View Full Version : Are you a DM interested in playtesting 5th edition? We'll bring the players!

10-14-2013, 03:51 PM
We are an online (IRC) D&D organization that runs several campaigns at once in a shared setting. Although we have just done 3.5 in the past, we are currently looking for people to help us playtest 5e. Specifically this call is for a talented DM with experience in RPG (and, preferably, one of the earlier editions of D&D).
As a DM you get everything you need to run a campaign, including our support as game staff. You just need to bring your own concept, and we'll do the rest: supply you with players, tools for running the game online, and a forum where you can consult with the other DMs or talk to our community. If one of your players drop, we'll assign a replacement.
If you would like to DM a 3.5 game, that's fine as well.

As mentioned, several campaigns take place simultaneously in the same custom game world which spans several different cultures and climates (DMs have their pick of setting). If you have an existing campaign that you want to run, it will probably require only slight modifications.
During games we use two IRC rooms, one for out-of-character chat and use of the dicebot (auto die rolling program), and the other room for in-character dialog, actions, and descriptions. We use a program called Maptool (http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=maptool) for battle maps.
In case anyone is worried, at no time will anyone ask for any money to change hands. We're all doing this for fun.
If anyone is interested email joinseekers@yahoo.com and include the following:

Full name
State you live in (or country if you aren't in the US)
Year you were born (not the full birthdate)
What days of the week and times you'd be available to play
How much experience you have with DMing D&D or tabletop RPGs in general, what types of campaigns you generally like to run.
Anything else about yourself that you're comfortable sharing.