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06-30-2007, 11:39 AM
My name is Brian, I play dungons and dragons have been doing so for over a year, I enjoy playing fantasy campaigns but am willing to try others. I live in Belleville Ont. though I will be temporarily be relocating to Stratford Ont. and am looking for a temporary group to game with in Stratford, and possibly a more long term group in Belleville upon my return home.

Beyond the informal bit about gaming im a laid back easy going guy who likes to chill in his free time and brainstorm ideas for "The Great Campaign" right now it's spitting and I'm only a 12th lvl Drd so i'll have to wait for control weather. (A very bad little DnD joke there)

06-30-2007, 03:09 PM
Hello. I'd welcome you, but I just got here a couple days ago, so I don't think I have that authority. Still, in my book, you're welcome.