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10-12-2013, 09:35 AM
Hello all, I am looking into running a scene by scene session of the game, Vampire the Masquerade 20th anniversary edition.
The same is set in the present day in a home brew location in the USA. I would like to play run this weekly in google hangouts, Yes you need a Microphone to play. I ask that you be of the age 18 or older and have a decent concept of that vtm is about. It is a very simple game to get into and the rules are rather simple. I will be available to anwser any questions that may pop up and you can contact me via Email at joel.lambertii@gmail.com

On to the good stuff.

This is going to be a Sabbat game, you will be all in a pack. Clans that are allowed the the ones in the V20 book only, no exceptions. Assamites are limited to 1, Lasombra limited to 1 and Tzcmicse is limited to 1, The rest of the players need to choose antitribues. I am looking for 5 players.

Character creation guide lines
You will be rolling a neonate standard point purchase. no more than 4 in any ability after character creation. nor more than 3 resources. you may buy points in generation with freebie points but you can not go below 10th gen.( you will all start at 13th gen during character creation.)

I dont require extensive backgrounds as i know alot of people dont have a ton of time to just sit and write but i would like something as to who your character was and how they were chosen for the embrace.

The setting is 2013 the setting is the city of New Haven, a once great Sabbat city that had just been overtaken by the Camarilla. you were tasked to infiltrate the Camarilla and find details on who the new prince is and where the Archon's are.

New Haven is a city no like any others. the Ruthless downtowns dwell mass gang violence and territories. The heart of the city lies the Camarillas strong hold. with towers so high in the sky they look never ending. and a gloomy mist can always been seen as. Population of 900k in total live in this shore side city. in the northern west west of the USA.

Again This will be played over google hangouts and you will need a working mic to play.

email is : joel.lambertii@gmail.com