View Full Version : The Warlock Chronicles (Name in Progress)

07-23-2013, 10:41 PM
Hello cyber world, my name is Brandon, but I also go by Arcentine. I am a decently experienced GM, but I usually prefer to play. My heart and soul has been spent into Dungeons and Dragons, I started to 3.0 but I have progressed and stuck with 4.0. I am looking to build or join a group who would like to play at least once a week and preferably lives in Pittsburgh so we don't have to play over Skype. I am a writer and an art student, so a detailed story comes pretty easily to me as a DM (or GM). I do not have a vehicle currently so I can't travel very far, but I do have access to all the books and magazines of D&D4e, and I haven't gotten to play in about a year so I miss it terribly. I'm also looking to make friends with similar interest so I'm killing the proverbial two birds with a singular stone. I'm young, but this is my third college and I've been playing D&D for a few years and writing stories since I was 10, so I definitely have enough detail and experience. Hoping to hear back from people soon!

07-24-2013, 08:22 AM
Hello Brandon, aka Arcentine. In addition to using the resources here of P&PG to find players and games, you may also want to check out Steel City Gamers over on meetup.com. I can be found on both sites. I am the Co-Organizer over at Steel City Gamers. Yes, there are alot more resources available here, but over on Steel City Gamers you will find people that are not on here, even though I have mentioned that they should be on P&PG as well. If I can be of help, either here on P&PG or over at Steel City Gamers, please be sure to let me know.