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07-27-2013, 10:12 PM
Welcome to Turmishaar, a high action, completely self-created campaign that uses the Halberd ruleset.

Halberd is a self-built hybrid 3.5/Pathfinder, (mostly) core game that uses an extensive collection of house rules to maintain enjoyment and balance among all players. I currently run it for about 20 players a week and am always looking to branch out more.

We use MapTools b87 and the built in text chat to play. Characters are created on a point buy system and brought in at a level comparable to the group they are joining, or 1 for new campaigns. For complete details on character creation and the game we play, see the following link.


The focus of our game is to recreate a more classic feel of dungeons and dragons. Combat and dungeons are plentiful. Cooperation and solid tactics are essential to victory. A balanced group of characters face new and unexpected challenges week after week and must work together to survive. Victory in the game comes only from the accomplishment of success alongside friends.

Players of all experience levels are welcome, from first time noobs to seasoned vets. Turmishaar will challenge and intrigue you all while still maintaining balance between characters.
Back to the Roots of D&D
In keeping with the way the game was originally designed, the campaign is heavy in action. Dungeon crawls are frequent, as are the combats, traps, and hidden goodies. Balanced parties fare the best, having the four classic character concepts; a melee fighter, a heal bot cleric, a skill based rogue, and an arcane caster. Cooperation is the key to success.
Depth and Sustainability
This game has been ongoing for longer than the past year and is growing every day. A mix of party balanced story quests and status quo side missions ensure the group always has a choice on which way to go. With over 100 fully detailed maps and growing each week, there is always something new to see.
Start to finish player development
This campaign spans the length of 30 levels and about 60 years, nearly an entire human lifespan. Watch your character grow from a pile of stats to a living, breathing entity, an accomplishment unlike any other in dungeons and dragons.

Gain prestige, earn ranks and titles, buy a house, start a family and grow old with them. The possibilities of your character are virtually limitless.
An incredible balance of large groups and speedy play
The campaign setting is designed to comfortably challenge and accommodate a party of up to 8 PCs. Easy to maintain custom macros keep the game going at a steady pace. Full rounds are quickly resolved with a few simple mouse clicks or key strokes. I promise you, this game of 8 PCs moves along as quickly, or usually quicker than most live session or virtual tabletop games you have participated in.
No player left behind
I strive to maintain balance in the world of Turmishaar, balance being what I believe to be the key factor in party wide enjoyment of the campaign. Our extensive set of house rules to classes (see link above) guarantees a place on the battlefield for any class. Yes, even the Monk, Ranger, and low level Caster are effective in combat in this campaign.
A commitment
Running and creating this campaign is a full time task. Writing the adventures, creating the maps and maintaining the framework, takes very much devotion, and all this is before running the sessions themselves. As such, I do collect a small fee for my time. For the price of 5 USD (payable through PayPal) for a 4 hour session, you will be part of an exciting and memorable gaming experience. Trust me, you will quickly see where that money goes.
What you get for your 5 dollars
-Free set of custom built macros
Once your character is created, I will create your token for you using an image of your choosing. Your entire character sheet including gear, valuables, description, and daily abilities will be stored on this token and automatically updated by my macros. Your token will contain any macros your character needs to roll checks, make attacks, or cast spells. Once your character is done, you literally have nothing left to do but to log in and play.

-2 Free sessions
The first will feature character and token creation as well as a quick macro tutorial. The second will be your trial by fire, your first major combat, and an introduction to a new world.

-Free character creation tips and support
First time making a character? No problem. I will provide players with my Skype ID and anytime I am on I am available to teach the game and give my advice.

One player plays for free
We use the maptools program, and given my remote location, the game experience is usually greater if we have someone else serve as the dedicated host. If anybody volunteers and can successfully provide us a server, that person plays for free, every week.
Why Text Chat Only?
We use text based chat because many players find it to be easier and more comfortable. Many players do not have the necessary devices to communicate verbally, while others prefer the text as an outlet for creative writing. Think of it as sort of an interactive comic book. Let the visual images drive your imagination while you interpret the dialogues however you will.
Why Core Only?
Being that we have a variety of players from rookie to veteran, sticking to the Core rules helps us to maintain balance among all players. It also simplifies the rules and quickens the pace of the game.

Now, this game is not 100% core, mind you, as you will notice in the thread linked above. I frequently approve non-core feats, spells, and prestige classes, though these must all be cleared through me before selection. Also, as the game progresses into the higher levels, I may open new classes or races tot hose who might wish to try a new character.

If you are still reading along, I just want to give you my personal thanks for bearing with me through all that. If any of the above has interested you in the least, please, do yourself a favor, and check out these Turmishaar screenshots.

High action, large combats, and fast pacing.

Huge maps to accommodate for large parties

Unique and memorable boss fights

Insane combat environments

3-dimensional maps favor the tactical minded party.

Enjoy some downtime between adventures in one of Turmishaars many taverns. Gather Information on your current or future quests, or maybe Diplomacy your way into a night with the elf at the next table.

From small skirmishes…

…to epic siege battles.

It’s Dungeons…

…and Dragons!

Trust me, you'll want to see this.

07-29-2013, 09:55 AM
I'm interested. I'm not real good with networking, but I have an old P4 PC hanging around that I could try to make into a Maptools server. I'll play around with it an see if I can figure it out.

07-29-2013, 07:59 PM
Thanks very much, I sent you a PM.

08-03-2013, 04:46 PM
RECRUITING (All times US EDT, or GMT-4)
Group 3 (Level 3, New Story About to Launch) - Thursdays 4 PM - 8 PM : Available Classes - Bard, Barbarian, Fighter, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue, Paladin
Group 4 (Level 2) - Saturdays 11 AM -3 PM : Available Classes - Bard, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger
Group 5 (Level 1, New Group) - Fridays 9 PM - 1 AM: Waiting to Launch, All Classes Available

New Story Arcs launching soon.

Each campaign has several smaller story arcs which are completely independent from one another. These new stories are the perfect opportunity for new players to enter the ongoing Campaign without being dropped into the middle of a story already in progress.

Group 3 - Thursdays, 4 PM - 8 PM
Group 3 is about to begin "Campaign 2 - Message to Melmoor" When the characters are requested to deliver a message from an old friend, the trip turns out to be much more than they bargained for. With tougher encounters and more story branching options than the first campaign, Message to Melmoor offers a richer, more challenging game than it's predecessor. New characters enter at Level 3. Game is expected to launch August 15th.

Group 5 - Fridays, 9 PM - 1 AM
Group 5, an all new group is looking for recruits. Start from scratch with "Campaign 1 - Warbands". A Hobgoblin raid on a small farming community suddenly becomes something much greater, where heroes will be born...or destroyed. A low level and streamline campaign, "Warbands" is a short story arc designed to take players through their first few levels. Learn basics such as tactical movement, combat advantages, and teamwork. The difficulty is low, but the experience will shape a party for many Campaigns to come, all the way to Epic levels. New characters enter at Level 1. Game is expected to launch August 23rd.