View Full Version : DM Wanted for 3.5e or 5e D&D chat-based game with 4 great players!

08-11-2013, 06:00 AM
We're a multiple-group 3.5e D&D chat-based game based in a single meta-world.

Our Friday 6-8 PM Pacific game is missing a DM: the current DM can't continue and we have 4 awesome players really looking for a great DM.

If you're an experienced DM that is tired of looking for ad-hoc players and wants to join an amazing game framework, you came to the right thread. In our game you don't need to chase the players and look for new ones when someone needs to drop: there are 3 candidates for every 1 opening and we'll quickly assign a new, qualified player so you can busy yourselves just with running the campaign and not managing the player recruitment.

We'll give you everything you need. 3.5 source material (5th playtest edition is also an option); maptools for online maps + a huge pool of ready maps that you can customize to your needs; ideas for a campaign; chat rooms to host the game (they come with a bot for rolling dice); online character sheets; and generally the freedom to run a campaign that can last for years without breaking up. The game is running since 2004 and many campaigns last 4 years or more. It's really up to the DM.

Yes, you can come with your own content; we'll just tell you about the meta-world and suggest where your campaign can fit. Or you can use one of 5 regions currently in play, and base your campaign on rich content already created by some other DMs.

If you can't do Friday, that's fine. We'll allow you to open a new 2-hour weekly slot at a time of your choice. EU-friendly time slots are also an option because we have lots of player candidates from Europe.

Sounds good?

To learn more, send me an email to: joinseekers@yahoo.com (joinseekers@yahoo.com)

In the email provide the following:

- first name
- last name
- year of birth (don't send full date of birth please, send year only)
- state (if US) or country (if not)
- Tell us a bit about yourself. A few sentences.
- D&D experience
- Style of gaming (roleplay vs. combat)