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Robert Murray
01-02-2014, 01:39 PM
Hi All,

We are playing a Numenera game right now most Saturdays 4PM - 9PM with a GM + 3 players at the GMs house in Roseville. This is a very story/roleplay/character development/social interaction heavy game, with low emphasis on combat (there is combat, but it is secondary to story). The campaign is a heavy political intrigue game based in the Steadfast region with less focus on exploration/discovery and a bit more focus on espionage and power struggles between the Nine Kingdoms.

We will be rotating GMs and game systems over time, either at the end of campaigns, or at opportune moments between adventures. We will likely try Pathfinder + Shadowrun, and may move into Cthulhu, Traveler, The Strange (once released), Firefly, etc. as interest arises. This group is very story/roleplay focused, so we probably won't ever switch to a typical kick-down-the-door style game. Overall, though, we are pretty flexible and open minded to different game systems and styles.

Please reply if you are interested in joining us!

Also, for a peek at the campaign we are doing now, check out our Obsidian Portal page (getting it set up as of writing this):