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10-25-2013, 01:14 PM
Character Creation
25 Point Buy for characters.
No Wizards or Gunslingers.
Classes: anything Paizo official
Feats: anything Paizo official
Races: Anything core rulebook. Other races accepted upon GM approval.
Traits: 2 traits.
OPTIONAL: you can take a drawback to gain a 3rd trait
Max HP for level 1, Max Gold

Level 3

This is a Skype Game
Sabrina.Stillings is my skype name.
We will be using roll 20.
If you canít voice then donít bother contacting me
Epic role play is rewarded with mythic levels

You pick your back story (make it reasonable)
You must have a backstory

Homebrew world/setting

Kingdom builder rules will be applied (you will be given the resources to start a kingdom after you gain the kings favor)

People can die, sometimes viciously, sometimes by their own hand. People can be jerks, blatantly lie, betray you, and shank you for your money if you tick them off. You can be compelled to kill your own parents if you fail your will save. Eldritch abominations that want to consume you only after theyíve consumed your sanity may appear.

People might hate your guts because somebody of your race happened to anger them in the past. People can rape/be raped, though it can be avoided by being smart/non confrontational

Basically, its real life, bad things can happen. They donít need to, and you donít seek it out, but if you do they /are/ there.

Most NPCS are reasonable to a degree, and if you donít step on their toes, they will at least let you exist. Most can be persuaded one way or another, but your argument has to be sound. Some are just jerks, but theres no point in being a shining beacon of justice unless you can smite evil now and then.

Essentially you'll have to speak their language. If a monster will only respond with violence, teach him such. Others its money, others is favors, ect.

The known world is in a current state of chaos, the 5 major kingdoms are currently being plague by pestilence, famine and drought. Food is extremely precious. Crime is on the rise.
People are dying in droves.
The leaders of the world blame the simultaneous disappearance of 5 sacred orbs that are said to have been gifted to world by the gods to bring peace and order.
There have been rumors that a continent to the east has suddenly appeared from nowhere and it is rumored that the king is seeking leaders to send to the new continent to colonize it. Those are just rumors however, nothing has been officially said by the elvish king

You will be starting in the elven kingdom to the South. You will start off in a tavern that is world renowned for its ale. The Elven kingdom (Arizule) has been doing the best of the 5 kingdoms, being smart about rationing its food, water, medicine and magic.

Party Thus Far: The party has captured a fugitive named Stix and turned her over to a crime boss named Jeff. Jeff has now contracted the Party to perform a hit on one of his rivals. The rival Sylvester Goldenburg has paid off the party not to kill him and has given the party the location of Jeffs hiding place. The party is going to confront Jeff.

11-02-2013, 10:24 PM
What timezone and time exactly will you be playing?

11-03-2013, 02:31 PM
PST 10 am on thursday. I am recruting 1 more player for the same game but higher level for tuesday

11-03-2013, 03:50 PM
Thanks for the info! I've pm'd you.

11-04-2013, 01:16 PM
Thursday is filled, back to recruiting for thursdays