View Full Version : Base Raiders: Self-Made Men

12-24-2013, 02:49 AM
After a long break I'm starting up a game, and looking for local players. While I already have some I'd prefer to find some new players if possible, and get new blood into the group.

The idea is to have a fully sandbox campaign. While there are several overarching stories that the players will encounter, there is no requirement to follow one particular thread. Indeed, the players as a group are encouraged to develop their own stories and ideas for how the world will progress (or, if they take a different angle, destroyed, overthrown, etc).

At the start of the campaign players will be human, in search of abandoned sanctums to gain powers. Later characters will start with baseline powers in order to keep the campaign moving at a reasonable pace.

Power creation/design is highly flexible, and I welcome new ideas.

If you're in the Surrey area and interested in playing, drop me a line.