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12-22-2013, 03:59 PM
I have a Pathfinder level 6 wizard half elf Illusionist (opposition schools necromancy/divination). His personality is a mixture of Fred/George from Harry Potter, and Matrim Cauthon from WoT. He likes to play pranks on people... which is where I run into a problem. I'm a goody two-shoes in real life. The best prank I've done is secretly wetting my brother's toothbrush with water right before he brushed his teeth (dastardly, I know). Any ideas for good pranks to play on the party?

12-22-2013, 11:17 PM
what level of humor resonates best with your players?

for example:

if your group is all young males, then using ghost sound to emulate whoopee cushions, placing illusionary stains where people were just sitting, having things jump out and say boo, and having a distractingly attractive female illusion standing in just the wrong spot to cause accidents, would be considered a fair start.

for the more complex and mature group, i guess it depends on if you are going to be cruel or cunning. watch some episodes of mission impossible, and look for where illusions would have (or did) come in handy. you could convince someone that they are going mad by twisting their perceptions subtly, bit by bit, especially if you can manage to limit the illusion to just them. illusions can cloak, and disguise, and mislead... and even hurt if they are believed in too much.

illusions can enhance a performance, in subtle or obvious ways. i recall one gamer who used illusions to put emoticons above her character's head, up to and including a little rain cloud when they were sad. in the words of one famous super villain - the difference between a villain, and a super villain, is presentation! or rather: PRESENTATION!

if you are going to focus on pranks, then the best is to mix reality with illusion, so that the observers become uncertain as to which is which. cloaking holes or doors, making fake openings and doors, fake snake in the sleeping bag, voices from items and backpacks, the possibilities are vast. i might advise picking up telekinesis when possible to pack an added punch.

12-24-2013, 05:57 PM
Really, his humor equates to office pranks. Sometimes kinda mean office pranks, but never anything too dangerous. He usually reserves them for people he likes or extremely dislikes, never anyone in between. In his back story, he enchanted the door to the mess hall of his magical academy to make romantic noises whenever someone pulled on the door rings, he managed to bind a poltergeist in the instructor's lounge, and eventually set a delayed explosion in the latrines to explode with nastiness when a poor slob sat down. The latter got him kicked out, even if it only injured someone's pride.

He has the Craft Wondrous Item feat, so I was thinking of leaving a bunch of cursed items around the party camp one night. Maybe replacing people's belongings with illusioned cursed replicas. Silly curses like turning their wearer's outfit flamboyantly pink (heheh, i'm looking at YOU deathknight), making the wearer occasionally bleat like a goat whenever tasty oats are mentioned, etc...

12-24-2013, 06:02 PM
I should add that my DM and other players are pretty relaxed about the rules, and everyone can take a joke. (In fact, I've invited them to get my character back)

12-26-2013, 10:49 AM
too bad you are an illusionist... i know some awesome psionic pranks.

well, let's see... you'll need some sovereign glue and oil of slipperiness at a 1:2 ratio. prestidigitation is a must. arcane lock, grease, ventriloquism, ghost sound, mage hand, arcane eye, and magic mouth are good choices. putting a magic mouth on the melee type's weapon to make various amusing remarks like, "whoa, watch where you put those hands, buddy", and, "your grandmother has a stronger grip", and other more questionable comments might be in line. illusionary signs on people's backs saying "monster bait", and "you only have to outrun me", and similar would work. illusionary mimes that mimic recent actions are sure to enrage. you could play up the slapstick on yourself, as well, having anvils fall on your head, lightbulbs appear (or burn out, as appropriate), little black storm clouds, and other stuff. sovereign glue is great for your sticky situations, and oil of slipperiness and grease can make for interesting times. locking someone's backpack with arcane lock, using ventriloquism to make 'offstage' or 'heckler-from-the-crowd' remarks are some other possibilities. ghost sound could make a rogue's footgear (loudly) squeaky, among other audible uses.

i remember one time where i used hallucinatory terrain to great effect against some enemies, in addition to our standard use of making the inside of a rope trick easier on the eyes.