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10-30-2013, 01:48 PM
October 31, 1864 - Ghost Dance is performed by a multitude of various Indian tribes. The dance awakens ancient spirits and creates a crossing of our dimension to the spirit dimension. Creatures which had fled our dimension during the time of the Age of Reason return.

April - June 1865 - Confederate land forces surrender to the Union land forces during these months, with the Confederate Naval vessel CSS Shenandoah being the last to surrender on November 4, 1865 in Liverpool, England.

March 1876 - Charlie Utter and his brother Steve lead wagon train to Deadwood, South Dakota.

August 1876 - A new posse arrives in Deadwood. Will they be a help or hindrance to the town?

We are a group of 3 players and 1 GM, myself, who are interested in starting up a Basic Role-Playing campaign set in the wild weird west. Interested in finding 3 more players who can play regularly every other Wednesday night from 6 to 10 P.M.

Game will have plenty of role-playing opportunities and even combat at times. If you'd like to play a character in the wild west, then join us for plenty of fun and adventure. To find out more about the setting and character creation, check out the Deadwood Deacon website - Deadwood Deacon (http://www.johnprime.com/deadwood_deacon/).

07-01-2015, 08:02 AM
In 2nd year of current campaign. Still could use 1 to 3 more players! Have added the campaign to Obsidian Portal, updating it with characters and game notes. To view the campaign on Obsidian Portal, go to here (https://deadwood-deacon.obsidianportal.com/).