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11-11-2013, 12:37 PM
We just lost a player to a scheduling conflict, and are now in the market for one maybe two players.

The Premise--
Allprisons have secrets, but the ones held by the Gaurde-SaisonCorrectional Rehabilitation Facility run much deeper.
Onehears very little about Changelings who violate the laws of theirFreehold. Perhaps it is assumed they are killed, or exiled, ordragged back into Arcadia. All of this may be true, but, as always,there's more to the story. Gaurde-Saison, or the Garden, as it'saffectionately called, houses those who have crossed the few linesthat Changelings draw.

Forthose who have been tried and found guilty, often brought in by theTolltaker Knights who nominally oversee the Garden, a special kind ofconfinement awaits. Like everything associated with Changelings, theprison wears a mask. For all the world, it appears to be a basic,high-security prison, in the Northern isolation of California,somewhere out Highway 139. It even houses many prisoners who are (orwere, at least) wholly human. But to the eyes of those touched by theGentry, the prison tells a deeper story.

Builton the convergence of several trodes, where the strength of the Hedgehas allowed it to push through into the mortal world, the prison isone of Thorns as well as Bars. In fact, it is so enmeshed in theworld of Faery, that the only way in and out is to go through theTrodes, into the human realm. The gates that lead into the prison area Door of their own, through reality, into the half-Arcadia of theHedge. You must enter the Garden through the ways of the flesh, andby the ways of the flesh you must leave.


Basically, it's a game of bad people doing bad things, occasionally striving for redemption, occasionally not. It's an exploration of what Changelings are when they are imprisoned by something OTHER than the Keepers. We're working with dreams, reality, and a set of house-made Sensory Courts that govern spaces where the Seasons, the Directions, and the other Courts no longer hold sway

We're running a 2 GM game, where each GM takes over from the other in a collaborative play-style (not a 1 session back and forth exchange). Each GM has his/her own pet characters we play, and NPCs that are mostly our own, but we largely share everything.

Our current cast:
Joe Tunn-- a cyclops ogre, imprisoned for murder, but more for causing the Goblin Market of his home area to uproot stakes and leave, due to threats from Joe. He's an onieromancer.

Jackie Lector-- a beastkith jackal. She's imprisoned for serial murder, and, incidentally, cannibalism. She's quiet, reserved, and has a cult following of groupies that admire her. She's not really bad, so much as driven by instinct.

Anu-- an ice elemental. Hard to read, cold, distant. Possibly imprisoned for murder, possibly for oathbreaking, possible for some other crime. She epitomizes her kith, but goes to the line for her motley.

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