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09-04-2013, 01:06 PM
Game: DC Universe (which is just Mutants & Masterminds 3E)

Setting: Chicago, 1920s, during the Prohibition.

Concept: Organized crime snubs its nose at the police. Even elite federal agents have no luck slowing the relentless tide of dehumanizing crime. The people live under the boot heels of the rich and corrupt.

The year is 1920, and President Warren Harding suspects privately that the only way to bring peace to the city of Chicago may be to invoke martial law. The criminal syndicates are strong, though, and such an action will provoke a lot of civilian bloodshed. William Flynn, head of the FBI, suggests an another approach.

Players: The PCs are all extraordinary individuals, each with abilities that set them apart from the common man. Fictional examples (and character inspirations) include The Shadow, The Phantom, Doc Savage, Tarzan, and Indiana Jones. Pulp-era heroes. Ideally characters should be based on fictional characters from the late 19th to early 20th century, though real historical figures can be used with some modification. An example might be Harry Houdini, who in this world possesses a hint of paranormal ability in addition to his escape artistry.

Flashy, "obviously super heroic" powers should be downplayed, though exceptions may be allowed for particularly interesting character ideas. Use League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the graphic novel rather than the movie) as an example, since that is the inspiration for this game.

Game Days: This is entirely open, based on player availability. I would like to get around four players for a once-a-week game. I will GM and host in Clovis, though other locations are possible if the group prefers. Game time is also flexible based on the needs of the group.

I don't know this game system: If you have experience with D&D 3rd edition or later, this will be a snap to pick up. The original Mutants & Masterminds system was created using the D20 SRD, and later editions have only refined the rules rather than overhauling them.

Even if you are completely new to role-playing, you are welcome to join. I will be helping people with character creation and I am a forgiving GM when it comes to people learning the system.

As for the setting, I don't require everyone to have a detailed knowledge of Prohibition-era Chicago. This is an alternate history version, so much of your knowledge might be useless, or at least misleading. You might want to brush up a bit on pulp-era heroes, though, for character inspiration.

Please contact me at TipopWilliams at gmail dot com.