View Full Version : The Caverns of Thracia at Dragonflight, Bellevue, WA

07-30-2013, 10:49 PM
Hi everyone, my name's Matt and I just wanted to get word out about an old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition game I'll be running at the Dragonflight convention, Bellevue, WA, August 9-11, 2pm to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The event description is here (http://www.dragonflight.org/reg/EventView.asp?ID=159), but this is what's up:

For beginners and grognards alike, you’re invited to delve the dungeons of what some call “the best-designed module ever published”, the Caverns of Thracia, by legendary game designer Paul Jaquays. We’ll be using the advanced ruleset familiar to so many with a few simplifications to speed play: no proficiencies, no weapon type vs. armor class, simple unarmed combat, etc. The emphasis will be on fast action, problem solving, and roleplay. Pregens from each race and class, including a couple multiclass characters, will be provided, all at 2nd or 3rd level (2751 experience points). You can also bring a character of your own, provided they have no more than 2751 total experience points and no magic items.

I'm looking for up to six players per evening, and we'd dive right into the module with few preliminaries. If enough of the same folks wanted to attend each night, we could pick up where we left off on subsequent sessions (the module itself is long enough to span several sessions). But as this is unlikely, I anticipate starting from the beginning of the module each session.

This isn't a tournament or competition, nor an attempt to convert anyone to any style of gaming. The idea is to dust off one of my favorite modules and run it for anyone who's curious, using the system I DM best. If you're at all interested please feel free to sign up for the event. See you in Bellevue!