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08-05-2013, 09:48 AM
Now for something different. Got Bored of the same old Old World of Darkness Games. Our group is also a lover of Shadowrun but for us it lacked the intrigue we so loved in games like Mage the Ascension and Vampire the Masquerade, so we came up with an OWoD game with a Shadowrun spin. Now we understand white wolf produced a spin off called World of Future Darkness but we also found this lacking the spark we wanted. So we took current worldly issues and advanced white wolf Cannon ideas regarding Mage and Demon mostly. We created our own world time line based on Sleeper history and Supernatural influence. The result is the Chronicle New Babylon.

New Babylon is a Future World of Darkness IRC RPG set in the year 2095. The rising of the global Sea level forty meters or more has ravaged the world. Many coastal country's have entire cities that have sank entirely or were cut in half. Raising Temperatures expanded deserts and created new ones, new Rainforests formed, reclaiming more land from the expanses of humanity. Earthquakes ripped places apart making California unstable. Nuclear fall out from World War III impacted the American landscape almost as much as the Natural disasters happening, destroying crops, livestock, and much of the infrastructure of the United States. New Mega Cities where built to deal with the raising number of refugees. Its in one of these new Cities along the newly formed Atlantic City Grid on the East coast that New Babylon lays. A hundred mile district of the North ACG City where corporations rule and the rapidly advancing technologies play havoc on the worlds of the Supernatural. In an ever evolving world you either adapt or die.

New Babylon can be found on irc.darkmyst.net on #WoFD_New_Babylon. It is a mixed genre game so we accept Vampires, Mages, Werewolves and Demons as well as Sorcerers, ghouls and augmented humans. This is a Sheet/Dice moderated game.