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09-11-2013, 12:15 AM
I am looking for another couple of players to join an online dnd 3.5 group that hopes to meet weekly or bi weekly. The time would be afternoon to evening anywhere from 5pm to midnight. Games would last anywhere between two to four hours. The idea is to make smaller sessions but more frequently that way people with restricted schedules can play for an hour or so and have a good time. Because of that depending on how the players feel they may be average to less combat possibly using a simplified system of just rolling to hit and doing a set damage to make combat faster depending on time and group size.

It would be preferable to use 3.5 core classes at the start, I am open to nearly any prestige class after that.It is even possible we could use anima, I am not entirely fluent with the system but I was impressed by the character creation. The campaign is very much story and character driven so if there is anything at all you would want for your character I would want to know so that I can work it into the story. I do have a system for absences and that is where these come into play. If only one or two players show up I can have their own personal archs of the story that they can play out that will be part of the plot later. I.E. a monk knows he wants to become a drunken master or toaist and he is the only one to show. we play out the story line of him going to a retreat with nature or to study at a temple. then when he is absent of the time comes I can say he was off doing that and so he inst here. That way no one ever truly misses out.

For those where age and personality maters, myself and the two current members are early twenties. a laid black play system. It will be expected that you take your role playing serious as not doing so can make things awkward for new players and i want the group to be welcoming and easy to get into.

10-12-2013, 05:39 AM
Are you still looking for players? The title caught my eye and I'm interested in hearing more about the game. I'm okay with everything you've stated so far so just let me know if you need a player. If I could get a description of the world, its themes, etc, that would be great, too. Thank you!