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09-21-2013, 10:49 AM
Game Info:
Genre: Modern
System: GURPS 4th edition
Online: Yes
Tools Used: Skype chat will be used for all in-character interaction. Skype calls can be used for lounging around and chatting out of character during sessions. GCS for character sheets.
Realism vs. Cinematic: Realistic
Books used:

GURPS Basic Set (Both Characters and Campaigns)
Martial Arts
High Tech
Tactical Shooting (Some aspects)
Power-ups (Perks, Talents and possibly Impulse Buys)

Dice Rolling: Honor system
Desired Number of Players: 3-5

Covert Operations have increased in frequency and scope in the post 9/11 world, as governments, especially the United States, seek to stem the tides of crime and terrorism.
You might have been ex-military. Maybe a recruiter approached you out of college with an offer. Perhaps you locked up criminals or committed crimes. More than a few guys got in cause they hacked into places and things that landed them in hot water.
Regardless, everyone in The Business was chosen because they have a few things in common- expert skill in their particular craft, a lack of personal flaws or foibles that would make one ineligible for covert operations, and no qualms about taking whatever means necessary to take down horrible people who do horrible things.
You can expect to be sent to places all over the world, deal with seedy individuals and organizations that will want you dead if they discover who employs you. That's the thing. If you get caught, if things turn South, nobody knows you, cavalry is not coming, ransoms won't be paid, and most places won't consider you protected under the Geneva Conventions. Death and torture are the price of failure.
So you had better make sure you succeed.

Player Characters will be operatives working for a clandestine government agency, as part of a dedicated team. They will be highly skilled accomplished individuals within their various areas of expertise.

PCs will be based on 250 points.
All players will have to take a generic agent template and pick four 25-point specialty skills packages, which will use around 240 of those 250 points. These specialties encompass skills, perks, and advantages. Examples include HAZMAT, Hand to Hand Combat, Crypto, and Parkour.
PCs may take up to -45 points of allowed disadvantages in addition to those already included in the agent template.
Suggested Backgrounds: Military, Law Enforcement, Criminal, Espionage, Scientific
I prefer to use http://gcs.trollworks.com/wiki/start for character sheets. Specialties and the agent template will be provided for use with this program. Those unwilling to use it should contact me so I can send you the relevant information.


Weekly games.
Can play or Monday or Friday, to be decided
Looking to start sometime near 6PM EST and end before 2AM. (I doubt sessions will tend to run that long.)
Game will likely have interruptions during the Christmas holiday season

Expectation of Players:

Players must be willing to work cooperatively with other players to accomplish mission objectives.
Players should be prepared for mature subject material
Players will be expected to maintain current character sheets at all times
I will exercise GM fiat to exclude players who have a degenerate effect on the game from playing. (Munchkins, attention seekers, and so on.)

Those interested in playing should reply here or let me know through PMs. I will also attempt to be in P&P Chat, especially on Monday and Friday (my days off). I welcome questions or comments.

09-24-2013, 09:42 AM
A reddit post has drawn 2 confirmed players and has received 2 more responses that I am waiting to finalize.