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Simon W
08-05-2013, 12:58 AM
Heroes of Hellas (http://www.rpgnow.com/product/117629/Heroes-Of-Hellas?affiliate_id=2517) - A fantastic new BoL-based rpg:Heroes of Hellas is a Roleplaying game set in the mythical Greek heroic age with an updated dark and gritty feel
This is supplement for the Barbarians of Lemuria Legendary rule system.
The Heroic Age is a time of Heroes and Kings, of ancient science and dark magic. Once again mortals have gained a foothold in the wilderness. City strongholds are refuges of civilization, and the seat of power for grasping kings. They rule through brutality and bloodshed. Evil sorcerers conjure dark powers to bend the will of man and beast. Alchemists manipulate the elements to create amazing machines, deadly weapons and twisted monsters. Implacable horrors stalk the wilderness and the depths of the seas. Barbarians plot to ransack cities. A few mortals have risen above the rabble to achieve feats beyond mortality. Once again the Gods have taken notice of humans. Some receive favor from the Gods, through reckless devotion. Others are punished for their hubris. Even fewer become immortal heroes that challenge the Gods…