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07-20-2013, 12:51 AM
The games I prefer to play are Dungeons and Dragons 4e, Atomic Highway and Call of Cthulhu


All day Saturdays and Sundays, I work full time weekdays.
After 9 AM EST, Before 10 PM EST. I need my sleep.

Once per week is great, but twice is an absolute max.


Been doing tabletop gaming for a long time now
Experience with maptool, and roleplaying.
Can roleplay a massive variety of roles, from children to elders, either gender, many societies, and adapt to the story.


A medium sized group, about 6-7 at max.
Love the aspect of Roleplaying, so a GM that can adapt player backstory into the campaign without having to shove it in their face.
A respectful oriented forgiving GM, let's be honest, people make mistakes a lot. The last thing I want is to be heckled by a GM because of a simple misinterpretation or something small.
The chance to play many different kinds of characters effectively. There's nothing worse than developing a deep backstory and build of a character just for the GM to tell you to throw it in the garbage.

Contact me Via

Start by either a reply to this or a PM. If I'm interested, I'll give you my Skype.
Email can be used too, but I'm less likely to check it regularly due to spam.