View Full Version : Fantasy Hero 5th ed - Long Term Endurance & Life Support

08-25-2013, 08:13 AM
Argument of players:
Life Support (Does not need to Sleep) gives the character the ability to walk all day and night (while carrying gear/loot) without growing fatigued and does not ecru long term endurance loss.

Argument of GM (me):
Above noted life support only grants the character the ability to stay awake and perform non taxing activities (sitting around, cooking, talking) mixed with taxing activities (walking/carrying gear) on a 3 to 1 basis. Meaning, a normal human rests 8 out of 24 hours during a day. During this time, the person will recover from fatiguing activities. Therefore, the character must have /down time/ for at least 8 hours out of every 24. That Life Support is not an Endurance Battery or an increased Recovery.


Who is right, and does Life Support (does not sleep) give the character the ability to disregard long term endurance loss?

08-27-2013, 05:06 PM
this sort of power grants immunity to the effects of sleep deprivation, nothing more.

as such, they would not need to have a REM cycle to maintain health, and may never dream. they will not get punch drunk or loopy from a lack of sleep.

as such any END loss from sleep related reasons would be ignored. however END loss from any other source would have full effect.

if they were walking at an easy pace and unburdened, then yeah, they could walk all night. but exerting themselves (carry med / heavy load, pushing the pace, etc) would fatigue them and eventually cause END loss as normal. they may not need to sleep to rest, but they still need to rest to recover. they are just awake while resting. ^^

note that 'does not need to sleep' does not grant immunity to sleep (or dreams). they are still capable of sleep. also, this does not grant immunity to unconsciousness, so they can still get knocked out, go into a coma, or get locked into a dream state. keep in mind that if your game (or setting) define sleep (a natural state) and unconsciousness (an unnatural, conditionally imposed state) as being the same thing, some of my comments would change.