View Full Version : D&D 4e Campaign - every other Friday night - looking for one more

11-18-2013, 03:22 PM
Greetings fellow gamers! I organize, host, and DM an experienced group that has been playing steadily since 2008. We are about to embark on a brand new campaign and are looking for one more player to join our ranks. Here are the basics:

What: D&D 4e (we'll likely switch to D&D Next whenever it is released)
When: Every other Friday night (last played 11/15)
Where: Burnsville, MN

Here are some specifics on the group itself:

We are five guys in our 30's and 40's (median age is 37)
We are a mature, easy-going, low-drama bunch and have good senses of humor
We are interested in story and quality roleplaying
We build real characters with actual motives, not just loot-obsessed stat blocks
We shower regularly and boast well above average hygiene for gamers
We are very familiar with the rules but abhor rules lawyering

As mentioned, we are interested in adding one more member to our merry band, but group dynamics are key. The longevity of the group is tied directly to being able to find and add people who are a good fit. Here are some of the things we are looking for in a new member:

Friendly and respectful person with a good sense of humor in the same general age range
Reliable and able to play every other week (stuff comes up now and then for sure but the default should be available)
Motivated to build, develop, and role-play a character and contribute to the game
Desire to meet new friends, discover new worlds, and slay interesting monsters
Interest in taking a turn behind the DM screen every now and then
General awesomeness is a plus

Interested? PM me with why you'd like to join. Thanks!