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Until Deep Magic comes out, James Eder continues to provide us with groups and more to help satisfy our craving for magic.*Take a lookÖThe Order of Saint ReinyaIn magic-rich worlds, even a small church is likely to have at least some capability toward dealing with injuries and the like, but for a select few people, their calling is much higher than that. The Order of Saint Reinya accepts only the virtuous and dedicated, and generally speaking, only lawful good or neutral good will truly feel comfortable within its constraints. The members of this order often wander the world, providing healing a step above the averageópowerful restorative magic, curse-breaking of the higher orders, and similar effects normally too expensive for the average citizen to enjoy, all done charitably. Like many religious orders, they survive primarily off donations by patrons (usually nobles, either because of honest religious convictions or a desire to appear virtuous to the public), though tradition in smaller towns is that members of the order (and, occasionally, their companions) are offered free lodging and meals whether or not they heal someone in the town. The symbol of the order is a giant outstretched finger, reaching down from the heavens to touch the forehead of a man.
The Order of the Lit WordIn a world with an obvious divine presence, being a missionary is somewhat easier than in places where the gods, if they even exist, donít seem to care very much. The Order of the Lit Word works to spread the teachings of the god(s) of good, but unlike some orders that are explicitly charitable, they expect something in returnónamely, that people either already are or will convert to following their particular deity before services will be given. Members sometimes go out on a limb and offer the first act for free (especially if a child is suffering or the like), but they work to use this to their advantage. Members are well-trained in diplomacy as well as saintly magic, and their symbol is an open book with glowing words.
The Order of the Hallowed GauntletSaints are often known for the healing given to others, but at the same time, many of the noblest followers of the gods of good have literally taken the fight to the darkness. The Order of the Hallowed Gauntlet use their martial prowess and saintly magic in combination to bring devastation to the darkness, but unlike some orders, they prefer to operate alone as knights-errant. Out where the darkness creeps in and normal men and women are fighting, a single beacon of light can be all thatís needed to give others the courage to help defeat the dark . . . and thatís what the Order of the Hallowed Gauntlet does. Advancement in the order is measured in deeds, not time served, except for the grand master (who is chosen by majority vote of the knight commanders of the order from among their ranks). Members of this order are often compared to typical paladins, but they are distinct in the way that they have an emphasis on performing saintly magic (and subsequently evangelizing the locals) as the preferred solution to problems. The symbol of this order is a clenched fist, covered in a gauntlet, from which radiant light shines.
Saintís Magic FeatsGenerosity (General)
Your charitable and helpful nature inspires those around you to generosity.
Prerequisite: Any good alignment
Benefit: In any given residential area, you may take goods or services valued up to 5 gp total each day without paying. This is total for all goods each day (even if you move between towns) and does not stack or accumulate. So, for example, you can never obtain an item valued at 6 gp for free. This may, however, be used as a discount to reduce the price of a product.
Evangelization (General)
You are skilled at persuading by the use of your faith.
Benefit: Once per day, you may add half of your ranks in Knowledge (religion) to your Diplomacy skill before performing a Diplomacy check.
Fantastic Display (General)
Your effective use of saintly magic has a major effect on the people in an area.
Prerequisite: Be observed (by a local citizen or some equivalent) performing Saintís Magic in the resolution of one of their problems
Benefit: Gain +3 to your Charisma when dealing with good and (morally) neutral locals until the end of the day. This is always considered a temporary increase and will not become permanent.

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