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10-08-2013, 07:27 PM
**This is not an online game, the Game location would not accept any address I gave it for 3810 Federal Blvd Denver CO 80211**

*After Read http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/dark-day I am debating on moving away from Palladium system and onto Modern D20 as many people (understandably) do not like Palladium game mechanics, on that note I am also considering even GURPS but that would be a stretch for me as I have never used the system before.*

Welcome to… Wyoming…? As the world begins to settle down a little after the turbulence, lawlessness and chaos of the destruction of the world, many of the caravans of nomads and travelers looking for peace and maybe some comfort have parked their vehicles the last time in the township of Rose. Booming many years ago with simple pleasures such as a reliant food source from the hydroponic gardens, the town of Rose is now on the decline, the inhabitants know the future of living in the town is non existent and the thought of traversing out into the hostile lands to find better living is frightening.
But before that time comes to pass, a local crew of Coalition Government brings it’s bulk into town. These are not the refined heavily armed and armored Coalition that is to come, no this is nothing more then a group of raiders who joined up with the CS and are sporting some insignia’s and gear. Every faction has a beginning and the times you are living in, is that beginning. As these are raiders in uniforms, you and your companions will need to make some snap decisions about how to survive this encounter and then how to deal with the aftermath.


Because I was unable to find a game nearby like what I wanted, I had to make my own, this is only going to be my second Rifts Campaign I have been the GM. Any one who pops in a looks this over I always like feedback, positive or negative. As the above paragraph is more of a introduction, do not judge me too harshly on some things I want to remain a secret for any potential players. I would like 4 players but as long as there is at least 2, I think we can play and have a good time. Look it over and let me know what you think.