I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll knock down your stupid little cottage into the lake!!~

02-02-2014, 08:17 AM
He shakes his head then looks at the others. I speak many languages, yet that is not one of them. I have the ability to understand his language but not speak it. If no one can speak the language I could go, but I am not sure how well a gnome will react to me and my race.

02-02-2014, 04:53 PM
{Emiko listens to Olo's talk of the gnome, and looks around at the others judging how threatening their appearances might be to this gnome.}

~I would like to meet someone that has lived for over a hundred years... Such stories they might know... It's too bad we don't have time for these things. I might never have time for these things again if I'm not more careful... Helping these people is dangerous... Poor Cael... I must be strong! I have to fight to save those in need... THAT is how the story goes... doesn't it? or do I just do whatever I feel like... Sometimes I just get so frustrated... I just want to burn everything! But... later I feel... regret. Puru and Olo seem best if no one else knows the languages of this gnome. They have proven themselves wise so far... Cred looks like what might be this gnomes enemy down here, so... that won't do.~

"Yes, considering what he may have had to deal with from others of your kind Cred, I think sending someone else would be wiser..." She says quietly to Cred in Draconic.

She turns to Purusartha and Olo, and begins to speak in common. "I think Puru or Olo should go if none of us speak the gnome's languages. They seem to me to be the least threatening to a gnome, in appearance at least..."

{Emiko turns away from the group having said her opinion on the matter. She looks out over the cavern admiring it's serene beauty while she waits for a decision to be made.}

~This place... it's so beautiful. This is something I will always fight for that is certain, nature... it produces such beautiful life. The creatures that honor it will be under my protection. There... This is why I will stay... Something worth the risk... for the love of beautiful life. Maybe it's because I haven't slept, but I would give anything to lay in some soft grass under the moon and stars right at this moment. I wonder what the others think of this beauty before us. Would they notice it?~

02-02-2014, 06:50 PM
The elf had remained silent the whole way, simply letting the situation unfold on its own, with Purusartha and Olo leading the way, getting them to their destination. ~All of this brings us one step closer to Palenrian, I just hope we're not too late.~

When the issue of a potential language barrier comes up, Arminas simply shakes his head. "I am only familiar with the common tongues, as well as the language of the Elves, thus I may not be of much use in this instance."

02-02-2014, 08:04 PM
Olo: looks about the group and shrugs. "I guess I am the obvious choice then. Stout halflings have usually been friendly to their kind. I should be the least-threatening among us to a gnome."

The lake is about one hundred yards away from the entrance to your cave. Olo points to the cottage, which is about three hundred yards off at the edge of the lake, sitting on a small pebbled beach. There's no actual path around the edge of the lake, but there are routes around and over the stones that seem more convenient and well used then others.

"We really don't know what else might be lurking about in this cavern, and we don't want to ruin our one chance to meet Ghost by moving up on the cottage as a large group and frightening the hermit. So I will approach the cottage alone. The rest of you wait here with the kobolds."

"I'm not saying I trust her, but the fact is remaining close to Sher' Reek is a good idea for the moment. There is safety in numbers after all."

02-02-2014, 08:41 PM
~... And now we wait again... Sleep Kit... It will do you good.~

{Emiko stays with the others and pulls up her hood to cover herself once more. She sits on the ground next to the group and hums a song quietly as she rocks a bit, back and forth.}

02-02-2014, 09:38 PM
[Please everyone describe what you are doing while you wait for Olo to go to the cottage and return.]

Purusartha: Leans against one side of the cave entrance, scratching his beard with one hand while the other plucks at the string of his composite longbow that he keeps close to his side. "Interesting evening we're having isn't it Yorick?"

Yorick: Shrugs, arms crossed, holding Cael's big Axe against his shoulder. "I imagined every moment since I've been freed from my chains would be a good one... yet that isn't the case at all." He says solemnly. "...In the past, I fought to survive. That was all. Now... I fear for others lives as well. Trying to save lives is much harder then taking them. Watching allies die, is much harder..."

02-02-2014, 10:18 PM
{Emiko notices she is a bit crowded at the moment, so she gets up and moves to the edge of the cave, and sits upon the ground just far enough away from the others to where she won't be disobeying Olo's orders. She sits in a meditative position and closes her eyes, trying to rest herself before anymore battles.}

02-03-2014, 02:31 AM
Since they seem to have a few minutes Sauel situates himself before stretching, almost looking comical as he stretching his feet forward and yawns silently, with his butt in the air before switching to his back feet and stretching them as far behind them as he can for a few seconds. Afterwards rolls his shoulder blades as best he can trying to get the hard to reach places that the armor seems to get in the way of.

Finally after getting the kinks out of the way he sits down letting himself shift to human form for a few minutes. "It's kinda weird having dark vision, isn't it Rabi?" Sauel commented to his animal companion petting him before returning his attention to the rest of the group.

"Jaio?" Sauel speaks softly to the werebull. "When else have you come out? What kind of adventures have you embarked on?"

02-04-2014, 03:18 AM
Since they seem to have a few minutes Sauel situates himself before stretching, almost looking comical as he stretching his feet forward and yawns silently, with his butt in the air before switching to his back feet and stretching them as far behind them as he can for a few seconds. Afterwards rolls his shoulder blades as best he can trying to get the hard to reach places that the armor seems to get in the way of.

Finally after getting the kinks out of the way he sits down letting himself shift to human form for a few minutes. "It's kinda weird having dark vision, isn't it Rabi?" Sauel commented to his animal companion petting him before returning his attention to the rest of the group.

"Jaio?" Sauel speaks softly to the werebull. "When else have you come out? What kind of adventures have you embarked on?"

Jiao: "Battle is the greatest adventure. There is no greater thrill than killing to survive!"

"Werebulls in Caishia have always been highly feared when they are bandits like myself and my father before me. Our name inspired terror in the whole northern region! But there were other werebulls who used their strength to defend the villagers. Warrior monks of Kitesvara, many of whom practiced the school of the northern ox."

"My father was angered by their efforts to thwart his attacks, but the alpha werebull wished to prevent werebull bloodshed and ordered him to avoid confrontation with them. My father argued that the feud between himself and the school of the northern ox should be allowed to run its course but the alpha said such feuds could quickly grow out of control, and must be stamped out like a burning bush before it caught the whole mountain ablaze. He made my father swear to avoid battle with werebull monks, and ordered him to order the rest of us to do the same."

"I was very angry at the alphas order because I did not like to see my father cowed by anyone. I felt he should take the alpha's place and grow even more powerful! That was my naive way of thinking back then..."

"Soon afterwards, I was leading an attack on a village with a raiding party of bandits when I encountered a young kitesvara warrior monk standing to defend them. I knew I should call off the attack, but in that moment it felt too much like cowardice. I wanted an excuse to spill blood, and when I realized the monk had not shifted form into a werebull, I told myself that meant he was just a man, and therefore, I would not be disobeying orders by killing him."

"I charged the monk and gored him with my horns repeatedly, savoring each injury he sustained until he fell in a bloody heap at my feet. I moved on to kill any others that resisted until we left the village with our plunder, returning to my fathers fort reveling in our victory. But the celebrations were short lived. The alpha appeared at our gates personally, along with monks of the school of the northern ox."

"My father had to permit them inside as honored guests, which is when the alpha explained why he had come. He said that I had disobeyed him and my father both by attacking another monk of the northern ox school."

"I argued that I had no way of knowing he was a monk of the northern ox school because he was just a man, not a werebull. Thus I was not disobeying his mandate because I had not spilled werebull blood. But the alpha said I was wrong. He explained that monk was going to become an afflicted werebull the moment I injured him, which meant that by killing him, I had technically disobeyed his mandate. The alpha declared that my life was now forfeit, for I had gone against his will."

"At that moment, in my own selfishness, I hoped my father would have no choice but to defy the alpha to save me! But he did not. Instead he backhanded me and disowned me as his son!"

"The alpha then turned me over to the monks, to be taken back to their monastery for execution. They dragged me for miles along the ground so I was half dead by the time I arrived. They brought me before the master then, who asked me if I had learned my lesson."

"In that moment, I actually wanted to die. So I told the master that my only regret was that I wouldn't have the chance to kill that monk again!"

"I expected the master would kill me in a rage, which should have been mercifully swift, but he said a quick death was too good for me. He said I had a devil's heart and I needed to feel the same pain and lack of compassion I had shown others. He also said I didn't deserve to have the flesh of a man, so long as I possessed the mindset of a monster."

"They killed me then, but not quickly. They used a slow-acting poison that wracked my body with pain for hours, during which time they performed an ancient ceremony known as Gulhuo Zhanshir, which captured my spirit as I finally died."

"The next time I 'woke', was after my spirit passed into Xiaolong when he was wounded by the same masters horns. But it wasn't until Xiaolong shifted into a werebull for the first time that I could act of my own accord."

"Since then, Xiaolong and I have shared many adventures... However he's not getting any younger, so I expect our days together may be numbered."

02-04-2014, 03:58 AM
{Emiko listens to Jiao's tale with her eyes still closed.}

~Such an interesting way to live... Only half a life, and always having to trust that your other half won't hurt the ones you care about or yourself. I can see why Xiao drinks so much now...~

{Emiko opens her eyes and looks over at Jiao once he finishes.}

"Was it the master's intention to pass your spirit into Xiao? You talked of how you earned your punishment, but what did Xiao do to deserve being cursed with you as his other half?" She asks Jiao out of curiosity.

02-04-2014, 11:05 AM
It was an interesting story from Jaio. Sauel had expected something more fun and mundane, like fighting off bandits and escaping, or perhaps like tonight in the middle of combat turning the tides which would have been otherwise impossible, not Jaio's personal enslavement into this curse within the curse.

"Very interesting story. I've heard some teachers will impose special training or duties to someone as 'karma' for something they are bad at. One who has no Patience will have a complex puzzle, someone who is bloodthirsty must show acts of kindness, and someone who is full of themselves must suffer defeat of some form and experience what they dished out... To only be out while transformed seems like quite an annoyance, but at the same time you know you have a short limited time so you make the most of it, and you can live your life to the fullest, especially since you come out likely during a fight so you can immediately enjoy the fight."

Emiko's question was curious, but seeing the hybrid was more than enough to have a few clues. "Jaio says Xaio was injured, this means he's (probably) an afflicted werebull. A lycanthrope has an inner beast, they come forth by strong emotions and stress. They are... well, animals in spirit, and act out of instinct. The difference here, is Jaio seems to replace that spirit instead of a mundane bull. This is fortunate as usually an injured animal will kill all threats, or run away, or both. Bigger egos are less likely to run away. Of course running away could be for strategy rather than cowardice, into the shadows or gaining the upper hand. If they weren't so affected by the moon, and by such raw emotions they would probably just slip into the habitat until they returned to normal."

"Being surrounded by lycanthropes on a full moon is considerably less scary than those shifting in the heat of battle, but not by much. Hmmm it's really something to stand and watch twenty people all shift at once, followed by howls."

02-04-2014, 03:53 PM
Cred returns to being silent. moving to a position were it gives him the ability to keep an eye on different avenues of approach. Even now they are not safe, so he keep his gaurd up vigilantly watching.

02-04-2014, 06:00 PM
"Was it the master's intention to pass your spirit into Xiao? You talked of how you earned your punishment, but what did Xiao do to deserve being cursed with you as his other half?" She asks Jiao out of curiosity.

Jiao: Answers Emiko "He was once a warrior monk of the wind and water schools. They took to calling him 'the hurricane', as his unique blending of styles seemed akin to a force of nature. But he was still just a man and he grew too cocky. After he defeated a student of the school of the northern ox in a tournament at an exchange of knowledge festival, he dared to challenge their master, hoping to elevate himself to equal rank."

Jiao chuckles. "That was a very arrogant thing to do! Highly irregular and insulting in Caishian culture where only a master can challenge a master. The master of the northern ox, named Liu Biu, agreed to the match, only on the terms that he came to fight him at his monastery in the north, and that the match be private away from public spectacle."

"Xiaolong actually managed to strike the master down, but instead of surrendering, Liu Biu explained that he had yet to demonstrate the true strength of the northern ox school. He then transformed into a hybrid werebull and declared that this fight would continue… to the death! Xiaolong fought with all his skill but in the end Liu Biu was too ferocious, skewering Xiaolong upon his horns and dropped his unconscious, bleeding body to the ground."

"However, before Liu Biu could end him, the match was interrupted and Xiaolong was rescued. Liu Biu then cursed Xiaolong with my spirit. Sauel is right, Xiaolong is merely an afflicted werebull, but I am a natural. Liu Biu was truly devious with his curse, for we are completely incompatible personalities. I hoped Xiaolong would help me take revenge on him someday... but the fool chose instead to embark on a quest, searching to find the means to cure the curse and rid himself of me!"

Jiao spits. "He even studies the so-called wisdom of saint Kitesvara, trying to cleanse his soul, as if that were necessary! For over thirty years he's tried to become something he's not... and I of course refuse to go along with that nonsense. And he, out of spite towards me, keeps travelling further and further abroad from Caishia to prevent me from causing trouble for anyone he cares for."

Jiao Scoffs. "I am personally convinced our curse can only be lifted by defeating Liu Biu! But at this rate, they will both die of old age before we meet again."

Cred returns to being silent. moving to a position were it gives him the ability to keep an eye on different avenues of approach. Even now they are not safe, so he keep his gaurd up vigilantly watching.

[Cred: Make a spot check]

02-04-2014, 06:23 PM
~I guess Sauel didn't quite understand my question...~

"I understand that Xiao became an afflicted werebull, but that's not the question I asked." She says, looking a bit annoyed with Sauel. "I asked why the master chose to curse Xiao with Jiao's spirit."

{Emiko stops and listens to Jiao's response.}

"Ah, I see... Xiao was cursed for being too prideful. A similar offense to your own it would seem..." She says respectfully to Jiao.

02-05-2014, 01:53 AM
"It may not have been intentional or deliberate, it was probably never intended." Sauel says to Emiko. "Maybe random, or the next person he cursed, karma, maybe a higher power adjusted things, or just coincidence; Simply saying 'because he was prideful' is a good explanation of why but doesn't actually answer your question Emiko. Obviously if he was going to kill Xaio then he didn't intend to give him Jaio. Maybe it was Jaio himself who willed it..." Sauel raises a hand to pause a likely burst of annoyance from the werebull "Hear me out a moment, I mean unconsciously, or something deep within you that finds something in Xaio that you long or or want, or just the first available host because your spirit being contained was so horrible in comparison, I really don't know. Saying you are both 'paying for being prideful' seems convenient."

"Jaio, do you ever invade his dreams? Do you two ever talk or do you only leave memories of your wants and intentions afterwards? It seems the two of you could be more if you worked together, but obviously your goals don't match up right now and you're more along for the ride. If you two came to an agreement you might both be a little more content. I agree he is trying to be something he isn't; Similar someone who loses a limb must adjust his lifestyle, not ignore the problem."

02-05-2014, 02:31 AM
[Cred: Spot Check Fate Pool Roll = 13]

Purusartha: (Spot Check: = 23)

Purusartha is the first to notice something unusual among the lichen-covered stones outside the cave entrance. He points it out to Crdechzkragar who is also vigilantly standing guard. It appears to be something made of wood and bone, like a handle of sorts... covered beneath loose stones. It is so well concealed, it is a small miracle that he noticed it. Purusartha moves over to inspect it more closely, but he is cautious about touching it. "I think we should detect magic on this before we try and unearth it, to have a better idea of what this might be..." He says.

However, before you can investigate it further, your attention is drawn to Olo's progress towards the the cottage. Up till now in these very low light conditions he appeared to be a small dark blob moving among larger stationary shapes. But now that he's actually gotten down to the level of the lake you can see him better as there are a fair amount of fluorescent algae floating on the waters surface.

Purusartha: "Ah look, Olo's almost at the cottage. Lets see what happens..." He says, gesturing for everyone to pay attention.

Olo seems well on his guard as he steps across the beach, moving warily across the pebbles. Then suddenly, a net appears beneath his feet, apparently buried just beneath the surface! The net is attached to four strong ropes being pulled into the lake! However, whatever is pulling those ropes remains unseen beneath the glassy surface of the water.

Olo: (Reflex save vs. Trap, DC 25: = 18, Fail)

Olo is yanked off his feet, but seems quick to draw his dagger to cut through the net. You glimpse a flash of steel as he attempts to sever the cords that bind him, but he can't seem to manage it fast enough, as he is dragged into the icy water in just a few seconds.

Purusartha: "What?! Nooo!" He exclaims in surprise.

[What do you do?]

02-05-2014, 03:02 AM
Sauel's own experience in swimming was lacking, something he had planned to improve on when he could later. Seeing Olo get pulled into the water makes Sauel shiver a bit, true he was sure the water was icy cold but being submerged in it didn't sound like a good idea. Although it seemed a little odd, unless...

"It seems like a cruel person would set a trap and not care about it, while someone who is expecting visitors would probably be mindful of them. So I wonder, if there's a air pocket under the lake with air he's dragged to..."

More logical thoughts made him think about the portal and wonder if all the water might rush into the inn on the surface. That would probably cost a few coins to pay for damages if it happened.

Besides jumping into the lake was a bad idea since not only would it be cold, it would be pitch black and although their DarkVision would help it might not do the job. More likely if Olo could cast a light spell they could track it far easier, assuming there wasn't worse creatures in the water waiting for dinner...

"... Regardless, I don't like how this looks..."

Maybe if he had a chance to replenish his spells he could have had other options available...

02-06-2014, 07:57 AM
Seeing the Bone and wooden thing, then noting the trap that ripped Olo bellow the waves. He heads over to the Item they saw and casts detect Magic upon it (if it needs a die roll just please use a fate die to keep things moving along.).

He then if no magic is detected will begin to try and unearth the Item and if it is a trigger to the trap he will try to undo it.

02-06-2014, 12:45 PM
{Emiko get's up in a shock after what happens to Olo.}

~What was that?! A trap set by the gnome to protect his home? Or some water dwelling creature waiting for a victim? Maybe the kobold sorceress would know since she lives around here...~

"Sher'Reek, do you know what could of set that trap to drag our friend into the lake?" She says in Draconic with urgency. "We must find a way to help him before he drowns!"

02-06-2014, 06:38 PM
Sher' Reek moves over to your side of the cave again, attracted by the commotion, followed at close distance by the two kobolds on lizard-back. She peers down at the lake, rippling and bubbling slightly with signs of Olo's struggle, who at this very moment must be drowning.

Sher' Reek: {draconic} "The halfling was dragged into the lake? You did not see what did it?" She asks curiously, yet without sympathy.

Emiko: {draconic} "It was a net-trap of some sort!"

Sher' Reek: {draconic} "Odds are it was Kuo-Toa, those slimy monsters are very dangerous." She says matter-of-factly, obviously without a care for Olo's plight.

She then takes notice of Crdechzkragar preparing to cast a spell on that strange bone-and-wood item buried in the rocks and interrupts him.

Sher' Reek: {draconic} "Stop right there! I didn't give you permission to start digging things up! You are outsiders after all, with no right towards anything you find in these caverns. You aren't even aware of what's so special about his cavern are you?" She scoffs. "They say this cavern was home to a drow city long ago, before the bulk of the ceiling collapsed. There are probably thousands of dark elf skeletons, and perhaps some items of value, crushed beneath these stones. Step aside and let me have that. It might help buy more of my patience for this continued inconvenience."

Purusartha: Glares at Sher' Reek, unable to understand her language, but clearly able to discern the cold, demanding tone of her words. "Emiko, translate for me quickly! What is she saying?!"

02-06-2014, 08:22 PM
"Sher'Reek says it was most likely a slimy creature called a kuo-toa that captured Olo." She says in common to Puru. "She also says we don't have permission to fool around with things down here, especially because this place used to be a Drow city. There are Drow skeletons and other valuables possibly. She wants to check out that stuff you found."

"If we don't help Olo he will die, and we'll have a hard time getting back without his device. Do you think if we talk with the gnome quickly he might be able to help?" She speaks to her companions.

Quickly turning to Sher'Reek once again she speaks to her frantically in Draconic. "Is there anything we can do to help our friend, or you possibly? I am sure he would make it worth your time. He has many magical things you may be interested in... Please!"

02-06-2014, 08:40 PM
"Mmmmm..." Sauel thinks and growls softly hearing about the KuaToa. "Deuce..." He curses softly. "Anyone have some rope? I think there was chain from the bugbear encounter... I can dive in and you can haul me back out if I get ahold of him or the net..."

If Olo isn't stabbed to death, likely he had a minute or so until he drowned, course more likely the cold would get him before the water did. Already he pulled out his potion to cure medium wounds as he likely would need to be at full health before diving in to stand a chance.

02-07-2014, 04:17 PM
Purusartha: Glares down at Sher' Reek with clenched fists as though he would like nothing better then to strangle her scrawny lizard neck. {common tongue} "Curse this heartless kobold *****! Let her have her precious buried junk! Everyone, move down to the beach, quickly! Take the same route Olo used so we can be sure there won't be more traps!" He says.

[Roll initiative and declare actions]

[Moving across difficult stony terrain cuts your movement rate in half. You may attempt a Dexterity check to double-move, DC 18. Or triple-move, DC 23. Those of you with base move of 30 ft, who make the double-move check, will reach the lake in approximately ten rounds or one minute. Those of you who make the triple-move DC can reach the lake in 7 rounds or 42 seconds. Woodland Stride will not negate this penalty.]

[Olo has already been under the water for approximately 20 seconds after Purusartha gives this command.]

Any character can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to twice her Constitution score. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constitution check every round in order to continue holding her breath. Each round, the DC increases by 1.

When the character finally fails her Constitution check, she begins to drown. In the first round, she falls unconscious (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#unconscious) (0 hp). In the following round, she drops to -1 hit points and is dying (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#dying). In the third round, she drowns.

Very cold water deals 1d6 points of nonlethal damage (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/injuryandDeath.htm#nonlethalDamage) from hypothermia per minute of exposure.

02-07-2014, 05:57 PM
Initiative: 18

02-08-2014, 03:38 AM
{Emiko scowls at Sher'Reek for ignoring her pleas for help.}

(Initiative: 1D20+3 => 18)

02-08-2014, 07:26 AM
(ini = 17)

02-08-2014, 05:05 PM

<Start of Round 1>

Bleeding Damage ( * )

Fire Damage ( # )

Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

the order of initiative is:

(20) Purusartha
(19) Arminas
(19) Olo
(18) Emiko
(18) Sauel
(17) Cred
(17) Kobold 1 (-9#)(incapacitated)
(17) Kobold 2 (-18#)(killed)
(17) Kobold 3 (-9#)(incapacitated)
(17) Kobold 4 (-9#)(incapacitated)
(17) Kobold 5 (-18#)(killed)
(17) Kobold 6 (-9#)(incapacitated)
(13) Yorick
(05) Jiao
(03) Sher' Reek (-11, -5#)(-9#)
(03) Kobold Guard on Lizard 1 (-18#)
(03) Lizard 1 (-18#)
(03) Kobold Guard on Lizard 2 (-5)(-9#)
(03) Lizard 2 (-9#)
(03) Olo's Attacker

[Note: Enough time has passed since your battle with the Bugbears that all lycanthropes have fully healed.]

[Note: None of you have to follow through with your declared actions at this point, now that things have changed.]

Sher' Reek scowls in a rage as Purusartha makes his feelings clear, and reacts poorly as it seems everyone will follow his suggestion to bolt for the lake. It almost seems like she understands Puru perfectly, despite him speaking in common.

Sher' Reek: {in common} "Curse ME?! I will teach you a lesson for disrespecting me!" She says to Purusartha. (Takes early, defensive-move action, 5 ft step back between her two Kobold guards on lizard-back)

{in draconic} "KILL THE INTRUDERS!" She shrieks before she starts to cast a spell, spurring the other kobolds to action!

Kobold Guard 1: (Uses early action to Ready longspear vs. charge)
Kobold Guard 2: (Uses early action to Ready longspear vs. charge)

Purusartha: "Not trusting you is my lesson!" He curses at her, raising his composite longbow firing two flaming magic arrows at Sher' Reek from point-blank range. (Flaming Arrow: = 26, Hit)(Location: Skull)(Damage: 8+3+5# = 16)(Secondary Flaming Arrow: = 16, Miss)

Sher' Reek: (Fortitude save to avoid being stunned, DC 16: = 19, Saves)

Sher' Reek shrieks with pain as Purusartha's flaming arrow embeds itself in her scalp, burning her badly beneath her hooded robe, yet not actually penetrating her thick skull.

Arminas: Can't see Sher' Reek beside the great lizard her guard is riding so he fires two arrows with his composite longbow, rapid-shot at Sher' Reek's guard #2 atop the lizard. (First Arrow: = 10, Miss)(Second Arrow: = 18, Hit)(Location: Left Leg)(Damage: = 5)


[Emiko: It is your turn, What do you do?]

02-08-2014, 08:50 PM
~We don't have time for this... Olo is going to die! This stupid kobold sorceress!~

"kuso kurae no shin minikui ama!" She yells at Sher'Reek in Katanese.

{Emiko attempts to use her powers on Sher'Reek, but being distracted by Olo's need for help, she misses the sorceress with her blast.}

(Translation: kuso kurae no shin minikui ama! = eat shit and die ugly *****!; Eldritch blast attack (+1 bonus from Point Blank Shot): 1D20+7 => 9, Miss.)

02-09-2014, 02:52 AM
~Deuce! How did this happen?~ sauel was now very caught off guard, Olo being in trouble and yet now the kobolds were going to attack. None of it made sense. Perhaps short tempers, or a bad word on a thin agreement; Sauel as he thought about it a moment couldn't blame them as likely the kobolds had false truces many times and were quick to defend and attack. If this fight is going to be slowed or stopped it had to start with her.

He lets himself shift once more to wolf form, goes defensive and trots around to move near/behind the sorceress (possibly incurring an attack of opportunity). (AC: 22 this round)

02-10-2014, 07:53 AM
[Cred: It's your turn]

02-11-2014, 06:55 AM
Knowing they do not have time for this moving a few steps to the left so he has a clear view of the sorceress and her gaurds, he prays to his god Userwroth:

Userwroth give us the flames of the dragon to smite the vile children before us who would stop us in our sacred mission of your divine command.

As he prays touching the holy item he points at the sorceress and releases his most powerful of spells. ~this fight must end now.~

(as the dice roller curses me lol: 7D6 => 18 #fire ball)

As the flaming sphere leaves his hands and grow striking at the Sorceress, he calls out.

Some one grab Olo as we deal with these fools.

02-11-2014, 02:47 PM
Cred has to move about 20 ft. to get a clear line of sight on Sher' Reek centering his fireball to hit all the enemies as best he can. However, he doesn't take into consideration that Sauel has just moved into a flanking position behind Sher' Reek, and is thus now in the radius of the fireball.

The fireballs engulfing, explosive force set off in such a small cavern is deafening; It's bright light and intense heat is ten times worse then the hottest desert sun, singeing the air in your lungs and forcing you to shield your eyes. Screams echo in the cavern the instant the fireball erupts as all the Kobolds are badly burned.

Sher' Reek: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 21, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)
Kobold Guard 1 on Lizard: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 6, Fails)(Damage: = 18#)
Footpad Lizard 1:​ (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 12, Fails)(Damage: = 18#)
Kobold Guard 2 on Lizard: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 19, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)
Footpad Lizard 2: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 18, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)
Kobold 1: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 18, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)(incapacitated)
Kobold 2: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 11, Fails)(Damage: = 18#)(killed)
Kobold 3: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 16, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)(incapacitated)
Kobold 4: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 21, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)(incapacitated)
Kobold 5: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 14, Fails)(Damage: = 18#)(killed)
Kobold 6: (Reflex save vs. Fireball, DC 15: = 19, Saves)(Damage: = 9#)(incapacitated)


[Sauel: You will need to make a reflex save for half damage from Cred's Fireball, DC 15]

02-11-2014, 10:36 PM
(Reflex: 8 - fail)

02-12-2014, 02:54 AM
(Reflex: 8 - fail)

[Sauel: You suffer full damage (18 points) from the fireball. Silver DR only applies to physical attacks, not fire.. and especially not magical fire. I can't remember if you have any other forms of damage reduction or resistances so please mention it if you do?]

Yorick: The Ahuran gladiator steps forward 5 ft, thus not provoking aoo, equipping Cael's axe in the process and strikes at the giant Lizard #1 (Attack Lizard with Axe: =22, Hit)(Location: Belly)(Damage: =13)

Jiao: Lowers his horns and charges Lizard #2 (Powerful Charge on Lizard #2, called shot to ribs: = 15, Hit)(Damage: = 32, Serious Damage!)

Jiao bellows with pure bloodlust as he lowers his fearsome horns and charges lizard #2 with all his might! Jiao impacts the large subterranean lizard with such brutal force you can clearly hear the large reptiles ribs shatter as Jiao's horns pierce its thick scaly hide, lungs and organs, with ease! The great lizard hisses and roars for a brief moment, before collapsing from its terrible wounds, incapacitated!

Kobold Guard #2: Has to attempt a ride check to avoid getting pinned by the beasts bulk as it topples over. (Ride Check, DC 20: = 12, Fail)(Damage: = 4)(Pinned)

Kobold Guard #2 screams with pain as he fails to dismount the lizards saddle before the beast collapses, pinning his lower leg beneath its bulk!

Sher' Reek: screams with terrible pain, twice scorched by magical fire, her robes now licking with fire as they were instantly ignited by the fireball! She falls to her knees, batting vainly at the flames that consume her! {in draconic} "NOOOO! SPAAAARE ME! I WILL SERVE YOU CRDECHZKRAGARRRRrrrrrr!"

Kobold guard #1: Stabs at Yorick with his longspear, still mounted atop his wounded lizard! (Attack Yorick with longspear: = 15, Miss)(Secondary Attack: = 11, Miss)

Lizard #1: Bites at Yorick with its huge maw of sharp teeth! (Bite Attack: = 12, Miss)

Kobold guard #2: Can do nothing but attempt to wriggle himself free of the lizards carcass (Dex Check, DC 16: = 9, Fail) But cannot manage it and thus lies prone, pinned, and helpless!

<End of round 1> (End of Combat)

Because you only have one enemy left who realistically has no hope against you, we can forgo regular combat initiative from this point on. Simply declare your intended actions.

Purusartha: "SAUEL?! ARE YOU OK?" He calls out as he knocks another arrow aimed to finish Sher' Reek... but hesitates before looking over his shoulder towards Crdechzkragar. "Crdechzkragar, I swore we would undertake this mission in Userrwroth's name, and he is clearly great to grant you such destructive power! It seems fitting that as one of your kind I leave Sher' Reeks' fate in your hands... what say you to her plea for mercy?"

02-12-2014, 03:55 AM
{Emiko reaches out towards Sauel when she hears Cred's words, as if she can stop him from being harmed by the flames, but there is nothing she can do. The blast hits and she throws up her arms to shield herself, turning her head from the intense bright light. She turns back to look for Sauel.}

"Sauel!" She screams, fearing he might be dead.

~I had no idea Cred was so powerful... But he may have killed Sauel without realizing it...~

(If Sauel is alive and responds her next words will be what is shown below.)

"Quickly! We must save Olo!" She yells, as she turns to follow the path Olo took to the cottage. She waits for the others to follow before moving that direction.

02-12-2014, 06:50 AM
Amidst the fire he gives a pained whine as most of his exposed fur is consumed by the flame; This of course would regrow but he would need a little more time for the third degree burns on his arms and legs. Running out of the area he looks more like a charred rat than a wolf. He pats at any burning patches, and rolls over getting at the spots he can't reach before looking towards Cred. True the position of the fireball was perfect, had he been given any warning to his comrades sauel wouldn't have moved. This was more than painful enough that he probably wouldn't be partaking in any upcoming battles where Cred might be casting spells, or perhaps he would have a talk with the Kobold later, specifying tactics would be a good idea.

As interested as he was in saving a halfling he had only just met, he wanted to soak a minute in the icy cold water and let his burns stop hurting, in as such as moves as swiftly as he can bare himself for now, not in any condition to make the dip he intended to make only a minute before. He might be drinking one of those potions soon though if they needed his aid immediately, if not he would patch himself up and let his lycanthrope healing take care of his wounds. If cred decided to spare the sorceress's life he would patch her up as well. Truthfully after feeling the full brunt of a fireball, he wouldn't wish that on anyone else and hoped there would be fewer burn victims in the future.

02-12-2014, 11:43 AM
walking over to Sauel he lays his hands upon his scorched flesh and calls upon Userwroth.

Userwroth bless this friend and heal him of the burns that he is laden with. He is sworn to our mission, your divine mission. Bless his dedication and heal him.
(3D8 => (http://rolz.org/group#)11 )

The healing energy flows from him and the divine blessing of Userwroth emanates as the wounds heal upon Sauel.

After caring for Sauel he turns to the groveling Sher' Reek, and in Draconic he speaks to her.

Sware your blood oath of our dragon ancestors to Userwroth and swear you will be his servant, and serve me as I serve him and other dragon kind.

He looks at the smoldering Sher' Reek, ready to strike her down if she refuses to serve Userwroth.

02-12-2014, 07:00 PM
As no one attempts to help her extinguish her burning robes, Sher' Reek is forced to strip herself nearly bare, shaking in humiliation and pain, clearly near the edge of collapse from her terrible burns.

Kobold Guard #2: {draconic} "Sher' Reek! You cannot surrender!" He hisses, still struggling to free himself. "Betraying Untorangon is worse then death!"

Meanwhile Jiao tears his horns free of the fallen lizard with another satisfied bellow and slowly steps around it, eager to finish of its rider. The Kobold warrior stares with horror at Jiao, at certain doom, struggling now to free himself in an even greater panic!

Kobold Guard #2: (Dexterity Check, DC 16: = 18, Success) At last he manages to free his leg, but with only a moment to ready himself, the Kobold guard knows it is impractical to grab for his longspear and thus pulls free a short short instead. (Initiative: = 8)

Jiao: (Initiative: = 8)

Both Jiao and the Kobold move to attack each other at the same instant!

Kobold Guard #1: (Attacks Jiao with shortsword: = 18, Hit)(Location: Chest)(Damage: = 2)

Jiao: Reaches for the neck of the Kobold Guard #2 with both hands (Attempt Grapple with Kobold Guard #2 with both hands, called shot to the neck: = 23, Hit)(Special Damage: = 10)

The mighty werebull clutches his strong hands around Kobold Guard #2's scrawny neck just as the Kobold stabs his shortsword into Jiao's ribs. Jiao merely grunts however, as the small wound doesn't bother him whatsoever... and begins to choke the life from the Kobold, lifting him off the ground effortlessly!

As the Kobold Guard dangles in Jiao's grip, eyes bulging from their sockets, the timing is beneficial for intimidation value as Crdechzkragar steps up to speak to Sher' Reek...
Swear your blood oath of our dragon ancestors to Userwroth and swear you will be his servant, and serve me as I serve him and other dragon kind.

He looks at the smoldering Sher' Reek, ready to strike her down if she refuses to serve Userwroth.

Sher' Reek: Looks at Crdechzkragar like a wounded animal. Desperation burning in her eyes like the flames that scarred her, but she does not speak a whisper of defiance. Instead she plainly bows her head in acquiescence. {in common} "I, Sher' Reek, formally of the ShadowWyrm tribe, do swear thus to serve Userrwroth and his mighty servant Crdechzkragar from this moment, to my last!"

Kobold Guard #1: Seems to realize that this battle is lost, and yanks hard on the reigns of his large Lizard to turn about and flee! (Uses full-round withdraw action), moving 60 ft away towards the other entrance to the cave that you came in through.

Purusartha: Fires two arrows at the fleeing Kobold Guard (Arrow: = 15, Miss)(Arrow 2: = 23, Hit)(Location: Back)(Damage: = 8)

Arminas: Also fires two arrows at the fleeing Kobold Guard (Arrow: = 8, Miss)(Arrow 2: = 19, Hit)(Location: Left Hand)(Damage: = 8)(Incapacitated)

Kobold Guard #2 falls off his saddle unto the cavern floor among the scorched corpses of his kin, incapacitated.

Purusartha: "Goot shot Arminas! Now, quick, accompany me and Emiko to the lake! There's no time to loose!"

[Emiko: You can attempt another Dex check now to attempt a double-move over the difficult terrain to reach the lake.]

02-12-2014, 07:25 PM
Hearing Sher' Reek swear loyalty and watching as Jaio got his kicks strangling a guard he couldn't help but feel something incredibly wrong happened in the last dozen seconds. His lack of a language in draconic left him feeling quite left out, and somehow the kobold was almost more a monster than he was, too much perhaps like a holy zealot. It left Sauel wondering where he stood on the grounds of things. Fighting and killing for food was very much an animal thing, but killing for sport and giving no real option hardly seemed anywhere near fair. True fair wasn't the first thing a lycanthrope should feel towards the lizard fold and what happened, but it all seemed so... undignified, too much like bullying.

Sher' Reek although had extended her life she obviously wasn't feeling very good, her life was likely limited and she might even break her new vow soon, but it wasn't like she really had a choice. She had just been on her normal patrol, and now she was now almost a slave. Sauel himself was practical, but he wasn't about to be a bully.

Shifting Sauel takes his human form, feeling considerably better than he had been after the fireball. "Go to the lake, I'll catch up in a few...". Reaching into his bag with his few spare clothes he pulls out a shirt offering it to Sher' Reek as clothing, it's size would likely be more than enough to keep her decent, and pulls out the healing Kit to patch her up and make her feel at least a little more comfortable, although her burns would need more attention, perhaps after he rested he could cure her a little.

02-12-2014, 09:20 PM
~We don't have time to deal with that cruel and greedy sorceress... We must save Olo now!~

{Emiko looks at Sher'Reek for a moment distracted by her new fealty. She then turns and watches Sauel to make sure he is okay. She turns back towards the lake where Olo is drowning and quickly moves to run and follow his path to reach him, but in her haste and distraction she trips and almost falls on her face. She steadies herself once again, looking a bit embarrassed, and attempts to make her way there at a safer pace.}

(DEX check for double-move: 1D20+3 => 12, Fail.)

02-12-2014, 10:47 PM
Shifting Sauel takes his human form, feeling considerably better than he had been after the fireball. "Go to the lake, I'll catch up in a few...". Reaching into his bag with his few spare clothes he pulls out a shirt offering it to Sher' Reek as clothing, it's size would likely be more than enough to keep her decent, and pulls out the healing Kit to patch her up and make her feel at least a little more comfortable, although her burns would need more attention, perhaps after he rested he could cure her a little.

Sher' Reek: Snatches the offered shirt from Sauels hand, but recoils from his healing kit with a hiss. "Do not touch me werewolf! I have never trusted your kind! Lycanthropes venture too far into these caves... spreading their vile curse!"

~We don't have time to deal with that cruel and greedy sorceress... We must save Olo now!~

(DEX check for double-move: 1D20+3 => 12, Fail.)

Purusartha: (Dex check for double-move: = 10, Fail)

Arminas: (Dex check for double-move: = 5, Possible Fumble)(Fumble Check: = 16, Fumble)(Location: Gut)(Damage: = 2)

The three of you barely make it 30 ft away from the exit of the cave when you quickly realize the stones and boulders you have to move through are slick with fungus and very slippery! It seems the short and surefooted halfling had a much easier time of it then those who follow. Emiko and Purusartha both fall without hurting themselves badly... but Arminas slips and takes a sharp pointed outcropping directly into his side, bruising him badly and drawing blood!

02-13-2014, 02:02 AM
"Don't treat us like some sort of cult, most lycanthropes don't choose to be this way." Sauel tells her. Obviously the wererats were far more likely what she hated. With her not wanting any further of his help he turns to look to the other half of the group who are having trouble on the slippery path. "The icy water will likely help sooth your burns until I can heal you later."

~guess it's time to help olo...~ Sauel once more shifts back to wolf form, new fur filled out over his body although some spots look more patched where the burns are worst still but not like the charred form he left the fireball with. Seeing how they are doing it's obvious rushing isn't going to get him anywhere and just moves as fast he can in his lupine form.

02-13-2014, 10:15 AM
To Sher' Reek in common:

You have sworn an oath before Userwroth and others who are on his sacred mission to destroy the Vul. For this you will fight at our side and destroy our enemies in the name of Userwroth.

Reaching out he lays his hands upon Sher' Reek and prays in draconic.

Userwroth hear the oath of your new servant Sher' Reek. She now stands with us against the Vul to fight for all of dragon kind. I ask that you honor her oath and heal her wounds from the breath of the dragon. Allow her to know your true care for those of Dragon blood and of our people the Kolbold. Let her know your strength and feel your blessing.

As his prayer comes to fruition the healing power of Userwroth flows through his touch and the burns given to her by the fire ball heal. the mighty blessing of Userwroth touches Sher' Reek and his blessing courses through her.(3D8 => 18)

Know that the Werewolves that are with us fight against the Vul. you may not like or trust them, but they are better allies then anyone I have ever known. You will be kind to them. They have bled for our people as we will for them. The one who offered to help you is worthy of your trust as are the others with us. Now come let us go to the lake and see what we can do to help.

He waits for her to head for the lake and he follows.

02-13-2014, 07:22 PM
shifts back to wolf form, new fur filled out over his body although some spots look more patched where the burns are worst still but not like the charred form he left the fireball with. Seeing how they are doing it's obvious rushing isn't going to get him anywhere and just moves as fast he can in his lupine form.

[It will take 1 minute and 12 seconds to reach the lake at base 50 ft. movement in wolf form. Or you can attempt a DC 18 Dex check to reach the lake in half the time?]

To Sher' Reek in common:

You have sworn an oath before Userwroth and others who are on his sacred mission to destroy the Vul. For this you will fight at our side and destroy our enemies in the name of Userwroth.

Reaching out he lays his hands upon Sher' Reek and prays in draconic.

Userwroth hear the oath of your new servant Sher' Reek. She now stands with us against the Vul to fight for all of dragon kind. I ask that you honor her oath and heal her wounds from the breath of the dragon. Allow her to know your true care for those of Dragon blood and of our people the Kolbold. Let her know your strength and feel your blessing.

As his prayer comes to fruition the healing power of Userwroth flows through his touch and the burns given to her by the fire ball heal. the mighty blessing of Userwroth touches Sher' Reek and his blessing courses through her.(3D8 => 18)

Know that the Werewolves that are with us fight against the Vul. you may not like or trust them, but they are better allies then anyone I have ever known. You will be kind to them. They have bled for our people as we will for them. The one who offered to help you is worthy of your trust as are the others with us. Now come let us go to the lake and see what we can do to help.

He waits for her to head for the lake and he follows.

Sher' Reek: "I will do as you command." She says, rising again now that much of her wounds are healed leaving the cave before you.

Yorick: Follows Cred, observing he and Sher' Reek together with distaste."Is she your slave now Cred? I would be careful if I were you. Until recently, I myself was a slave... until I turned against my master."

Jiao: Finishes strangling the life out of the Kobold guard, dropping him offhandedly while snorting with pleasure, looking about for more enemies to kill. Seeing that the battle is won, he falls in behind Cred and Yorick.

02-14-2014, 05:21 PM
Shakes his head. She is not a slave, she has sworn to Userwroth, if she betrays him then Jiao will be allowed end her lies.

02-14-2014, 06:02 PM
[Ok so apparently no one can manage to move faster then their base movement over this rough terrain, which means that Jiao, Sauel-the-wolf and Rabi will reach the lake first in 1.7 minutes with a base movement of at least 50. The rest of you reach the lake in 2.43 minutes.]

As you finally reach the beach beside the dark waters of the lake, you are surprised to see Olo crawling his way out of its murky depths; drenched, coughing and sputtering. He rolls over unto his back, taking in great breath's... rips and tears evident in his clothing along with bloody claw marks across his face.

02-14-2014, 08:33 PM
Sauel moves to position himself between Olo and the water, defending him while in wolf form until at least Olo has caught his breath. He scans the water area for movement, the surface of the water, as best he can see into the water for any further dangers.

Truthfully Sauel was relieved to see Olo having managed to cut his way free and likely fought off the Kua Toa (assuming they were the monsters who set the trap up), as he didn't like the prospect of diving into the water, or being stranded in unfamiliar and dangerous territory.

02-14-2014, 11:27 PM
{Emiko looks relieved when she sees that Olo is okay for the moment.}

"Is the creature dead Olo?" She asks in a rushed and worried tone.

02-14-2014, 11:54 PM
Olo: Starts shivering, his words barely audible between chattering teeth. You notice also that he has something clutched in his hand. "I... I thought I was d-d-done for. I c-could feel their t-t-tee-teeth and claws all ov-ov-over me. B-B-But I pulled out the d-d-drow h-house insi-signia..." He says opening his hand to reveal the medallion the bugbear leader wore. "A-A-And wi-ith my l-l-last b-b-breath I spoke t-th-the name of H-H-House Uldraig. It activated t-th-the med-d-dalion and s-s-scared away t-th-the K-K-Kuo-Toa."

[Everyone make a listen, spot and scent check]

02-15-2014, 01:13 AM
(Listen:8, Spot:12, Scent:31)

02-15-2014, 05:53 AM
~Oh no... I have a bad feeling about this...~

{Emiko moves to take off her cloak and put it around Olo to stop his shivering.}

(Listen check: 1D20+3 => 11. Spot check: 1D20+3 => 6.)

02-15-2014, 06:55 AM
1D20+2 => 11 #Spot
1D20+2 => 15 #listen

02-15-2014, 01:50 PM
Arminas: (Listen: = 11)(Spot: = 23)
Jiao: (Listen: = 15)(Scent: = 11)(Spot: = 13)
Olo: (Listen: = 9)(Spot: = 26)
Purusartha: (Listen: = 15)(Spot: = 18)
Sher' Reek: (Listen: = 9)(Spot: = 5)
Yorick: (Listen: = 16)(Scent: = 17)(Spot: = 8)

[Sauel: Your keen nose is the first to pick up on a presence approaching from behind. I say 'presence' because what you smell isn't living exactly. Nor is it recently expired with a sharp odor of rot and decay. What you smell is the lingering scent of old death, like that from a tomb or graveyard. You have a moment or two to react or speak before the other were's also pick up this scent. And btw, don't forget Rabi has a nose too. What do you do?]

02-15-2014, 09:48 PM
(Rabi - Spot: 10, Listen: 6, Survival: 11)

Rabi doesn't seem to take note of it before Sauel, and merely uses his mind-link telling Rabi to stay near.

Sauel's attention turns from the lake as he backs closer to the group sniffing at the air before a growl escapes his lips. Shifting back to human form he speaks to them all. "Something's coming from that way, and if the smell is any indicator it's not alive. I'd guess undead, like zombies but that's a rough guess, my personal experience is fairly limited. Purusartha, are drow often necromancers or having dealings with them?" Sauel hoped the answer was no and they just had a wayward zombie recently risen, although a small army could also be just as likely given where they were and what it could be. Without the smell of rot it could have been some skeletons. Sauel himself although having limited experience didn't actually partake in dealing with the undead when those times came, his outings with them was more like field-trips.

Sauel looks at Olo shivering "We need to get somewhere warm, dry, and defend-able, worse comes to worse I can try and share my body heat; Although a nice stove and warm clothes would be much better. Perhaps we should all move to the cottage, although I'm not sure if it's an improvement"

02-15-2014, 10:22 PM
As you speak to the others, the source of the deathly scent emerges from the shadows, less then 30ft away. It is a cloaked, hooded, figure. Standing about 5'6", with a thin, light build. It is rather frightening that it managed to get so close without being seen or heard. It's entirely possible that without Sauel's keen nose, it could have ambushed you quite easily.

It's hands are gloved, (so you can't glimpse its skin tone quite yet), clasped before it in a non-threatening fashion, yet likely close enough to weapons to easily grasp for them if needed. The fashion of the figures garments does not appear to be that worn by drow exactly, but they are also clearly elvish. It speaks to you now in a dry, humorless tone. Which does not resonate with malice exactly... but neither does it carry any trace of warmth. It is a voice of plain, to the point, observation and cold calculation.

Dark Figure: {In common} "I see there was no need to wait for word from Faereg. Your fireball trumpeted your arrival well enough. I am the smuggler you seek, the one they call Ghost."

[What do you do? Any threatening action towards the stranger, or declaration of spell-casting, will probably prompt an initiative roll before any actions are completed.]

02-15-2014, 11:16 PM
Sauel was hesitant to believe this was ghost, but he had no way to test him. If Ghost was a necromancer this could just be a puppet he was speaking through (which would explain the smell), he could potentially be wearing someone else's skin (literally), a lich, or last a vampire; If he indeed was any one of those Sauel had a healthy fear of him, making note not to get on his bad side. Based on Ghost's scent, tone, and stance, Sauel had little doubt he was dangerous, like a stray you didn't get too close to and gave you mutual respect so long as you didn't give him a reason.

If he was who they were searching for, then Olo was the one that knew how to identify him, or what they needed to do next. Reaching down Sauel carefully and slowly pulled Olo to a sitting position so he could look at the figure. "Is that Ghost?" he asked Olo. Sauel would have preferred to be working on getting Olo dry and warm, but that option would have to wait until they knew if they were in immediate danger or not.

02-16-2014, 01:24 AM
Olo: Olo stares at the figure with obvious apprehension before he whispers back to Sauel. "I told no one about this meeting. If he's not who he says he is, it's not my fault. I have never spoke to Ghost before, so I have no way of confirming his identity beyond his knowledge of this meeting, who hired him, and what he was hired for."

Purusartha: Regards the stranger with clear caution in his body language but speaks up. "Step closer please. Can you prove you are who you say you are?"

The figure steps closer, hardly making a sound even on the loose pebbles that make up the beach. You can make out his appearance better now closer to the light from the fluorescent algae on the lake. Very slowly he raises his hands to pull back his hood.

His face does indeed carry the sharp features of an elf. A gray elf by the look of his ash-gray skin, contrasting with pale golden hair (grown long but tied back tightly behind his neck) and violet eyes. He is handsome, but not in the friendly way that draws people. His visage is actually unsettling to behold because while he does appear to breathe, he has the cold stare of a corpse. The sort of stare that mesmerizes, even paralyzes, the weak with its utter inhumanity.

He wears a thick cloak, dyed black, lined with fine fur. He also has black trousers and boots of well-worn black leather. His tunic is richly embroidered in a pattern of blue and purple. Around his waist he wears a black leather belt with am ornate silver buckle, from which hangs a fine masterwork short sword and dagger decorated with silver pommels.

Ghost in the Darkness: "I'm certain I can convince you I am who I claim to be. But you'll have to take my word for it. No one knows what I look like. A man of my profession wouldn't benefit to be easily recognized. A man of my reputation also has many enemies."

Purusartha: "Does that mean you are using a disguise, even now?"

Ghost in the Darkness: "No. I am not using a disguise. You can detect magic on me if you wish. There are no illusions at work here."

Purusartha: "Why trust us to see your real face?"

Ghost in the Darkness: "Because Thiara asked me to genuinely earn your trust. She feels we make a valuable team and we shouldn't be deceptive like that to each other."

Purusartha: "I am surprised to hear you say that. I was under the impression you were only doing this for wealth and served no one but yourself?"

Ghost in the Darkness: "I didn't say I served Thiara. I chose to ally myself with her, and I agreed with her notion that I should reveal my true face to you, so it won't be so easy to impersonate me. That is all."

Purusartha: "Forgive me if I have doubts about that. It should be obvious that some of us are lycanthropes. Our noses are not as easily fooled as our eyes. I can see you breathing, but I have reason to doubt that you are just an elf?!"

Ghost in the Darkness: "I am an elf... but I am also something else... just as you are a man, yet also something else. I owe you no more explanation than that, but I do not think we should waste time playing guessing games... I am a vampire... a cursed condition that rightly frightens people. ...But I hardly think a lycanthrope has a right to judge me?"

Purusartha: "I might. I don't really believe that men should act like monsters simply because their bodies change. I believe we always have the choice, and responsibility, towards right-action..."

Ghost in the Darkness: Interrupts Puru "...Delightful! I seldom hear the virtues of morality extolled in a place like this! ...But if you haven't noticed, your friend has caught a nasty chill. Faereg has a hot fire going in the cottage that should warm him up nicely. We can talk more about our plans there... unless you still have qualms about me as your guide?"

Purusartha: Frowns and looks to everyone. "I won't speak for the rest of you. If you have reservations about working with a vampire, now would be the time to say so."

02-16-2014, 02:01 AM
Seeing as they barely spoke of meeting up with ghost except once or twice it was unlikely someone who overheard them; Although it was possible scrying was involved since they had been peered at once before, probably from Kesha and her cult. Sauel nodded agreeing with Olo's assessment, and for a few moments listened to Ghost and Purusartha.

Hearing from ghost he was a vampire was interesting, and much like lycanthrope it was possible he got the curse against his will. But the fact he was not alive, that he gave no warmth, and sustained himself off living beings left Sauel uncomfortable. Sauel wanted to despise and judge based on him just being a vampire, but couldn't come up with a valid reason that wasn't paper thin. Sauel's pack had a 'dispute' with a vampire that's lasting decades and they were on bad terms. So far ghost had been courteous, calm, and in regards to Olo somewhat concerned.

He would just have to bare with it, he wasn't hunting a vampire tonight; Sauel would retain his guard while around this vampire, but he would let Ghost be their guide, someone else had a higher priority involving a preventable (and very horrible) fate. Rather than voice his thoughts and personal dilemmas Sauel instead would hold his tongue.

Sauel picks the cold halfling intending to carry him as he likely couldn't walk right now. They would probably need at least ten minutes for Olo to warm up, they could get other questions answered with ghost during this time.

02-16-2014, 03:38 AM
{Emiko makes sure Olo is wrapped warmly in her cloak, and her pack is secure on her back. She stands up and listens to the conversation watching Ghost intently.}

~A vampire... I had no idea they could be so beautiful...~

{After Puru asks everyone to share their concerns, Emiko brushes herself off feeling awkward that her odd appearance is exposed now without her cloak. She slowly walks up to Ghost staring into his eyes. She stops when she is an arm's length from him, and holds out her hand to him in a greeting gesture.}

"It is a pleasure to meet you..." She says softly to Ghost, looking as if she is in a trance staring into his eyes.

(Knowledge Dungeoneering Check: 1D20+1 => 6. Spot Check: 1D20+3 => 16.)

02-16-2014, 08:03 PM
Touching his amulet he prays silently to Userrwroth, asking him to continue to give him strength and guidance, as they are very close now to rescuing Palenrian. He says nothing in response to Purusartha's question. Palenrian needs them even if it means working with a vampire... But he will remain vigilant and watchful nonetheless.

~The party just continues to get stranger as time goes on.~

Crdechzkragar: Speaks up. {in common}"Since Olo seems to be ok, we should go back to check out that item buried near the cave. We may never get another chance!"

02-17-2014, 12:32 AM
​Ghost takes a moment to focus on Emiko, seemingly ignoring her elaborate makeup, regarding her albino features with curiosity. Her boldness approaching him like that seems to please him, and he extends one of his gloved hands to clasp hers. Even with the faintest squeeze it's obvious his grip is supernaturally strong.

Ghost in the Darkness: "You are an interesting young lady. Although, you might be surprised ...we have more in common then you know..." He says in a low voice, with a quick wink, and the faintest hint of a smile.

Purusartha: Shakes his head at Cred. "I don't think its a good idea to go digging around in these ruins. We shouldn't take any unnecessary risks so close to our goal."

Ghost in the Darkness: "Quite right. Besides... your fireball has attracted a lot of attention. It wouldn't be safe to split up just now. Come meet Faereg and take shelter in the cottage..."

Ghost leads you to the cottage, which looks as if it has been standing long enough for the stones in its walls to become just as slimy with fungus as the rubble around the lake.

Ghost knocks thrice on the heavy low door. After a minute it is pulled open with a loud creak revealing a very short, wrinkled gnome with long, pale-white eyebrows and the characteristic bulbous nose.

Faereg: "Your guests have finally arrived eh Ghost? However, there seem to be more of them then you were told of... there is only room for seven inside my humble abode. But please, do come in."

Ghost in the Darkness: "Of course the halfling needs to come in to get warm. Decide amongst yourselves who the other four will be..." He says following Faereg within.

Olo: "P-p-purusartha, Emiko, Sauel, C-c-cred." He says between chatting teeth.

Inside, you find the cottage quite cluttered with all manner of books, scrolls and alchemical substances. It is divided into three rooms. The largest is the common room, with a table, a hearth, and a small kitchen in the corner.

The other two are a bedroom, and an alchemical lab. It is comfortably warm inside the cottage, though obviously there is no wood available to use for fuel. Instead, Faereg burns dried fungus in his hearth.

Faereg pulls a chair closer to the hearth, to help cure Olo's deathly chill from the icy waters of the lake. The gnome then takes a seat at the table, as does Ghost.

Ghost in the Darkness: "Thiara hired me to break into Vulkyrie Tower, the headquarters of their organization in the east. This is no small challenge, even for me... Their mages cast heavy wards and enchantments on the structure, making it impossible to scry or teleport within. Luckily for you... I make it my business to keep my ear to the ground and I have certain information about the tower that hints about a way in..."

Ghost unrolls a parchment revealing a diagram of sorts.


"This is what their dungeon looks like. A very diabolical design ensuring no hope of escape. Prisoners are kept in hanging cages, raised up beside a center platform when it is their turn to be tortured. Vul are cruel beyond measure, but they are also rather lazy... They would never clean up filth themselves, or allow anyone else into this chamber to do it for them, so they designed it to be much like a huge open sewer. Any waste in this chamber can simply be thrown down through these chutes... which is how we get inside." He gestures to the bottom of the diagram.

"The chutes of course are barred, which is why I asked my friend Faereg here to prepare a batch of potent acid that will melt through them. Once we're inside, we must be quick about retrieving your friend and leaving the same way we got in, for their mages are capable of quickly divining our presence."

02-17-2014, 02:45 AM
Sauel glances at the parchment a few moments. "I see there's no stairs going further down or up, since Vul fly that's understandable, there is going to be a lot of space for flying..."

His more immediate concern for Olo comes back. "Do you have anything hot for Olo to drink?" He asks Faereg.

With more of his mind free at this point he glances to the rest of the group again. "How often do the vul go to the dungeons? Since they probably consider it safe I doubt they would post guards, or even patrols in that spot. Maybe some traps but if they have no escapees then they probably would have stopped doing that a long time ago, so something like a permanent spell of 'alarm' would be set up near the top by the door."

Sauel frowns. "Hmmm, and if they were to ever throw a suspected spell-caster there, likely they would make him a mute first, and break his hands to prevent him from being able to do anything, or they might do that to everyone. I'd guess they wouldn't feed them, so anyone who might be there would be on death's door, within two days, less if they are sick, cold or exposed."

02-17-2014, 02:49 AM
~More in common than I know? What does he mean? I must find a way to talk to him more after we rescue Palenrian...~

{Emiko enters the cottage with the others, still looking a bit trance-like trying not to stare too much at Ghost. She listens as Ghost speaks of the plan and unrolls his parchment. While she is listening she sets down her pack onto the floor and let's Kitsune come out. Kitsune hurries over to Olo and jumps into his lap and snuggles against him to warm him more. In the meantime, Emiko looks at the parchment Ghost has unrolled onto the table.}

"How much distance would you say it would be from the top of the central platform to the chutes below? Because I have fifty feet of silk rope..." She says a bit excited to Ghost. "...I can climb the central pillar and possibly use the rope to secure a way down for Palenrian."

02-17-2014, 03:28 AM
He had followed them and left the distraction alone. Walking over to the drawing he looks over it then points at the grates covering the shafts that lets the trash out.

"Do we know the spacing between these grates?" He asks as he smiles to himself. ~If the grates are properly spaced, I could fly in and free him, to return to our friends so we could escape quickly to a safe location.~

He looks to ghost and the others.

"This may be easier then I first thought. If the grating his properly spaced I should be able to slip in, then I will get to our friends cage undetected. Will then free him and return to the group so we can escape quickly with our friend. All through the might of Userwroth I will be able to fly undetected, and return him to the group quickly. The rest will guard our escape, the party with be safe and as a group we will return victorious."

He looks around to the others to see if they can agree to this.

02-17-2014, 06:25 PM
Faereg does indeed have some hot tea available to offer Olo, who accepts it gratefully.

Ghost in the Darkness: Replies to Saul first. "I can tell you don't have much experience dealing with the Vul... I'm sure they spend a lot of time in the dungeon. Not because they're afraid prisoners may escape, but because they enjoy inflicting pain on them, and feeding on them."

Looks to Emiko next. "I can't say for certain what the dimensions are inside, but fifty feet from the central platform to the bottom would be a good estimate. I'd bring one hundred feet of rope though just to be sure. I should point out that the garbage chutes are probably too cramped for your large werebull friend to fit."

Ghost then Shakes his head dismissively at Cred's notion. "The bars were designed to keep prisoners in, stands to figure they wouldn't do well at that if any sort of humanoid could just squeeze between them... But the fact you say you can fly may certainly prove useful."

"You can probably reach him faster then anyone who has to climb. Just be sure to carry rope with you. If he's in a cage, you'll have to fly to the cage, tie the rope to the cage and melt through the bars with the acid so he can escape. If he he's on the platform, you'll have to fly up to the platform and tie your rope to something on that instead."

"Of course, how easily we manage that depends on the Vulkyrie. Don't forget, he's only valuable to us alive... so if they realize we're trying to rescue him they'll try and finish him."

02-17-2014, 07:32 PM
~if they spend a lot of time in the dungeon, then that means likely they have a steady supply of prisoners to torture and enjoy~ Sauel thinks. "If there's enough prisoners and we have a little time we might use the remaining acid on the other cages and have them others act as a distraction, although they may want to escape more than get revenge. Blatantly ignoring them might inspire jealousy or hate from other prisoners as well. What should we consider about them?"

The value of life ghost referred to was uncertain for Sauel; A quick death is better than a slow painful one, and if the Vuls intended torture and interrogation it would be more merciful to let him die rather than rescue. This begged the question if the Vul would try to resurrect him and assuming he was more valuable to have actual rescuers. Considering he had his whole family now on the line if he spoke word of them then they too would be next in these chambers if his will broke.

Sauel hoped they could retrieve him, but that option would have to be seen.

02-17-2014, 10:08 PM
"get me an opening just large enough for me to fit in and I can fly to him, then all I will need to do is touch him and I will return to the group with him and from there we can escape back into the underground. I doubt we will have time to save others. I will have enough energy to save one at the moment, but not more. If the prisoners had not been hanging from cages then I could save more. If I am fortunate there will be others in the cage with him. Then I can save those with him also. That is the best I can do that will get us all in the right direction. Through saving one it will prove to others that the Vul have weaknesses." He says to the others. ~his plan was simple and would save there friend while keeping the others safe.~

02-17-2014, 11:45 PM
~Cred can fly?! And these other abilities he has... Who knew that a kobold could be so interesting... If he can simply touch palenrian and teleport the both of them to safety below, that would indeed be the safest way... What if the Vul are in the dungeon when we enter, though? Cred would be torn to shreds if he faces them alone... And I only have 50ft. of rope... Sauel thinks we should free the other prisoners as well, but the Vul will know we're intruding as soon as we enter, I'm sure... There would never be enough time to free any others without risking our own deaths... We will avenge the deaths of the other prisoners when we bring down the Vul tyrants that rule this city and give it back to the people. That is all we can really do for them at this point...~

Emiko speaks to the group about her thoughts. "If what you say is true, Cred, that you can simply touch him and teleport both of you down to the chutes to safety, then it sounds like the safest plan. Unfortunately I only have fifty feet of rope with me... unless someone has more we can add to it? But if Cred can just teleport them both down to the chutes, that seems to be the best option. We most likely won't have time to rescue any other prisoners without getting ourselves killed in the process, but we will avenge them later when we bring down the Vul kingdom..."

"My only concerns are... What if there are Vul in the chamber when we get in there? Also.... What if the Vul have the whole chamber warded with some sort of spell that prevents any use of magic, including Cred's spells and my powers? It seems that if they were to have prisoners that use magic that they would be wise enough to have something like that in place. Simply muting them or breaking their hands, like Sauel suggested, would not be enough to stop some others from using their powers."

{She runs her hands through her hair grasping her head for a moment and closing her eyes as if it will help her think more clearly and relieve her stress. She opens her eyes again and quickly adjusts her loose bun of hair to make sure it is securely tied back. She puts both hands down on the table and leans over the parchment looking at the rest of the group.}

"Cred's plan should work fine under our perfect conditions, but we need to have a second and maybe even a third plan just in case there are Vul present, or there is a warding spell, or even if Palenrian isn't there in the chamber when we get there..." She says, looking a bit worried.

02-18-2014, 02:50 AM
Ghost in the Darkness: Seems pleased by Cred's proposal. "No offense, but you are braver and more capable then your kind has a reputation for... I'm guessing your powers are granted by Userrwroth? ...I heard you mention his name a minute ago... Yet I would not hold that against you. Vampires are not enemies of all gods afterall."

Smiles slightly at Emiko again after she speaks "I agree, we should prepare for multiple scenarios. Also, what you say about an anti-magic field has merit. It would be a very effective means of preventing prisoners from using spell-like abilities or other powers. But I doubt it would encompass the whole chamber, because that would prevent Vulkyrie mages using spells to aid their interrogations. If I were them, I'd keep anti-magic fields around the cages themselves... which means this brave kobold may loose his ability to fly as soon as he goes near them."

"I can also fly, after a fashion, when I assume gaseous form... I do not move very quickly as a translucent mist, but I can easily bypass the bars and probably move through the chamber without drawing attention. Perhaps I should fly in first and scout the situation before giving Cred the go-ahead?"

02-18-2014, 04:27 AM
Anti-magic would either have to be in a static area or inside a static object. Inside the cage or an area where the cages are normally would work, although if they didn't actually care to interrogate them then it was more lazy (and easier) to consider alternate options of how they would be limited. Sauel had doubts it would work against a were creature because although it was a magical curse it didn't quite operate the same way. ~That's an interesting thought...~ and thought to investigate it later if they had time.

It seemed like their makeshift group was more capable than originally expected, although Cred with his strong devotion was almost over-confident, to the same level as other wizards were rumored to be. But teleporting at a touch and ghost being able to turn to mist did add a few additional considerations.

"If the vul frequent the dungeon as much as you imply it would be fairly obvious if they are going to be there; Although it can't hurt to be cautious should it be rather quiet. Since it's likely their mages will try to scry on us after we leave we should have another one of those anti-scrying spells on him shortly after you teleport him."

~If a fight should break out... Reminds me...~ "Cred, how often do you throw fireballs? It seems like a good time to discuss where and when you would throw those, and more specifically warning us if you intend to hit an area with one so we can stay clear"

02-18-2014, 05:03 AM
~He smiled at me... But I must look terrible right now... But he is a vampire, so he's probably used to rotting corpses in cemeteries. I wonder what it would be like to never see the sun... I've always hated the sun. My skin burns so easily. Besides, I have all the warmth I need within me... I wonder if he would of still taken my hand if he knew about my powers. I wonder if my heat would hurt him more than it would the others... I couldn't stand to see another beautiful face turned into charred flesh... Everyone I start to get close to seems to die, and it's always my fault... But Ghost... He is already dead in a way.... Becoming a mist... I wonder what it would feel like to touch things in mist form, or what it would be like to touch someone else in mist form... Would you still be able to be burned? He wants to scout ahead alone... I can only hope nothing happens to him now before I get a chance to know who he is... ~

{Emiko smiles slightly in response to Ghost's slight smile towards her, but after a moment of staring into his eyes, she looks down at her hands on the table. Her hands had started to glow very faintly. She pulls her hands away from the table and quickly adjusts herself, looking a bit awkward. She looks at him again when he mentions himself going in first to scout things out. A slight sadness comes over her face, and her eyes tear up slightly. She realizes her sadness is starting to show and quickly turns away to prepare herself for the group's plans as the others at the table are talking. She takes off her haori, exposing her bare white arms. She quickly folds it and stuffs it into her pack. She pulls her coiled 50ft. of silk rope, and flask of healing potion (The one that Olo gave her) out of her pack and sets them on the table next to the parchment.}

"Scouting ahead would be wise..." She says quietly, looking a bit melancholy. "Here is the rope I have, and a healing potion we can use to help anyone along the way, if one of you wouldn't mind carrying it on you... My pockets are full..." She says as she reaches into her pockets to show them a few caltrops from one pocket, and pieces of chalk from the other. She places both back into her pockets once they've seen them.

{Emiko turns away from the group again and walks over to Olo by the fire with Kitsune. Immediately Kit stands up in Olo's lap and jumps onto the floor. Kitsune looks up at Emiko and growls a bit, and starts making a chittering whining sound, because she can sense what Emiko is about to do.}

"Anata wa ishi mamoru kare no shitai to potaru. Anata ga shitte iru sore wa kikenda anata no tame ni wareware wa iku tokoro..." She speaks sadly to Kitsune in Katanese.

{Kitsune snuggles up against emiko's boot, and looks up at her and whimpers a bit.}

"Shinpai shinai de... Subete umaku iku yo..."

{Kitsune looks sad and walks over to Emiko's pack and climbs inside.}

Emiko looks distraught and stares at the ground for a moment to compose herself before speaking quietly in common to Olo. "Olo-san... Can you please let me put Kit and my pack into the cellar with Cael's body so they can be safe?"

(Translation: "Anata wa ishi mamoru kare no shitai to potaru. Anata ga shitte iru sore wa kikenda anata no tame ni wareware wa iku tokoro" = you will protect his corpse and the portal. you know it's dangerous for you where we are going. "Shinpai shinai de... Subete umaku iku yo..." = don't worry. everything will be alright. "-san" = mr. or sir, it's a respectful way of saying a males name.)

02-18-2014, 06:30 AM
Looking to Sauel and shakes his head. "I am truly sorry for before, I did not see you step behind the enemy, At the time of your movement I was behind others in our party and missed your move." Smiles also "I currently do not have access to it, but next time I will give a warning."

Looking to Ghost and smiles. "scouting ahead would be helpful, If the places does not have gaurds I could slip in and assist in sealing the entrance way so that it would give us more time if we wanted to use it to help all prisoners escape."

To the others. "That is another option, If there are no gaurds in this chamber with the help of Userwroth I could seal the other entrances giving us more time to save the others. That is if you desire to help all who are in this chamber. So what is the plan, Myself and ghost enter and seal the chamber making it safe for all to enter, or we do a quick snatch and grab?" He asks looking at the others.

02-18-2014, 08:20 AM
Sauel nods to Cred's explanation, it was understandable based on the situation, it was also good another Fireball wasn't ready to be thrown, or maybe that was bad because hitting several Vul at once would be preferable.

"Sealing the entrance... Yes that would buy us time if it comes to it..." The idea of waiting until the Vul were gone would only be an option if first the Vul weren't actively torturing as Sauel himself wouldn't be able to stand the sounds of helpless victims being hurt while standing by doing nothing for long periods of time. Something like that can change a person and not for the better.

02-18-2014, 05:53 PM
"Olo-san... Can you please let me put Kit and my pack into the cellar with Cael's body so they can be safe?"

Olo: Pets Kitsune a bit awkwardly at first, but seems to warm up to her. "Sure Emiko. Sauel, I suggest you let your pet wait in the cellar too." {Removes his portable portal from his pockets and unfolds it on the cottage floor, revealing the cellar once again.}

"scouting ahead would be helpful, If the places does not have gaurds I could slip in and assist in sealing the entrance way so that it would give us more time if we wanted to use it to help all prisoners escape."

Ghost in the Darkness: "How do you mean seal the entrance exactly?"

02-18-2014, 11:34 PM
"Yeah, Rabi should wait in the cellar too..." Sauel agrees, so far Rabi had done little to help the group and was keeping Sauel worried for his safety.

Ghost's question Sauel looks up thoughtfully. "Maybe a force wall covering the door? And illusion to make the door look gone? Or maybe he can summon a something tough to fill the area up...?" Having vines and a strong tree filling the door's area so you can't fit through would be enough, heavy enough thorns, or better yet traps to hold them in place. Maybe a really strong spell putting anyone walking through to go to sleep would work too, but a number of those seemed tame while they didn't really care about the Vul surviving. Having a few spare portals could make for interesting ideas. It really depended on what Cred had access to, and it seemed he was being given a lot of leeway so long as his goal for his draconic god was being fulfilled.

02-19-2014, 01:13 AM
"Thank you Olo..." She says before turning to go pick up her pack.

{Emiko reaches into her pack to pet Kitsune and console her a bit, making sure she's safe and secure. She lifts up her pack and carefully places it through the portal. Once inside the cellar, Kit climbs out of the pack and sadly looks at Emiko from the other side.}

Emiko speaks in Katanese to Kitsune once again. "Shinpai shinai de Kit..."

{Emiko turns away from the portal, unable to watch Kit be so upset. She looks melancholy as she moves to sit in a meditative position on the ground in front of the fire while she waits for the others to decide what the group's plans are.}

~This is the first time we've ever been so far apart... I'm sorry Kit... I just can't let anything happen to you.~

(Translation: "Shinpai shinai de Kit..." = don't worry Kit. By the way I just wanted to note that some of the Japanese I'm using is not grammatically correct and also missing accent marks. I am just using it as a creative alternative to represent Katanese language for better immersion for myself and you guys as well.)

02-19-2014, 01:30 AM
He looks to ghost and responds to his direct question: "I would use mend to bind the locking mechanism and place a collection of wards on our side of the entrance so once they force there way in it would do devastating damage to the intruders."

02-21-2014, 02:26 AM
Olo picks up his portable portal after the animals have gone through, folding it neatly and tucking it back into his pockets. Then he concentrates on sipping on Faereg's tea beside the warm fire. It is clearly doing him good, as his shivering has completely subsided.

Ghost in the darkness: Responds to Cred and Sauel "You are both very imaginative... but honestly I don't think we'll have a chance to rescue all the prisoners. Our only advantage against the Vulkyrie is the element of surprise, but that will not last long. Even if no Vulkyrie are present in the dungeon when we enter, we have to expect their mages can immediately detect us from afar... either with glyph's of their own set about to warn them of intruders, or through remote-viewing spell like Clairvoyance."

"You mentioned scrying earlier Sauel... and such spells can be countered by non-detection magic. I am protected by this..." {pulls an amulet from beneath his tunic} "...that shields me from scrying magic. It's the only reason I've survived this long after accruing so many powerful enemies, but it isn't completely foolproof..." {tucks it back}

Olo: Speaks up "Thaira anticipated the Vulkyrie would attempt to use scrying against us after this rescue... so she provided me with scrolls of non-detection..." {removes a capped scrollcase from his garments that kept water out}. "...However there are only five scrolls. I expect she wasn't sure how many of you there would be, which is why there aren't enough for all... But we shouldn't all be needing them if we don't all enter the dungeon."

Ghost in the Darkness: "Quite right... I was about to mention that non-detection magic allows you to bypass glyph's of warding. Believe me... there's no way I could have been so successful as a smuggler to this point if that wasn't true. Thiara is wise to prepare those scrolls for this mission. So then, assuming we have to keep one scroll for Palenrian, who else will be needing them?"

"Those who are thus enchanted, should be able to move in and out of the dungeon without triggering any glyph's. But since we don't even have enough scrolls to enchant everyone here, how can we shield extra prisoners we might free from the dungeon? Without non-detection magic, those prisoners could trigger glyph's as soon as they move away from their cages. Harmful glyph's perhaps that could harm or kill the rest of us just being near them."

"It would be a cruel, but not entirely far-fetched, irony to be killed by association with those we tried to save because we couldn't adequately shield them would it not?"

02-21-2014, 11:10 AM
Sauel could only nod agreeing with Ghost, his experience seemed to be their strongest asset right now. It really came down to 'Don't waste your time'.

"Five scrolls... Then those of us that have the most to offer should be going. Hmmm..." This is where Sauel felt a little conflict, he wanted to go but he was still affected by the poison from only a few hours ago, and the only magic he could do was a few cantrips. The most he could do is help out in Melee again, but that seemed doubtful. Truthfully he would probably be one of the ones staying here, although likely Thaira expected the original group of them to go. ~Cred, Emiko, Olo, and Ghost would be the obvious choices, but I can't speak for two of them. Also not one of them is a lycanthrope; I just hope one isn't needed~

02-21-2014, 04:51 PM
"I am also protected from detection, the only option is just to save our one friend and cast non detection upon him as we leave, in this they would not be able to locate him until much later." looks for a response for a moment then speaks more on the decision at hand. "we cant go for everyone because we do not have the time our window of of opportunity is only so big"

02-22-2014, 12:13 PM
With her eyes still closed in meditation, while sitting in front of the fire; Emiko speaks to the group. "It seems that Ghost has made it clear we will only have time to help Palenrian. I have already spoken my thoughts on this as well. Cred, even though you say that you can free him by yourself I would feel better if a few of us go with you. There could be all sorts of things that could get in the way of your magic, and it's better to be overly prepared, than not prepared at all. I can see the plan clearly, but it will be meaningless if we do not go now and act quickly. Too much time has passed debating this already."

~If this planning takes any longer Palenrian may be dead or information already extracted from him... This whole journey through the undercity, and Cael's death would be for nothing... Then again... Cael died protecting me... So maybe his death was already for nothing... He should of just let it hit me...~

02-23-2014, 01:36 AM
Ghost in the Darkness: Looks to Cred again. "Ah so you are under non-detection magic also? I wouldn't take it for granted that you could teleport out of the dungeon. They may have warded it in both directions for added security. If that's the case, following your plan to rescue everyone would put us all in great danger. So let's just concentrate on physically escorting Palenrian out the same way we got in. Nothing too complicated."

"I'll go in first as a mist, while Cred flies up to the bars and ties a rope hanging down the chute from one of them. Emiko and Purusartha will climb up the rope. When I give the go ahead you'll melt through the bars with acid. Cred will fly up with me to rescue Palenrian while the others climb up into the dungeon readying ranged weapons. We'll need you to keep an eye out and cover our retreat."

"Emiko is right however, we should get moving. It won't be long until the sun rises. Getting up to the cavern beneath Vulkyrie tower is not at all easy. It'd take another few hours to reach it from here. Luckily for you, I have access to a portal that can get us there instantly... a very useful thing for a smuggler. However, taking you to the portal means bringing all of you to my hidden sanctuary. Something I've never done for anyone before."

"My success as a smuggler, and in fact my very survival, depends on my anonymity. I can't have you seeing my possessions and other things which could give you clues about me and my past. After we leave this cottage, I'm afraid I'll require you all to blindfold yourselves until we pass through the portal."

02-23-2014, 03:48 AM
At hearing about the portal, the time it would save sauel fully expected they would be blindfolded or something, and just as expected that's what was given. Too bad a magical geis (spell/curse) wasn't an option that would blank out their memory of the information afterwards. But when magic wasn't an option, obviously a mundane one would have to do. Although a little hesitant of trusting himself totally to ghost, there was little option to object. Sauel doubted his sense of smell would give enough clues in this underground to backtrack anyways.

Sauel would rather never step foot under this dark wasteland again. It had only been a couple hours and already it felt like a lifetime since he came down here, how ghost handled it Sauel didn't know; Perhaps having darkvision and being impervious to the cold made a huge difference.

"Then let's get this over with." ~Honestly I'm not sure how much longer I can last on pure adrenaline~ Sauel thought to himself. Maybe some coffee would be helpful, or maybe Sauel would get a few days rest once they got Palenrian free. Hopefully all of this was worth it, maybe their success would give way to more resources and missions from their sponsor.

Sauel pulled out his healing Kit, converting the wrappings into make-shift blindfolds they could use, since they would still be usable afterwards he wasn't too worried about their state, although a new Kit would be needed soon.

02-23-2014, 03:51 AM
"I can only teleport so many people at a time, so only so many people can enter the location with me. unless we are doing a mass exit and then all will need to be there for when we leave"

02-23-2014, 02:37 PM
Ghost in the Darkness: "Ok then, Faereg, would you please give us the acid I asked you to prepare?"

Faereg: Grins. "Of course!" The elderly gnome moves away from the table into his lab, returning with two small cases that he places on the table. He opens the first case, which has eight glass flasks inside. "This is the acid..." He says carefully removing one filled with a bubbling green liquid. "It will burn through flesh or metal very well. Please take one..."

Next the gnome opens the second case, and this one is also compartmentalized but not with vials... with six pomegranate sized gourds that have been hollowed out and re-sealed with some sort of cord sticking out of them.

"These are something else entirely... a very special alchemical explosive made from powdered dragon bones! All you need to do is light this cord, called a fuse, on fire. Once the fuse burns into the gourd it will explode so it is important to be sure you are nowhere near it when this happens. The fuses are timed for approximately five seconds, but it's never exact so be cautious." He chuckles.

02-23-2014, 02:58 PM
~His secret abode... and we have to be blindfolded? I wonder what he would do if I peeked? Would he kill me? I kind of want to see what he might do... and what is this the gnome speaks of... explosives?! This will be a lot more fun than I expected...~

Emiko opens her eyes, and turns to look at the group by the table as she speaks. "Like Ghost said, Cred, I don't think we should rely on your teleporting for this rescue. It would be wiser to follow the plan he just mentioned." She stands up and walks over to the table after the gnome shows the group his devices. She stands next to Ghost before whispering to him quietly, hoping the others don't hear her. "It is unfortunate you do not want others to know your history... I was looking forward to talking with you after our rescue mission, but I will do my best to respect your privacy."

Emiko looks at the flasks of acid, then eyes the explosive gourds with a mischievous look on her face. "How big of an explosion do these fine devices of yours create faereg?"

02-23-2014, 08:22 PM
He gets rather quiet at the mention of dragon bone explosive devices, but says nothing more to it, for now he wishes to obtain there friend and if blind folds are needed so be it.

02-25-2014, 12:55 PM
Emiko looks at the flasks of acid, then eyes the explosive gourds with a mischievous look on her face. "How big of an explosion do these fine devices of yours create faereg?"

Faereg: Grins. "Significant. Just one of these gourd bomb's going off in this room would seriously injure all of us and probably kill a few of us. So be careful."

Ghost in the Darkness: Narrows his eyes at the gourd bomb's with concern. "I wasn't aware you were ready with these already..."

Faereg: Shrugs. "I got excited and rushed to finish them early. It isn't very often I'm asked to contribute to such a noble mission. I just wanted to help."

Ghost in the Darkness: "I always appreciate your help Faereg, you know that, but we haven't practiced with these sorts of weapons. We might end up harming ourselves just as easily as the enemy. It may not be wise to use these indoors given the comment you just made to Emiko."

Faereg: Looks dissapointed. "Err... well I just thought..."

Purusartha: "I think it's a good idea to bring them with us. But I also agree with you Ghost, until we are more practiced with them, they should only be used as a last resort."

Purusartha carefully takes a gourd bomb from the case and gestures for the rest of you to do the same. It weighs a little bit more then you might expect because there are bits of iron ore packed in with the explosive powder that act like shrapnel.

Purusartha: Examines his grenade closely and speaks up. "These gourds feel rather fragile, so seems to me that if the powder inside has to catch fire before it explodes, throwing these against a hard surface might crack them open prematurely. Would that stifle the explosion?"

Faereg: Nods. "It could. But more often then not, the burning fuse will still ignite the bursting airborn powder and create a flash of hot fire, if not exactly an explosion. They are not designed to be thrown with all your might, better to just lob or roll them close to your enemy and then duck for cover."

02-25-2014, 01:19 PM
~Awww such a disappointment...~

{Emiko takes one of the explosives and inspects it in her hand carefully.}

"Will these explode if we drop or throw them without lighting the fuse? Or if heat is applied to them?" She asks Faereg in a concerned tone.

02-25-2014, 01:32 PM
Faereg: Responds to Emiko. "I wouldn't recommend storing them around heat. Even leaving them in the sun would be dangerous... but dropping them or crushing them without lighting the fuse shouldn't ignite them... unless there's a spark..."

02-25-2014, 01:34 PM
Sauel takes one of the gourd bombs, placing it in his left pouch with what remains of the healing Kit, trying to make sure the fragile bomb won't get damaged in transport. "These scare me honestly..." Sauel commented off hand, he didn't understand them, they were perhaps more dangerous than being a lycan. These were afterall entirely a technological advancement, Sauel himself was a veterinarian, a druid and concentrated on keeping things natural and more with nature. ~I hope I don't need to use this..~

[1 gourd added to inventory]

02-25-2014, 03:56 PM
~I can't chance hurting anyone again... The heat...~

{Emiko sets the explosive back in it's compartment, and turns to the side with a worried look.}

She speaks softly to the group while looking to the ground. "I can't carry that with me... I'm sorry..."

02-25-2014, 04:13 PM
[Cred: What about you? Do you take a gourd bomb?]

"I can't carry that with me... I'm sorry..."

Purusartha: Gives Emiko a knowing look and nods.

Ghost in the Darkness: Responds to Emiko's earlier comment. "The less you know about me, the safer you'll be."

02-25-2014, 06:40 PM
~Hah! There is nothing safe about me either... Fire burns wildly doesn't it? Safety seems impossible in my life... ~

{Emiko slowly turns away from the others, nodding her head in a resistant response to Ghost as she moves. While facing away so the others can't see, she slides her hand over the dagger at her belt making a tiny bleeding cut on her thumb. Her hand get's a faint white glow to it as she licks the blood away quickly and presses her thumb to her black leather armor to quickly stop the bleeding. She walks over to Olo to check if she might have her cloak back without hindering his recovery.}

(If he gives her back the cloak she will walk outside to wait with the others til the group inside is ready to leave.)

02-25-2014, 09:05 PM
Olo: "Thank you very much Emiko for lending me your cloak." He says gratefully, returning it you dried by the fire. "I feel better now."

Once you step outside Emiko, you see Jiao and Yorick talking to each other while Sher' Reek scowls to herself and keeps her distance from them.

Yorick: "Emiko, what's the plan?"

02-25-2014, 10:01 PM
{Emiko steps outside folding up her cloak in her arms. She pauses and speaks to the group telling them all of Ghost's plans. She pauses and looks to Jiao.}

"I apologize, Jiao, but you are too large in your current form to fit in the chutes..."

She turns to Sher'Reek standing alone, and walks over to her before speaking in Draconic. "You've decided to survive and make the best of the situation. Would you like to be clothed? I could obtain some nice things for you later if you like, but for now you are free to use my cloak if you would like to keep your feminine dignity..."

(If Sher'Reek doesn't accept Emiko's cloak as a temporary covering, then Emiko will ask Yorick to keep her cloak for her for now since he won't be going into the chutes.)

02-25-2014, 10:10 PM
Sher' Reek: takes the offered cloak from Emiko, though it is still a bit long for her.

Jiao: Grunts, clearly annoyed. "So it seems I will not have a chance to fight Vulkyrie after all? So be it. I grow bored, so I will leave you now; perhaps to appear again if you actually get into another fight."

With that the great werebull shifts into human form again.

02-25-2014, 10:32 PM
With Jiao turning back into Xiaolong you see a mostly naked skinny old man staring off into the distance with one arm outstretched, he then blinks a couple times realizing that he is conscious again.

"Hi yah!~ Where I now?" He exclaims.

"How... How happen here!!" he says in great surprise "I fight help and now I in cave!"

Xiaolong then feels the cool breeze against his skin

"And I naked too!"

Xiaolong is in a frenzied state as he tries to gain his bearings, then he notices the group.

"... ahh... this one new" he looks genuinely intrigued as he looks at the group "fist time ever meet same people after be the bull, how you not run away me?"

he questionably looks around the group looking for answers.

02-26-2014, 05:41 AM
shakes his head at the offered gourd made of dragon bones. "I am sorry I cannot accept these Items. but thank you for the offer"

02-26-2014, 11:17 AM
"... ahh... this one new" he looks genuinely intrigued as he looks at the group "fist time ever meet same people after be the bull, how you not run away me?"

he questionably looks around the group looking for answers.

{Emiko turns towards where Xiao has become himself again, looking surprised that Jiao allowed him to come back.}

She speaks in common to Xiao. "You don't remember anything that happened? If that is so... then I will tell you..."

{Emiko quickly tells Xiao everything that's happened since he became Jiao, and of their current plan.}

"The others are inside the cottage there. It would be wise of you to go speak with them. Please tell them we must go soon..." She says, a bit annoyed that the others are still not coming out of the cottage to leave yet.

02-26-2014, 12:25 PM
Upon exiting the cottage he offers the make-shift blindfold to everyone who's going, to help honor Ghost's request for his privacy (and survival).

(Sorry I have little else to put.... other than 'I'm ready')

02-26-2014, 07:55 PM
{Emiko turns towards where Xiao has become himself again, looking surprised that Jiao allowed him to come back.}

She speaks in common to Xiao. "You don't remember anything that happened? If that is so... then I will tell you..."

{Emiko quickly tells Xiao everything that's happened since he became Jiao, and of their current plan.}

"The others are inside the cottage there. It would be wise of you to go speak with them. Please tell them we must go soon..." She says, a bit annoyed that the others are still not coming out of the cottage to leave yet.

After taking in Emiko's synapse of the events his face goes from disbelief to sheer confusion.

"I no understand, another person is bull? make a no sense" he scratches his head on the subject not wishing to think too hard on it.

Xiaolong nods to Sauel in greeting then makes his way inside the cottage to see what Puru was up to. Upon entering he notices a Gnome and the pale skin man along with Olo, he first starts off by excusing himself for his intrusion, noticing the structure being of gnomish stature he begins in Gnomish

"Pardon I who has brought ones self upon your home" He announces to the gnome in Gnomish, though the grammar may not be correct for the current region he travels since the Gnomish he spoke was a far western dialect.

"Master of northern dog good to see you again." he directs to Purusartha "Olo, Little healer, it's good to see you as well" he shows concern on his face noticing Olo had taken a bit of a beating. "and greetings to you too..." he directed at Ghost with an uneasy look knowing that something was definitely different about him.

02-26-2014, 10:57 PM
makes his way inside the cottage to see what Puru was up to. Upon entering he notices a Gnome and the pale skin man along with Olo, he first starts off by excusing himself for his intrusion, noticing the structure being of gnomish stature he begins in Gnomish

"Pardon I who has brought ones self upon your home" He announces to the gnome in Gnomish, though the grammar may not be correct for the current region he travels since the Gnomish he spoke was a far western dialect.

The gnome seems happy to hear his native tongue again, and genuinely pleased to have another elderly person for company; even one so obviously distraught and bewildered...

Faereg: {in Gnomish} "No trouble at all, well met and welcome to my humble abode! I am Faereg. You are Caishian yes? Your people are skilled in the ways of alchemy. I just provided your friends with hand-held bombs the likes of which you might have heard of before?"

Speaks next to Purusartha... "Master of northern dog good to see you again."

Purusartha: Springs up from his chair in happy surprise. "Xiaolong! Good to see you! I was worried we were stuck with that brute Jiao for the entirety of the mission. You should have told us about him!"

Speaks next to the halfling and Kobold. "Olo, Little healer, it's good to see you as well" He shows concern on his face noticing Olo had taken a bit of a beating.

Olo: Smiles. "Welcome back. I agree with Purusartha, you should have told us about Jiao. He might have ruined the whole mission!"

"...And greetings to you too..." he directs at Ghost with an uneasy look knowing that something was definitely different about him.

Ghost in the Darkness: Raises a questioning brow before answering with a simple "...Hello..." then he turns to ask Olo. "Am I right to deduce that this half-naked old man was the werebull? I recognize his torn clothes... but I can't hardly believe it's the same person."

02-26-2014, 11:12 PM
The gnome seems happy to hear his native tongue again, and genuinely pleased to have another elderly person for company; even one so obviously distraught and bewildered...

Faereg: {in Gnomish} "No trouble at all, well met and welcome to my humble abode! I am Faereg. You are Caishian yes? Your people are skilled in the ways of alchemy. I just provided your friends with hand-held bombs the likes of which you might have heard of before?"

Xiaolong replies in Gnomish "ah yes! it has been a while since I have seen such devices! many a festival use such things to create large colorful explosions though I think yours are meant for less festive purpose right?"

Purusartha: Springs up from his chair in happy surprise. "Xiaolong! Good to see you! I was worried we were stuck with that brute Jiao for the entirety of the mission. You should have told us about him!"

Olo: Smiles. "Welcome back. I agree with Purusartha, you should have told us about Jiao. He might have ruined the whole mission!"

Xiaolong then directs his attention to these two replying "I try remember but no can think, no remember no Jiao" He knocks on his forehead as if trying to jar his memory

Ghost in the Darkness: Raises a questioning brow before answering with a simple "...Hello..." then he turns to ask Olo. "Am I right to deduce that this half-naked old man was the werebull? I recognize his torn clothes... but I can't hardly believe it's the same person."

Xiaolong then remembers he is still barely clothed "wayah~ almost forgot lose the clothes" he looks to Purusartha and Olo "You have any the clothes borrow? more careful this time"

02-27-2014, 06:29 AM
He follows the others outside and waits to leave.

(ssorry nothing else to say at the moment.)

02-28-2014, 12:30 AM
Faereg: Moves to a closet and grabs some extra garments for Xiaolong. "When you've lived as long as I have in one place you tend to collect a lot of things... I actually do have some human-sized clothes in here." He says handing you a bundle to pick through.

Once everyone has gathered outside, Ghost hands out blindfolds to anyone who needs them.

Ghost in the Darkness: "Walk in single file, with your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. So you shouldn't bump into anything after you put on the blindfolds. It's not far, but whatever you do, don't remove the blindfolds until I say so."

Once everyone is ready with their blindfolds on, Ghost starts to lead you away from the cottage. You can tell you don't leave the cavern itself because your feet keep crunching over the little pebbles beside the water on the beaches... but he keeps leading you around in circles so it is difficult to say how far you actually move away from the cottage.

But then you feel a slight difference in air temperature, and its obvious to you that you are no longer in the cavern, because the pebbles disappear beneath your feet... replaced with smooth hard stone tiles.

The air smells a bit different... like a tomb... with a lingering scent of mold, death, and the faintest trace of ceremonial incense. Those of you with the scent ability may also detect more subtle scents.

[Those with the scent ability make survival checks if you want too, the rest of you declare if you do or say anything at this point?]

02-28-2014, 03:17 AM
(Scent/Survival: 33, listen: 14)

03-01-2014, 08:31 AM
[just doing as instructed]

03-01-2014, 06:24 PM
{Emiko follows as instructed by Ghost, but still fights the urge to take off her blindfold.}

03-01-2014, 06:51 PM
[Oh, I forgot... listen checks also, DC 22]

03-01-2014, 08:56 PM
(Listen Check: 1D20+3 => 17.)

03-02-2014, 11:03 AM
(Cred: 1D20+2 => 7 #listen)

03-02-2014, 12:23 PM
Xiaolong sports his new brown Han fu to his surprise the old man Fareg had, probably from dealings with other Caishian. There were some small holes from disuse and it was definitely dusty as to this point he found himself periodically patting the cloths taking one hand off the shoulder in front of him.

Xiaolong then perks his head to a direction where he hears a sound of interest (Listen check vs DC 22=> rolled 24 passed)

03-05-2014, 07:23 PM
Arminas: (Listen Check: = 10, Fail)
Olo: (Listen Check: =9, Fail)
Purusartha: (Listen Check: = 9, Fail)
Sher' Reek: (Listen Check: = 16, Fail)
Yorick: (Listen Check: = 13, Fail)(Survival Check: = 18, Fail)

[Sauel:​ Results of your Survival check pm'd to you... please respond with a post based on that pm. You may choose to reveal or withhold whatever you like but I'd like to give you the option.]

[Xiaolong: Results of your Listen check pm'd to you... please respond with a post based on that pm. You may choose to reveal or withhold whatever you like but I'd like to give you the option.]

03-05-2014, 08:00 PM
To put it lightly, Sauel was unnerved at what he sensed and smelled. He would have preferred not to know, but at the same time it almost made him wonder where they were going.

(Not going to say anything just yet unless asked or something else to act on)

03-05-2014, 10:28 PM
He was unnerved from what he herd, he whispered barely audible to the person in front and behind him. (DM please specify which 2 chars herd me)

"I hear thing, big spider, keep up the guard"

~I have a hunch, if bugbears were sent by Drow then large spiders are a major warning. I don't like this... I hope dearly they are not connected, and that we can trust the man in front of us~

Xiaolongs head starts to hurt from worry and a lack of alcohol, he dearly needed something to calm his nerves, though without his pipe to smoke or anything to drink this was becoming exceedingly difficult.

03-06-2014, 02:51 AM
[Ok well we never actually decided what the marching order was... so I will determine that randomly... I think it makes sense that Olo be the lead behind Ghost... and since he's small-size it make sense for the Kobolds, Sher' Reek and Cred to be behind him. And one of the shorter humans should be behind Cred; either Emiko or Xiaolong? ...I rolled randomly and turns out its Emiko. Behind her is Arminas, then Yorick, then Purusartha, than Xiaolong and finally Sauel.]

Purusartha: Whispers back to Xiaolong. "Thanks for the warning, stay calm!"

[Sauel: Do you react or say anything in regards to Xiaolong's warning?]

03-06-2014, 03:18 AM
(With Puru saying to stay calm, no there's no reason to comment)

03-06-2014, 02:11 PM
Ghost leads you through more chambers, occasionally opening doors or leading you down stairs. But then it seems you reach your destination.

Ghost in the Darkness: "Halt! You are now standing before the portal I spoke of. It is easy enough to use once I activate it. All you need to do is step forward until you pass through the magical dimension door. You may feel a strange tingling, dizzy sensation. This a normal effect of dimensional travel. I will be the last to step through, for it will shut automatically behind me. But before I activate it, I ask that you cover your ears now with your hands, for approximately ten seconds."

[What do you do?]

03-06-2014, 03:24 PM
Covering his ears would muffle the sound not block it completely. It suggested something really loud or annoying was about to hit the air. Sauel complied pushing his palms over his ears, once in place sound was muffled to maybe a quarter of what it was before.

A few moments Sauel did think about the situation, daisy chained, blind, nearly deaf, surrounded maybe by spiders, putting your trust in a vampire who could very well kill them at any time, brought here by two strangers.

03-06-2014, 04:03 PM
Trusting in Userwroth he covers his ears, knowing that his God will let him know what he may be prevented from truly hearing. One cannot trust most down here, except the few he came with.

03-07-2014, 12:16 AM
{Emiko follows along with the others, doing as Ghost says. Her body glows faintly from the tension brought on by Xiao's warning, but she becomes focused again after hearing Puru's direction to stay calm.}

03-07-2014, 02:05 AM
Xiaolong took his hands off the person in front of him to cover his ears. He began to concentrate in a meditative state trusting his training to guide him through this situation

03-07-2014, 04:00 PM
​Ghost begins to mutter command words in another language in barely a whisper, impossible to make out while your ears are covered.

Moments later, a flash of light is glimpsed through your blindfolds as a large portal opens before you.

[Cred: PM sent regarding what Ghost just said, respond with a post if you wish to reveal or act upon it.]

03-07-2014, 04:59 PM
he hears through the might of Userwroth the words spoken, adding only even more distrust for this vampire. He heads for the portal quickly and steps through once he is through to the other side he will lifts his blind fold to verify it is not a trap. [Please let me know if I need to roll anything, I am expecting possible bad news on the other side of this portal]

03-07-2014, 07:40 PM
[Cred: After you pass through the portal you feel a change in air pressure and temperature as if you were closer to the surface then you were just a moment ago. The smell of the air in this cavern is very foul and damp. It stinks of old rotting meat, offal, and other filth. After you remove your blindfold, you see that you are in a very dark, roughly rectangular, natural cavern about one hundred yards across by two hundred yards long. It slopes downward a slight amount and you find yourself on the lower end of the cavern. Several smaller caves and natural passages exit from this cavern in various places.

The only light you can glimpse is an extremely faint glow coming from the ceiling of the upper end of the cavern, from several square shafts... likely the same ones Ghost indicated in his diagram of the Vulkyrie dungeon. Therefore you are forced to primarily rely on your darkvision at this point. The cavern isn't entirely open, there are various rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites and such that would make concealment easy.

At this moment, you do not see or hear any other creatures. What do you do?]

03-07-2014, 08:45 PM
Steps back against a wall trying to hide [1D20+7 => 22] and observe. waiting for everyone to enter and a chance to make sure it is safe before continuing on. If it is a trap is will be sprung shortly. It is best to be ready just in case. Cred waits for the others and ghost to appear.

03-07-2014, 11:01 PM
stepping through the foul odor warms under his nose causing him to cringe as he quickly unveil his eyes.

Xiaolong still struggles to comprehend the makeup of his new location as he gazes up ad the feint light.

~Ziya, I hope you fare well, it looks like we will be one step closer to our goal if we can make it through this...~

he tried to concentrate on the goal ahead as his stomach rises and he feels a pressure in his throat, he discretely leans off to one side and empties the contents of his guts on the cavern floor from where his feet could feel lies more of the same foul mixture.

03-08-2014, 03:23 AM
{Emiko steps through the portal with the others, and takes off her blindfold. She looks around and listens, checking for anything suspicious.}

~This smell is awful... It reminds me of the village... I hope we get out of here soon. I don't know how long I can stand it...~

(Spot Check: 1D20+3 => 23. Listen Check: 1D20+3 => 6.)

03-08-2014, 06:40 PM
After everyone has entered the cavern, the portal closes behind Ghost.

Ghost in the Darkness: Speaks in a low voice. "Thank you for honoring my request for privacy. Now we must concentrate on the task at hand. Since both Cred and Emiko decline to use gourd-bombs, Purusartha and I will each carry one into the dungeon. Sauel has one already, so the other three can be given to Arminas, Xiaolong, and Olo for backup. Make sure you have a means for lighting the fuse if you carry one... Also, the filth and scraps of meat that fall from the Vulkyrie dungeon above is a regular food source for some very nasty creatures. We may not be alone in this cavern..."

(Spot Check: 1D20+3 => 23. Listen Check: 1D20+3 => 6.)

[Emiko: You spot movement at the limits of your darkvision. You would guess it is humanoid.]

03-08-2014, 08:33 PM
{Emiko notices something humanoid moving about 60ft. away, and turns to point in it's direction quickly.}

"Indeed my friends... We are not alone..." She says getting the groups attention as she points.

03-08-2014, 10:11 PM
Upon leaving the portal and teleporting to their destination Sauel could feel the lurch in his stomach and his body as it felt uneasy. Already he felt an earlier one where gravity was reversed, this was similar to that, except different somehow. Regardless he pulled the blindfold off, quite happy for the stench compared to the scent of arachnids that Cred had commented on, confirmed by his own nose.

Still with the effects of the DarkVision potion he looked to where Emiko pointed, it seemed as good a time as any, for now he didn't want his hands dirty so he let himself shift to his hybrid form, the cracking of bones reverberating nearby. Now being closer to a natural weapon they could investigate if the company commented on was friendly, enemy, or edible (although with the gross sewer system setup it was likely not edible, or at least it wasn't tasty).

03-09-2014, 03:24 AM
Experience Award Time (* = exp adjusted for bloodlines, roleplaying exp is not penalized for bloodlines like normal xp)

Main Group______________________________________

Crdechzkragar - 350 xp + 100 bonus roleplaying xp + 1 character point
Emiko - 350 xp + 250 bonus roleplaying xp + 1 character point
Sauel - *150 xp + 200 bonus roleplaying xp + 1 character point
Xiaolong - 350 xp + 50 bonus roleplaying xp + 1 character point

Arminas - 100 xp
Jiao - *250 xp
Olo - 200 xp
Sher' Reek - 100 xp
Purusartha - 200 xp
Yorick - *50 xp

__________________________________________________ __

<end of scene 4>