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09-27-2013, 05:14 PM
All prisons have secrets, but the ones held by the Gaurde-Saison Correctional Rehabilitation Facility run much deeper.

One hears very little about Changelings who violate the laws of their Freehold. Perhaps it is assumed they are killed, or exiled, or dragged back into Arcadia. All of this may be true, but, as always, there's more to the story. Gaurde-Saison, or the Garden, as it's affectionately called, houses those who have crossed the few lines that Changelings draw.

For those who have been tried and found guilty, often brought in by the Tolltaker Knights who nominally oversee the Garden, a special kind of confinement awaits. Like everything associated with Changelings, the prison wears a mask. For all the world, it appears to be a basic, high-security prison, in the Northern isolation of California, somewhere out Highway 139. It even houses a few prisoners who are (or were, at least) wholly human. But to the eyes of those touched by the Gentry, the prison tells a deeper story.

Built on the convergence of several trodes, where the strength of the Hedge has allowed it to push through into the mortal world, the prison is one of Thorns as well as Bars. In fact, it is so enmeshed in the world of Faery, that the only way in and out is to go through the Trodes, into the human realm. The gates that lead into the prison are a Door of their own, through reality, into the half-Arcadia of the Hedge. You must enter the Garden through the ways of the flesh, and by the ways of the flesh you must leave.

Gaurde-Saison is staffed largely by Changelings, given that a place housing the fae-touched would be a ripe plum to the Gentry, even with mortal inmates. The Seasonal Courts play a large part in the structure of the bulls, but within the prison population, court loyalties often break down in strange ways, or are supplemented by the Sensational courts that have gained prominence in recent years. Courts within the Garden, come to be something more like gangs. Semi-civilized bands of Changelings working together to scrape the Glamour they can out of an area largely bereft of that resource.

What do you have to do to be sent to the Garden? Well, that depends on your Freehold. In San Francsico, it's been rumored that failing to vote for many seasons earns you a term. The most notable criminal from Orange County opened the trodes to the Gentry. Some have simply broken Clarity one too many times. Regardless, it's much, much easier to get in than to get out, for guards and prisoners alike.

Welcome to the Garden. No one leaves the same way they entered.

I am looking for 1-2 more players for this campaign. Players will be taking on the roles of everything from prison inspectors, to staff, to guards, to prisoners themselves. It will be a horror game, so be prepared for that. The plot will largely depend on what the players want to explore.

Please message me here, or (preferred) at merriweatherco AT gmail.com