View Full Version : Name TBD - D&D Next / 5e long term campaign starting up soon.

12-30-2013, 10:41 PM
New D&D Next / 5e Campaign starting up. http://www.nerdnyc.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/icon_custom_fighter.gif

My previous campaign ran for 2 years, almost every week, and the PCs went from level 1 to level 30, doing all kinds of adventures. That was under the 4e ruleset. That campaign is finished, and I'd like to start a new one, starting over level one, but this time using the D&D Next rules, and swapping into D&D 5e rules when the books come out this summer.

Where: My apartment (57th & 2nd in Manhattan); may also consider alternate locations.
When: Sundays, 11am - 5pm. Although you're not required to play every week, we will try to have a game going most weeks, with some players more regular than others. If there is interest, may consider Thursday nights (7-10:30pm).
Who: Adults only; crowd swings more towards people in 30s or 40s. You're expected to able to afford basic things like rulebooks, dice, a mini, contribute to food, etc. No smoking at the game.
What: Generally speaking we'll stick to the D&D Next rules, and convert to 5e when those rules come out, and integrate most of the optional rules as they come out as well. House rules will be very rare or none.

Description: Expected to start with classic old adventures from the D&D / AD&D era that have been converted to the new rules. Characters with personality are encouraged, but player vs player is not. Party should work as a team. Group tends to be a little more combat / adventure focused but roleplaying is always welcome. Also, we prefer people interested in playing long-term, taking characters to high levels over time, which gives you lots of time to develop character personalities and interact with the fantasy world in interesting ways. A long running campaign instead of standalone adventures.