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09-24-2013, 01:47 AM
I've been thinking of getting back into the PBP world and running a PF campaign using one of the classic PF adventure paths. I have:
-Rise of the Runelords
-Curse of the Crimson Throne
-Second Darkness
-Legacy of Fire
-Council of Thieves

So if you are interested in joining a new PBP PF campaign, I am looking for six interested players. The players will vote on which adventure path they'd like to play and I'll run the one which is highest on everyone's priority list. If you are interested, post here with the APs you would be most interested in playing, in order or preference. Please include only those you have not played or run before (of course this being an internet thing, I have no way of knowing so it's the honor's system). This campaign will not necessarily be first-come, first-served. I will select players based on which AP will make the happiest six-person party.

I will provide rules for character creation once the AP has been selected, however, I will have to limit things in general to what is available on the PRD, i.e. the one at http://paizo.com/prd/ and NOT the one at www.d20pfsrd.com/ (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/). You are free to use the latter for your own reference, but if it does not appear on the Paizo site, it will not be allowed and if there is a discrepancy in rules, the Paizo site shall be the word of authority. This is because I do not own all of the books and would prefer not to introduce 3rd party publisher material. (Also note that because there have been changes and errata over the various editions of the Core Rulebook, I may be required by necessity to make a rules call from time to time. In such an event, I will do my best to be as consistent as possible with any future rulings on the same matter for the duration of the campaign.) As an incentive to keep the game simple in terms of rules glut, players who, whether by circumstance or choice, create characters with the intent of using solely the Core Rulebook plus the official Player's Guide for the selected AP for the life of the campaign will be granted bonus character creation points (or dice if I decide to do rolls) and starting equipment.

Average posting expectancy for this campaign will be at least three substantial posts (a complete paragraph of 3-5 sentences at minimum) per week or one post per 48 hours. This is, of course, barring exceptional circumstances, such as the website being down, extended travel plans, etc. So please do not express interest unless you have reasonable expectations of being able to participate with that level of frequency. In order to encourage active posting, experience will be awarded differently from the traditional manner in this campaign. After each encounter (whether combat, challenge or roleplaying) I will award experience on a player-by-player basis based on the quality and quantity of a player's posts in that encounter. And because I know not everyone is a master wordsmith, points will be awarded for effort. Experience points will also be scaled as the campaign difficulty increases.

Players will need an Obsidian Portal account (freely available at obsidianportal.com) and be expected to maintain a character sheet on that site.

I have also cross-posted this on enworld.org. I haven't decided which site I will use to host the game. It will probably depend on which site gets the most interested players.

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