View Full Version : Modos RPG Playtest 1 (quasi-repost)

01-23-2014, 10:29 AM
Browsing the forums, and this looked like a decent place to post about the RPG I'm developing. Plus, it's a very worthwhile forum, so maybe I'll draw some attention too...

Announcing the Modos RPG first playtest!

Okay, that's cheesy. This is a roleplaying game that, on the surface, looks like other popular games with ability scores, skills, spells, initiative and combat rounds. But under the hood, you'll find:

- Simple rules that make the game easy for kids to play, but hard for adults to master.
- More opportunities for roleplaying with abstract features and built-in roleplaying awards.
- A modular rules system that facilitates the addition of house rules and rules modules.
- A simple combat system, using two combat postures, that saves time by eliminating drawn-out-maps and the placement of dungeon tiles, enables chatroom play, and allows closer-to-real-time combat.
- Theme flexibility permitting almost any genre of game.
- Best new rule: there's no character death. Just mostly dead.

Playtest 1 is attached here: