View Full Version : vampire hunter d pathfinder game looking for players

07-20-2013, 04:34 PM
i was running a besm game of this old post has been removed and redirected here, we have switched game from besm to pathfinder in hope of finding players.
i am currently running a pathfinder game on skype/roll20.
it is based on vampire hunter d movie. it's post apoco, dark fantasy, sandbox, with slight story.
human, vampire, Dhampirs, werewolf, spirit, mutant.
will start out as lvl 3.
plays on Saterday, 2pm cst, or 5pm cst depending on a player he lives i Europe 6hrs ahead depends if he is able to play late or not.
we need 1-3 more players.

Warning: This is a group that expects players to respect other players, regardless of gender. Inappropriate/disrespectful behavior toward any player will result in removal from the group.
post here or mail me if you want to join.