View Full Version : The Day the Sky fell.

08-02-2013, 11:42 AM
System Used: Savage Worlds Deluxe.
Setting Used: Evernight though on modern day Earth instead of the fantasy world of Tarth.

You can look into space and see the stellar bodies twinkle in a almost synchronous chorus of light but what of the spots between the light, spots containing what exactly? The night was bright in the full moon and stars, not a cloud in the sky. Looking in the night sky enjoying the beauty thereof you notice the oddest thing, a darkness. You think first of all the possibilities, of clouds and other terrestrial things, then it becomes obvious "this thing is in space and getting larger quick". Before the impact you dove for cover, right before that you noticed there were many. The impact very light considering the possibilities, though the impact and backblast seemed considerable.

You scrambled to see and already you note a change in temperature and a something blotting out the stars. You turn towards the impact and see for the first time a black almost crystalline shard, in the midst of what was Seattle. Like a small nuke the blast radius took out most of the city. Wanting a closer look you try your vehicle, it's not cranking, you remember a pair of binoculars you use for birdwatching and such. You see very little of detail from that distance, there does seem the shards are pouring what at first glance appears to be a fluid. As you hike closer and get a better look, it isn't a liquid but a swarm of black skinned things, feeding off of and capturing humans. You puke and shudder at what you have seen...that was over a year ago.

Today you fight back, you have been in the dark observing and avoiding the enemy. They are organized to a predictable fault, seem to communicate to other possible Spires, some we have identified in various cities about the world. Some speak of uniting somehow, maybe for information and mostly to devise a unified offensive if possible. Some say there are many more spires than initially thought, some stories verified enough to warrant a ear to them all. One thing we know is there are Masters and their spider-men who collect new stores from the refugees that remain, another thing we have going is they are also using us as slaves and that may just be what buys the most time.

Anyone familiar with the Evernight setting and newbies all are welcome.

I would like to run this at a very odd hour, days don't matter as much. I am looking at 1000 till around 1400 hrs Eastern time USA (GMT-5)