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Engineer Doramos
12-14-2013, 04:11 PM
Hey peoples! I've been preparing to run an online game using roll20, which may phase into a tabletop game when I move back to the Chicago area in May (right now I'm in Wisconsin) if there are players that join who also live in that area who can travel to my place in Evanston. I've been building up the website and have a nest of opening adventures set up from old notes derived from campaigns I prepped for but never got to run. The referee style is very open to player-control. For instance, when you start out, even though the beginning area is fixed, there are several hooks to choose from that can lead in many directions. It's starting at 5th level, and I'm going with point-buy for stats, as well as asking people to submit their character ideas as applications. I'm probably going to shoot for a character idea deadline of January 3rd or so. The party should be composed of 4 or 5 characters. If you want, take a peek at the site - I'm still filling in data for it but it's pretty detailed and comprehensive as it is now regardless. Amount of point buy is still TBA. Starting funds depends on background.


-Edit - I have one player making an Evoker Wizard Sun Elf so far. Point buy has been fixed at 32 points for characteristics.