View Full Version : Normalcy is More Than a Word

10-30-2013, 12:33 PM
About the Game
We alternate between two pathfinder campaign style games every couple of months. The first is a city style campaign where PCs started at 5th level and the second takes place in a bar with 8th level PCs. Both games are combat heavy using role playing to advance the storyline. We meet every Wednesday from 9PM EST to 11PM EST.

About the People
There are currently 6 players and a GM ranging in ages from 35 - 55. Most of the group has been playing together for decades. We are old school, set in our ways, and not looking to do anything different than what we are already doing. Everyone is established, with families, jobs, and responsibilities.

About the Player we are Looking For
We want someone who is gainfully employed and established. Not someone between jobs, looking for work, or works at a job they don't intend on staying with. People who are not gainfully employed always have job issues that get in the way of gaming.

We want someone who has a significant other who accepts gaming. People who are with someone who does not accept their gaming causes problems for the group. We don't want to hear that you need to take breaks to handle your kids, put the baby to bed, take out the dog etc. We don't want to hear you have to leave early because your wife or husband is upset. Game time is the groups time. Your personal situation shouldn't become our problem.

Finally we want someone who fits with our group. We are not cocky or think we are the greatest players. We don't care how much experience you have. We want someone who fits. We would be considered a serious gaming group with characters who are built for combat. People who like 47 multi-classes and need a motivation for how to play their character. We want someone who builds for team efficiency.

We need 1 player. Are you out there?