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A lot of D&D fantasy around town but not much futuristic / horror that I can find so I had to make my own: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/fraction-of-a-faction still working on it though would like to jump into the latest Shadowrun edition but cannot find a game.

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good luck finding a game! and welcome to the forums. =D

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Welcome to the forums, AKA13! Tellus a gaming story!


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Welcome to the forums, AKA13! Tellus a gaming story!


Lets see a gaming story, I will do two, one as a player and one as a GM. This first one is from Tacticon here in Colorado where I played as a Face character in Shadowrun 5th edition:

I was about 20 minutes outside the containment zone of Chicago on the Northside at a club trying to drown out my last run with a few pints and some eye candy when I got the call. It was my fixer, No-Neck an old battle scarred runner calling me. "Yes" I squeaked my voice first words since my last run where non stop talking had almost left me hoarse. "Ho chummer I have an opportunity for you" I rubbed my throat while I waited for him to continue. ""Wait one second let me put her on" No-Neck's image faded and a older lady with similar Asian heritage to my own came online. "Let me introduce myself, my name is Quantum Princess and I want you for a run"

"Go on" I casually replied. She spilled the meat of it quick and rough, out in the containment zone there was little to no wireless net, her employer wanted me and a few others to go out and set one up for $5K Nuyen which I happily negotiated up to $8K. "Grab your fellow runners and meet at the the entrance to the zone just outside Midway airport, that is your fist stop" "On my way" I sighed heavily, paid for my drinks and left.

Oh hell the zone, I better be paired up with a half dozen walking tanks or good chance I am going to spend the rest of the night running for my life. As I walked outside I found 2 fresh inches of snow atop my Ford Americar and more coming down. Cracking open the car down, I dug around in my coat, finding my Browning ultra power and smoothly attaching the silencer to it before holstering it again. "Here we go" I mumbled to myself as my ride roared to life and I drove out towards the meet site.

What I found when I arrived was not several walking tanks but some fresh faced runners that didn't seem to know how handle themselves, case in point was one runner "Smiley" was driving a motorcycle in what was now almost 8 inches of snow! "Shit" I groaned, new runners, half of them probably will not live threw the night. I stuck my head out the window and thinking quickly for an alias and said "Hoi, my name is Wu, are you all ready?" As I looked them over I saw one sickly looking mage type, a combat adept with his nose millimeters from one of his weapons inspecting every line and mark of his new toy and a Spanish looking gentleman who could barely speak English polishing his own Americar while the bass of music thumped from it.

They all looked up at about the same time and each one spat out a response giving me insight into their personalities. Bear the adept blurted out something I believe was "F yeah!" in some sort of steroid induced comatose state of mind, the mage Gillian nodded, Chooma never stopping to polish his car called out "Si senor" while Smiley started talking so fast it even made my head spin.

"Ok, Ok!" I waved my hands at Smiley in surrender, "First stop is the control tower" I pointed over to the barely visible peak sitting just off what used to be the runway. Without much of a response my fellow runners got into their respective vehicles with the Gillian joining Bear in his, and we drove out towards the tower. At some point during the 10 minute drive Smiley disappeared from my rear view mirror. Lost one already did we, I thought as that feeling of Dread in my stomach slowly began to grow.

When we were less than 100 feet out my comm link started buzzing with chatter, the others have spotted a couple of armed men at the entrance to the control tower. "I will talk to them" in response to questioning as to what to do, most people don't want any trouble and it helps if you wave some Nuyen in their face too. I pulled my vehicle up to less then 20 feet stuck my head out the window and called out "Me and my friends have some business inside, can we come in?" Without hesitation they both trained their assault rifles on me and one of them said "Not today boyo, come back another day" After a few minutes of attempted bribes and talk, I was getting nowhere.

Then the adept Bear got impatient and the bullets started to fly, he popped out his turret of his truck and dumped more then three times the amount of ammunition to kill a man into the drek I was dealing with. I slammed on the gas in reverse as grenades started getting lobbed from Chooma's car. Body parts scattered everywhere from what used to be two living breathing people suddenly had a large spirit manifesting right on top of the gore....

**More to follow, off to work for now**

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Great story so far! Can't wait to see how it ends.


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Welcome aboard the forums,
Have a great stay here.

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**those 12 hour works days in a kitchen really take it out of me, but back to the action, lets see I left off at...**

As the spirit manifested itself in front of us, the turret of Bear's truck went silent and so did Chooma's grenades. Something like this bullets did not hurt. I watched as Gillian stepped out of the truck and squared off in front of the spirit like it was high noon in an old west gunfight. The action happened fast, bolts of mystical energy exchanged between the two in a blink of an eye, with one blast lighting up Gillian like a jack o' lantern and left him and his clothing smoking. Gillian raised up from the attack roared like a feral animal and quelled the spirit with one final attack before crumpling to the ground in pain. Bear ran to his side and began to bandage his wounds and make sure he was still breathing.

Then I jumped, as voice hit my comm link, it was Smiley. Not loud and rambunctious like before, I glanced over to my right as I saw him walking the pieces of his motorcycle up beside by car, his helmet missing and nose clearly bent side ways. I never found out what happened back on the road, if he was jumped, wrecked or had his own dirty work to take care of back there in the snow and ice somewhere out in the ruins of the airport. "I'm going up" is all he said, as he laid his motorcycle back on it's side pulled a SMG out of his leather jacket and headed for the door.

"Don't shoot!" A voice echoing from inside the control tower doorway, as I glance up, I see hands sticking out from inside showing signs of giving up. Bear immediately forgetting his friend pulled his own assault rifle a ran towards the door, grabbing the man inside and throwing him out into the snow and on top of the gore of the fight that just ensued.

"Please!" He begged "I can pay you more then they are paying you" With a swift kick, Bear dug his boots into the mans ribs."What are you talking about, speak!" "Your hear for my head aren't you?, I can pay you more then those gangers can, just let me walk away" Thoroughly confused now, I walk up next to Bear and without missing a beat "Strip down and get out of here, I do not want to ever see you again" Without hesitation, even with snow falling heavily now, the man stripped down naked tossing us his weapons and cred stick before running as hard as he could out into the frozen winter land. Me and Bear exchanged looks before he went back to taking care of Gillian as I rummaged around in the man's belongings and picking up anything of value that was left of his bodyguards (?) I only caught a glimpse of Smiley walking into the control tower and few minutes later him on the comm link saying "It's fixed, one down one to go" Almost immediately followed by him transferring our benefactor directly to me without so much as saying a word.

Quantum Princess had a slight confused look on her face as she knew she called Smiley but getting me instead was unexpected, but she calmly changed expressions and stated "Well done, I can now see the the node on the net, hop over to veterans Park, setup the last node then pay day for you" "Of course, we are on our way now" I smoothly replied as professional as possible. As soon as she hung up No-Neck dropped a call on me "More work for you, patching him on now" before I could even respond I was looking at a dragon kind in a nice suit "A friend recommended you" he slithered "I have a job nearby that needs to be done, you got some runners with you right? You want to make money right" before he finished his sentence I plugged everyone else onto the call on silent and mute so they could only listen and I was the only one who could hear them.

Immediately Chooma knew the score and frantically started shaking his head "No,no, no! never work for a Dragon, you don't get paid and they geek you in the end" Some of the best English he has said all night, but I didn't need him to tell me those things, I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. "What's the score I calmly replied to our new Leather skinned acquaintance. "There is a small abandoned research facility on within 5 miles of you, I need someone to go in check the computers and find what they were working on there and download it to me, the pay is 10K"

10K nuyen to go over to an abandoned research facility and grab some data? Definitely too good to be true, this abandoned place was probably swarming with something, gangers, spirits, who knows but I didn't care to find out. Never one to insult a Dragon kind, I am not barmy after all I did a slow reply "I am currently on another run, and as I am under contract, I cannot take the job right now. I would suggest you ask someone else" Without a change of expression the reptile nodded and continued " I will look for other people to do the work" As the screen went black, Chooma breathed a sigh of relief with Bear only shrugging as he was helping Gillian back into the truck. Smiley hadn't said a word in the last 10 minutes but began to walk over to me. "Can I ride with you? My bike is trash" I motioned for him to get in and noted that blood still leaked out of one of his wounds down onto the SMG still gripped in his left hand. The car will need a wash when this is over.

Within 30 minutes we were at the park, Bears truck easily punching through the remnants of the gate and right up to the tree line. We could go no further by vehicle, we would have to walk it. Smiley, warmed from the heater on the ride over, loosened back up and quipped "Last one, then a hot bath with some hot ladies" before hoping out of the passenger side and casually strolling towards what appeared to be a large electrical relay tower near the center of the area. He didn't make it past the first tree, when a snipers bullet buried itself inches from him into a branch by his face. Ducking for cover back behind my own car and pulling my pistol I heard loud mechanical noise and peeked out from below my vehicle to see a steel Lynx bounding out of the truck East towards the nearby apartment complex. Followed by Bear's turret going to work again and spraying towards were the shot had come from.

Smiley effectively pinned down, appeared to be reconfiguring his SMG into something like a scoped rifle as he spewed curses at his unseen attacker. More sniper fire rang out as the wind shield of my car was turned into a thousand tiny pieces of plexiglass. Before I could make a move, Bear patched me into his comm link as he laughed hysterically as I watched his Steel Lynx tear apart our attacker. With the Lynx making quick work of him, Bear surveyed the remains and noted a large Dragon head symbol on the mans clothing. Dragon kind do not take likely to being refused, this was a warning and I knew it. Not knowing if the danger was over, me and the others covered Smiley as he ran from tree to tree before making it to the large steel tower. With in minutes he was done and we were all driving out of the Zone as fast as possible before sunset, before the really bad things come out and play.

Smiley took the return phone call to Quantum Princess with his usual grin he noted the nuyen flowing into his account. Another day, another run.

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Next I will do one as a GM for a game but that will have to wait for another day.

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nice rendition of the game. =D

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Nice Story! See you on the forums!