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08-29-2013, 03:09 AM
Hi. I'm sure I've posted on these forums before, but I can't even recall if I've ever made a topic before. In that case WOO first topic ever!

I have an older brother. He is awesome. Role-playing together is one of my personal definitions of awesome.

We have one extremely successful Pathfinder role-play in his setting (I think it is past 20 protagonists and two generations! [albeit we time-skipped about 20 years when we got bored, which we probably shouldn't have!]) and one getting-off-the-ground 4th Edition role-play in my setting (currently at 8 protagonists). We always do these together, by ourselves, just two people, 100% role-play.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of dead bodies role-plays in our wake. I can't even count them, but usually the reason is a lack of commitment, or it gets too mundane, or we have no idea where to go. This respectively applies to Dark Fantasy (vampires, werewolves), Superhero, and Sci-Fi.

Usually what happens with Sci-Fi role-plays is again the third problem, having no idea where to go. This happens very quickly, too! I don't know why space travel causes such writer's block for me.

More information about our Futuristic role-plays:


Commercial space travel. I mean...I don't think this requires explanation. Space is great.
*AIs (Artificial Intelligence). I'm addicted to *AIs. Why the *? Its a moniker I use to designate an AI character so I can notice at a glance (its silent). I enjoy computer science, and computers aren't in Pathfinder, so having a Futuristic role-play really satisfies that need. The *AIs just make the computer science twice as fulfilling for me.


Advanced (non-magical) medicine. The Heal spell is awesome in D&D, but we're both kind of morbid and share a fascination with anatomy, biology, and medicine. Again, the Heal spell is great, but it really leaves something to be desired for us, a need to fulfill.
Mechas. Because why not.


Time Travel. We both find it tacky and not fulfilling.


Aliens. We both like aliens. I'm just terrible at making alien species, let alone intelligent alien species! Advice here would be appreciated, as this is the #1 cause of our Futuristic role-plays stalling.
Space exploration. While I'm better at designing alien planets, space exploration itself is probably a dozy, for well, anyone? Even writing about it is hard for me. Advice here would also be appreciated, as this is the #2 cause of our Futuristic role-plays stalling.

Oh, and if anyone has anymore questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask!

Note: I already regret writing this, it reads terrible. Cannot believe I am actually posting this without a proofread.

08-30-2013, 10:12 AM
heheheh. welcome to your (possibly) first thread. ^^

may i suggest the writings of Julie E Czerneda? she has an excellent grasp of how the biological aspects of an alien species affect it's reactions and mental outlook. and tends to be a cerebral writer, which i generally prefer.

next i would suggest Andre Norton's older sci-fi offerings. loads of useful ideas for plots, aliens, settings, tech, and motivations there.

lastly, i would recommend (in all cases) the writings of Patricia A McKillip. she writes mostly fantasy, but her grasp of words is incredible. her descriptions of magic are how all descriptions of magic should be written. and as we all know, any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic. so it still ties in.

i'll mention in passing that the old star frontiers had some surprisingly useful stuff some of which (the races anyway) were updated to 3.5 in d20 future. and, casting adventures in space is a matter of scale. you have to think bigger, generally speaking. no one can hear you scream, after all. ^^