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08-02-2013, 05:37 AM
I run a Play by Post, Zombie Apocalypse Role-Playing Adventure Game called Dead Again. I am the admin and the world master "dungeon master". Currently we have 8 very active players. The community is just closely knit friends currently but we want to expand to the public. We will take on anyone who will be active and intuitive player.

There are no official "groups" within the game and as its been so far players do not like to stick together. This is not like a normal role-playing game because in this one dying is expected. When death occurs you start a new character over from scratch you get a unique story line to act in and a new spawn and load-out each time. Already players have died.

There is a lot of real player interaction in game and if you wish to kill them and ruin their character than you can. In this world the only limit is realism. The game is extremely realistic. Some advanced features are a specifc injury system and a body temperature system. You start alone in the wilderness but soon your path will cross wild animals, hoards of undead, psychotic survivors, friendly survivors, and players. Your fate depends on how well you think and your luck.

The game is always fair in every single aspect. The dice may hate you, it happens.

So register here at www.deadagain.enjin.com (http://www.liveagain.enjin.com) at our forums and I will get you rolling on your story. Just PM "MasterNate" on the forum and let me know that you saw this here. I'm happy to take anyone on board. I can promise this game will continue and be active for months to come.

The game is completely finished, except for little touch ups and changes every so often. Massive loot lists and endless possibilites will meet you. The game is so finished the forum even has player tags and leader boards to rub in the faces of other players. :biggrin: