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01-22-2014, 11:05 PM
What; Online maptools Steampunk Privateer game
Who; Need 1-2 more players
When; Flexible schedule, once a week, beginning between 4-10 EST for four-six hour sessions.

A tenuous peace holds over the great nations of the homelands. A peace only held due to new lands being discovered across the Vast Sea. Each nation seeking new riches and colonizing new lands. This peace however is strained as nations take up piracy against each other in semi-sanctioned raids of trade vessels. At the same time border disputes erupt in the colonies across the Vast Sea. For while the riches in the virgin new world are many, they only belong to those that claim them first, and more importantly those who can keep them.

The events of the game take place in an alternate history where sea travel quickly gave way to airships. Based in a roughly victorian age of sail with some very modern components, for those of you familiar, think steam punk. Heavy themes of ship raid combat, Treasure plundering, diplomacy, piracy, and exploration will be present.

Game System: Customized Gurps 4th ed
Game Starting Year: 1400 EY
Genre Romanticized pirates, Steam punk
Campaign Starting Location: Ter Lonquia (the new world)
Tech LV 5 with select 8+ advances
Themes: Treasure hunting, Exploration, Privateering
Exotic/Supernatural allowed? Yes, Must be approved
PC races: Human or Aether altered race

What system is used?
Over the years I have found ways to expedite the 'crunch' of the GURPS combat system, and while allowing the same level of variety, over many games my gaming groups have been able to speed up the combat and make everyone feel involved. As such we have a customized GURPS combat that keeps the spirit of allowing for you to do 'anything' but keep it light and fast.

For character development we have a hybrid system that will help you stay within the setting, but still allow you open ended creativity.

We have a Game book pdf, and I can go more into detail on these points in private if you think the game interests you.

What is needed to play?
The game will be online so the following components and software are needed to play with us:

We will be using Maptools- a free online java based sandbox program to give visual aids and communication between players-

Skype- For audio aid and communications between the GM and players we will host a conference call for the session

Microphone- Players need a mic to communicate with the rest of the group

Speakers- kind of goes with out saying but this has come up before, yes you need to be able to hear the gaming group.

Interested? Send an email to sabanknight at yahoo.com