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12-15-2013, 11:06 AM

Since I'm fascinated with P&PG's play-by-chat rooms, I'll be heading here when it's time to playtest my public domain RPG.

The game is called Modos RPG, and it has two primary features:

- It's a streamlined, speed-play game similar to d20 rules.
- It's free, public domain, and encourages user modification.

I'm writing the rulebook now, which is about 50% complete. It contains the first rules revision, and a reader-friendly format (unlike the rules catalog that can be found at Obsidian Portal). Help and input are greatly appreciated - but please ask questions or just stop by to enjoy an easy drop-in game once I get all the rules (not yet all the spells or monsters) written up.

Happy hunting!

12-28-2013, 09:20 AM
Rulebook's attached. Here's an overview of the system:

- Contest rolls are d20 + ability mod + skill points
- Three abilities: physical, mental, and metaphysical
- No classes, races, alignment, HP, AC, saves, op attacks, or long tables of what you can do in combat
- 20 skills and 30+ perks for character customization
- Hero points: daily skill bonuses that can be crafted to resemble class abilities
- No grid: combat posture system simplifies combat, similar to early Final Fantasy combat
- No death. It turns out, your friend is only mostly dead.

Players, writers, artists, and critics needed!