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Evil Nosferatu
10-15-2013, 10:41 PM
This thread is a 'just looking' thread at this point, not advertising an existing game at this time. I am looking for some more players. I'm also looking for a GM if there is one available. Currently I have myself and one other who 'might' be a GM. We'd of course prefer to play so if someone out there is a hyper GM, we'd be happy to let you take the reins.

We're preferring to play with the D&D 4e system or Pathfinder. The setting is mostly your choice, but having some input would be a good thing indeed considering.

Please message me if it sounds like you might be willing to join. The group comprises of folks mostly in their 30s so relatively serious people who have careers, so scheduling COULD be a bit of an issue, but once we're past that it should be a veritable fun time.

Thanks for your consideration,