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09-13-2013, 08:39 PM
Here is a small list of 66 minis that I will only sell as a group!

Who am I? You can Google my screen name "Monkplayer" and find I'm in excellent standing on all the role-playing forums I frequent. I'm on at least 8-10 forums all under the same name Monkplayer. If you need further evidence that I'm an reliable seller I can provide evidence of my Ebay account that's over over 12 years established as a buyer and seller with 100% positive feedback. I'm selling some duplicate minis that I already own enough of.

I buy a lot of gaming supplies and as in many cases I don't need every item in a group. I'm NOT a store owner but just an avid collector and GM who prefers to use miniatures and terrain as often as possible.

The D&D minis are listed as follows;

Name-set number (14/60 means 14th mini of 60 minis in the set),-U=uncommon, R=rare, a blank after the mini means it common. The stat cards are not included but can be for $5.I can not guarantee I have all the cards but will have almost all of them again for $5 more.

There are 2 rares, 15 Uncommon, 48 commons, 1 Pathfinder mini.

The total price and I'm only selling as a lot=$48 for 48 commons, $30 (15 minis) Uncommons (many of these I didn't look up the price), 2 rares $22, 1 Pathfinder mini=TOTAL PRICE $100 with FREE Priority Mail SHIPPING in Continental US only. I use Paypal!

I use Paypal email heredragondragonATcoxDOTnet
It would be nice if the buyer added the 3.1% Paypal fee ($3.10) to the total other wise I have to pay it.

All the prices are from ABPrices.com

Elminster of Shadowdale 16/60 RARE (worth $15-20)
Divine Crusdare of Corellon 16/60 RARE ($7-10)
Changling Rogue 14/60
Earth Shugenja 3/60 U (uncommon) ($2-4)
Doomguard 47/60
Delver Sergeant 5/60 (carrying torch-cool mini)
Spiker Champion 7/60 X 2 U
Shadowdancer 22/60 Excellent rogue or fighter U ($4-6)
Blood of Von Cultist 29/60
Snaketongue Cultist 56/60
Dragonblade ninja 17/60 U (need I say more?) (worth $5-8)
Wand Expert 27/60 U
Farmer 11/60
Human Commer 8/80 X 2
Milita Archer 7/60
Half-Orc executioner 36/60 U
Giant Frog 28/60 X 3
Werebear 13/60 1
Celestial Black bear 3/60 X 3
Silent Wolf goblin 43/60 X 4
Goblin Warrior 32/60 X 2
Hobgoblin warrior 33/60 1
Hobgoblin Archer 32/60 1 (slightly wobbly base)
Hero of Valhalla 18/60 X 3
Cleric of Dol Arrah 2/60 U
Lantern Bearer U
Bladeling Fighter
Moon Elf Fighter U
Troglodyte Barbarian 59/60 X5
Troglodyte Thug 59/60 (one is painted) X 3
Troglodyte Captain 49/60 X2 U
Stonechild 9/60 (unmarked)
Phalanx Soldier (lance needs rebending) 7/60
Man-at-arms 10/80
Blood of Vol Fanatic 27/60
Soulknife Infiltrator 44/60 U
Red Samurai 58/60 (unmarked) X 2
Spirit Folk Fighter 23/60
Tiefling Blademaster 58/60 U ($6-8)
Cloudreaver U?

Actual Adventurers use in Pathfinder and D&D rule books!

Regdar Adventurer U X 2 $2
Valeros Human Fighter $4 ? (Pathfinder mini)
Lidda, Adventurer (halfling)19/72 U $2
Eberk, Adventurer (dwarf) 10/72 U $2

Total price $100 and FREE SHIPPING! It would be nice if the buyer added the 3.1% Paypal fee ($3.10) to the total other wise I have to pay it. Here is the Paypal address to purchase these minis! I almost always ship the same day; HeredragondragonATcoxDOTnet.39973998

09-21-2013, 11:27 AM
another lot sold!