View Full Version : Dark Nova- A pulse rifle wedding

Aramil Swingblade
01-09-2014, 12:10 PM
Starting up a Dark Nova game in the San Antonio area. The game setting is 300 years into the future. The Earth has undergone a catastrophic event bringing about the rise of Mercenary firms as a promising career. The Human race has expanded across space terraforming and colonizing planets. After a war that nearly wiped out all life in the galaxy things seem back in order. Governments are still doing what they do, pirates run amuck preying on merchant and passenger ships. Hostilities between races because of the littlest things still cause problems....everywhere. I'm looking for a 5-6 players to take part of a crew, you can either own the ship, pilot it around the stars being a leaf on the wind, keep the thing running by being an engineer. Maybe you like combat and prefer to be a genetically enhanced race called the Aruga, and storm your way aboard slashing and hacking pirates, occasionally using a plasma or anti-matter grenade to blow a hole in the ship to cause explosive decompression, sucking people into the black, empty cold that is space. I say this because it has happened, anything can happen in this game it's all up to what the captain and crew wish to do and if they have the necessary skills and contacts to do it. Dark Nova is a new RPG from Dark Nova Games based out of The Woodlands, Tx. The game uses a 3d10 system requiring you to roll under what you skill rating is. Combat is like usual, roll a d20 and hope you hit.