View Full Version : was thinking to start a new (old) game back up and wanted to see responces first.

08-21-2013, 11:43 PM
i wanted to possibly start up my final fantasy game again, but wanted to see responses first.
system be pathfinder

Final fantasy my world:
You will start out in normal dnd world. Travelers alone not knowing each other.
As night falls you find shelter in many ways as you would normally.
Mid sleep you have a dream a women’s voice speaks to you wail you see a large blue crystal in front of you and black void around you.
She says: “warrior’s of light. Please save me from the darkness. You are the only ones that can.”
Then a bright light hits you and all around you.
You wake up in a street area with many doors around you. And a street lamp in middle with a guy dressed all in black and in a 1900's suit.
(yes I am ripping this off from chrono trigger.)
Then he will answers any questions you may have.
From there you must choose a door (all doors are labeled accordingly to final fantasy games)
You will always shave 2 sheets.

for base lvl 1
for each world you choose.

You will go through each game till it is beaten and return to where guy is.
But you will revert back to lvl one and starting stuff when you do I call this the reset.
There is a exception to the reset. Any legendary gear (magic, armor, weapons, and so on) will remain with you during reset. But will be broken and can’t be used. You must find a item in next world to repair it.
At end of all games completed you will have all legendary items fixed perm and take your best build out of any world you so choose and use it to fight the darkness with.
And that’s it in a nut shell. I wanted to see if I would have any takers just incase I would run this again.
Please post here or mail me

08-27-2013, 05:08 PM
interesting concept. pathfinder is a no-go for me due to lacking first-party psionics support. but i would be happy to brainstorm ideas for you to inflict upon your players if you ever feel the need to.

09-01-2013, 04:51 AM
This sounds like a really long game, but a fun one!

Over a summer I ran the original Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) as a 5 session game where every session the characters gained 4 levels, they had to travel to the towns to upgrade gear, I used the 8 bit maps as the town and dungeun maps (think no ceilings for most buildings, no night time, people only said one phrase ever, etc), and at the end they had a high level blow out fight with the Dragon lord.

I'm really interested in this cause I cannot conceive of how much work this would be (I'm impressed). Have you run this completly before? How did it go? How far (at which FF did you stop? FFXII?) did you get up to? So many questions!

09-02-2013, 12:14 PM
yes i ran it once before. didn't go to well we had a major issue of player vrs player conflict thats why we stopped. they choose world ff1 on nes as there first world, they got basically 1/3 through game.
anything else you would like to know post here or send me a mail.