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12-29-2013, 02:54 AM
WA, Seattle - Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box and Beyond!

I hope I put this is the right place. If not, Mods, feel free to move it.

Looking for 4-6 players to help me try out the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box near Seattle (East side).
I will GM and would like to run the adventure several times with different people. Right now I would like to run it at my home (or someone else's) but I could be persuaded to run at a local game store if that makes anyone uncomfortable.
It will likely be a once or twice thing as the adventure in the box isn't that long.
The end goal is to find a group of fun people to play the full game with on a regular basis (2/month).
As I am woefully out-of-date on my GM skills, there will be some learning/relearning on both sides of the Gm screen.

Who I am looking for:

1. Someone who likes fun and doesn't take the rules too seriously. Knowing the rules is awesome, but I don't want to bog the game down for more than a few minutes looking something up or arguing about something. That being said, I will follow the rules to the best of my abilities, unless I have a strong reason not to. Since we are all learning the rules, this is more for the actual campaign if it grows into that).
2. Someone who lives near Seattle and could get over to the East side of the lake. (Bothell, Redmond, Kenmore, Kirkland)
3. Someone who is a team-player and wants to help be sure everyone has fun, instead of only one person.
4. Someone who likes or thinks they might like to try role-playing. You can be experienced or a total newbie. We will learn the system together, as designed, by playing the beginner box.
5. A mature player. While I would consider someone younger if they are relatively mature and fun (or come as a package deal with someone else), I am not looking to run a kid's table. You should be able to carve out a chunk of 4 to 6+ hours, including staying up until at least 10 PM. (Or later if not playing on a "school night"). Also, you should be consistent and could regularly make the game. (If it grows into a full campaign later). Flakes are no fun.

If this sounds interesting to you or anyone you know, please respond here or pm me to get added to my list of potential players. Adding a bit of info about yourself would be great as well so I have some sense of who and what is coming to the table.