View Full Version : KY, Lexington - Star Wars Saga / Home Brew D&D

06-24-2007, 08:56 AM
We are a small group looking for at least one more player.

We currently are a mix of early 30's and mid 20's players/GM's.

We're starting a new Star Wars Campaign using the new SAGA edition set in the Knights of the Old Republic timeline as well as playing a Home Brew D&D campaign.

We typically switch campaigns every 6-8 weeks to give everyone a chance to play and not just one person GM'ing all the time.

I have a large basement and we game on my pool table. We have our own bathroom, and I will be installing a small refrigerator in the near future. Plenty of parking.

What we're looking for:
1. Over 21 (sometimes adult beverages are present)

2. Understands it's a game as well understanding we have lives outside of the game that can cause us to miss a session or two from time to time.

3. Has no problems with cats

4. Will respect my wife in my home

5. Wouldn't mind meeting outside of the game first just to make sure you fit with the dynamic of this group

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at larry.profitt@yahoo.com or visit our Yahoo group used to support our game.