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Hallowed Bayou
12-18-2013, 02:36 AM

An endless struggle to gain control over New Orleans ended in devastating bloodshed on all opposing sides. With countess dead, each supernatural faction left the city empty for nearly three decades out of respect to those who had fallen. Now, a new Prince has arrived to rebuild what was once a broken domain and the other creatures from the world hidden from mortals have returned to restore what had been lost for so long.

Hallowed Bayou is a 3rd Edition World of Darkness game that includes: Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Changing Breeds and Sorcerers. It seems like a strange combination of systems, but the storyline behind the city - one of death and a loss of honor, encourages all types to work together to maintain a level of civility and prevent another war among them.

For people who have never played in a World of Darkness game, they are heavily based on political and social maneuvering. Shows like Rome, The Tudors, Kindred: The Embrace (which was based directly off the system), or Game of Thrones are really good examples of how the game might look were it translated to television. There is some combat, but there is no 'questing'. The game relies heavily on relationship building (friends, enemies, allies) and the constant struggle to maintain the Masquerade - hiding from the mortal world.

And while you may have never tried the system before, the staff are always more than happy to help someone who is willing to learn.

The game is run on the DarkMyst server on irc. To access it, a player only needs to go to www.mibbit.com (http://www.mibbit.com/) and choose the server under the listed options or download the IRC program. The main out of character channel is #Hallowed_OOC - where players are encouraged to chat and get to know with staff and their fellow players as well as ask any questions that they may have.

It's an open game, meaning that it's 24/7 as long as there are players around, and considering that we all come from different time zones and have different schedules, there are usually people lurking about looking to go in character. The main channel, #Hallowed_Bayou is set in the Elysium (which is open to all supernatural types), where characters socialize and exchange information. Storylines occur often and there are always events (either more casual ones like balls, concerts, club openings or the ones that are related to storylines or formal like a Moot for Werewolves or the Court for Vampires).

Everything that anyone could need to get involved is shared in the information on the website and forum. There are links to step-by-step creation, for the source books and a lot of the information is just posted directly there in organized categories for easy access.

Our Website: http://hallowedbayou.yolasite.com/

For information about the Setting, read these links:


Our Forum: http://hallowedbayou.freeforums.org/

Players are welcome to create any of the following:

Vampires: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue, Ravnos, Followers of Set*, Giovanni*, Tzimisce*, Lasombra*

*These clans are restricted and you will have to talk to an ST about getting approved

Garou/Fera: Bastet, Gurahl, Mokole, Kitsune*, Rokea*, Corax, Ratkin, Garou, Nuwisha, Ajabi, Nagah

*These shfters are restricted and you will have to talk to the ST about getting approved

Other: Sorcerers, Mortals, Kinfolk

Hallowed Bayou
12-21-2013, 04:02 PM
To find us, either use the browser chat site www.mibbit.com or download the mIRC program directly to your computer, which you can find here.

SERVER: irc.darkmyst.org (use the command /server)

CHANNELS: (use the /join command)
#Hallowed_OOC - the out of character channel and the best place to ask questions
#Hallowed_Bayou - the main roleplay channel and Elysium
#Hallowed_Dice - the dice channel, for all in-game challenges
#Hallowed_OPs - the channel for staff and the place to ask questions, get approved and spend XP

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HI there. Just wondering if this is still running. I"m definitely interested in playing!