View Full Version : Savage Worlds (Rippers/Necessary Evil) Warren, RI

08-17-2013, 05:12 PM
Whether it be stalking things Man Was Not Meant To Know in the heart of Victorian London or using your superpowers to take back Earth from alien invaders, Saturday's newest Savage Worlds game is guaranteed to be action-packed.

You've got two games running on alternating weeks to satisfy a wide range of gaming needs. Games are at the Game Den in Warren, RI on Saturday at 5pm.

First is Rippers. Play as part of a team of monster hunters in Victorian London. Hunt down werewolves, stake vampires, banish demons, and more. Play with all the latest weapons and gadgets, call upon heavenly and eldritch forces, and search through tomes of dark knowledge. When all of that isn't enough to keep the forces of the monster-loving Cabal at bay, you can rip out parts of the monsters you kill and graft them into yourself, at the cost of your sanity. Span the globe and fight monsters to keep the world from plunging into darkness.

Second we have Necessary Evil. Aliens have invaded Earth and after a drawn-out war and a betrayal that would make the Lannisters proud, nearly every superhero is dead. Aliens have occupied Earth for two years now and metahumans are forbidden from using their abilities. With the death of nearly every caped crusader, there is only one group left who can save Earth from the V'sori: super villains! Play the worst humanity has to offer to save humanity as we know it. If someone is going to rule Earth, shouldn't it be you?

Savage Worlds is a lightweight generic system that can be used for any kind of adventure. It's easy to learn and easy to play. It prides itself on being Fast, Fun, and Furious and lives up to that promise.

If you want to join, all you have to do is be eager to play (no experience with RPGs necessary,) willing to learn, and able to play nice with others (it's a team game after all). Contact me (Andrew) here or speak to Nate at the Game Den or on Facebook.

The Game Den is located on 16 Cutler Street, Warren, RI. Call them at (401) 237-0336 or check out their Facebook.

We're starting this Saturday (August 24th) with Necessary Evil, and we have three slots still open. You can join Rippers, Necessary Evil or both! The rules are mostly the same for both games.

Hope to see you Saturday!