View Full Version : Battlegrounds, Arenas, monster killings!

Yohan Redde
09-25-2013, 10:35 PM
This is solely a roll your character and start fighting! with some arena teams (pit a 2-4 man team against a group of baddies or another group of heroes), basically PvP; One on one Duels (a bar fight, hey u bumped in on the street, etc.); and to help other learn some basics when it comes to a game thy have not been able to play IRL.

So far the list of games that I would like to start off with for myself are:

Star Wars Saga Edition (this is the only one I actually know well)
d20 Modern (Past, Future, Cyberspace, Apocalypse, etc.)
D&D 3.5 (get the concepts, but never had a chance to play)
Dragon Age
The One Ring
Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

I have most of these books, and others I am willing to obtain with the right amount of interest in this style of gaming. I am more than willing in running some stuff for anyone wanting to learn or play some Saga edition. Everything else I will have to do some learning bouts for the rest of the other games that I posted as well as any others tat folks want to bring in.

Yohan Redde
10-15-2013, 03:23 PM
This is still an open thing. I am also still willing to try other systems to learn to play.