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Warning! -
If you are lazy about reading, half pay attention or make a half heart-ed effort when doing your end of things for the game then please! move on, we are not interested in gaming with you.

What You're Here For -
Your Joining a secret society(The Black Light), fun adventure, interesting interaction, amazing puzzles, a mind field of traps, not just "hit, miss" hack n slash and of course mystery await you.

Schedule -
Play Times : 10 pm Atlantic, 9 EST start and goes until people get tired. 3 - 4 sessions per week on average, Saturday, Sunday and random week days.
Sessions last between two and a half to three hours on average.

Time Line:Medieval Fantasy Plus
Plus: Meaning some slight advancements in the world have been made but not world wide changes. Printing Press, Coal, Oil, Gunpowder, Plumbing, Notic Energy(It works like electricity), Clock, Fridge Freezer and Light Bulbs have been discovered(and more), this does not mean all the real world ways known to use these things have been discovered yet. You can come across steam boats, trains, powered homes, flushing toilets and ringing bells ect ect. Yet there are still goblins, dragons ect to deal with while the world evolves.

Home-Brewed Game:
This is not a game we are testing, the game works and has been in use for some time now..

The Black Light Secret Society -
Project Incredulous -
Incredulous:Unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true.
Group Founding Statements:
*"We Are The Resistance"
*"Out With The Old, In With The New"
Goal: Over throw the corrupted global government known as spark.
Note:The black light front as a security guild.

"Open World Game"
*Main Over All Goal -
The story focuses on the black light secret society your character will be apart of.
*Adventuring/Working -
The adventures/work is aimed at helping the black light achieve their goal.
*Creating Your Own Purpose(Goals Ect) In The Game -
Between adventures there will be time to roam a city, start a business or family ect. Maybe create your own adventure by seeking out an old treasure for example.

This is an important rule - (Scheduling issues should not be a problem here)The black lights uses a magical system to bring characters back to a business location or sends characters out into the field with a party. Meaning DM can bring players in an out of a session, you only need to show when you are in the mood to play. This means i can take on a large number of players(Basically unlimited) but only DM 6 players per session.

Willing to take new players on who don't know how to play but wanna learn -
I have created a walk-through for newbies, I don't have the time to sit with each new person and walk them through the process, hence why I made the effort to set something up that will help the new players and veteran players make a character and get into the game easily.

Character Creation Is Easy:
You will get a "Kit" of files, including a phb(Players Hand Book), in the phb locate "Character Creation Walk-through" and follow the steps shown in there to complete a character.
Note: The "Kit" will be sent to you on openrpg(Of course after you ask the DM to send you the kit).
Character creation consist of one file with about 8 paragraphs worth of text that walks you through completing a character(It is cut into steps, you don't need to read it all at once).

Text Game But Skype Still Required:
Players may use a mic if they have one but a mic is not required, as long as you can hear the DM you can play(in text). Yes you can download skype then join an audio call without a mic.
To find me on skype search by email condordm@hotmail.com(I have 2 skype accounts, the one related to the email is the one you need to be added to).

Number One Rule:
You must get along with the DM and other players. I don't care if you are the best player in the world, if we don't get along, you don't get to game here.

Please don't contact me through email -
You can contact me here through pm here or find the room "The Society" on the openrpg program.
To find me on skype search by email condordm@hotmail.com(I have 2 skype accounts, the one related to the email is the one you need to be added to).

The Society is now a full on home-brewed game, ignore the link address hint towards ad&d, we no longer run ad&d.

Read more: http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com (http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com/thread/258/society-recruiting-start#ixzz2wQXIC1L4)

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